Saturday, 14 May 2011

Tribal vibes

I'm so bourgeois I've been listening to BBC Radio 4 for twenty years or so. This bastion of Middle England or hotbed of Marxism, depending on your point of view or mood, broadcasts some gems that have long been favourites of your editor. One such is Something Understood which I hear regularly early on a Sunday morning (hey, use the time the capitalist pigs let you and don't have one too many the night before!) Anyway a couple of weeks back one particular edition had me reaching for the volume control on my solar-powered radio. It played a song by the enchanting Anne that I thought I hadn't heard before, although I must have done as I've have it on an anthology of Anne's that I have owned for a decade.

I mention this because all the garbage that's marketed as talent these days is not a patch on Go Your Way, so played on the aforementioned programme. I think there's a lot to Carl Jung's theory of collective unconsciousness. They say converts are the most zealous (!) and me as a born-again Nationalist think that my long held love of (for want of a better term) British folk music is, in part, an identity thing. There's some great tunes all over the world with many different origins and influences - I value it all as a symbol of human diversity (I'm WOMAD through and through - any old codgers out there remember the Bhundu Boys?!) ...but I always did come home to my roots music. Anne Briggs sang a mixture of the 'old songs' and a few of her own compositions, of which Go Your Way is one. The fact that this song is from the Twentieth century yet sounds so old, so British Isles, is possibly evidence of some tribal meme at work here...Ah, who knows, but here it is, hope you get it:

Being a proud advocate of Third Position political-economic theories, Berrocscir's Banner has noted that on their first time out the Distributist English Radical Alliance (see Links section) gained a not disgraceful 145 votes in a ward in Torbay last week. Keep that Distributist flame alive, bravo!

The English Peoples Party (see this post) also gave a good account of themselves in Leicester.

The Greens have some good ideas among the insane, and they must be doing something right as they clocked up 25 gains, 54 holds and 11 losses. This equals a net gain of 14 councillors. The Greens now have 130 councillors on 43 councils. They gained 9 seats from the Tories, 8 from the LibDems and 7 from Labour. They have to be doing something right. I wish a certain nationalist party could boast the same...

The Land Party gained a few votes in Scotland, and despite their declared internationalism, Do I detect a little bit of Blood and Soil philosophy and anti-industrialism in them? Maybe something National Anarchists shouldn't have much issue with. Possibly ones to watch?