Sunday, 20 March 2011

Was is and will be

Permit me, dear reader, a philosophical few moments...Your editor is at present, for the first time in several years, observing Lent. What am I giving up? Well, you know - a few of the things I like too much.  Let me explain that I'm not of the Christian faith, but I am religious in the sense that I believe in the divine universe, that the divine caused the universe to be and that it is present within it. That is to say that I cannot go along with the notion that everything came from nothing. I believe that everything had its origin due to something beyond the human mind and comprehension. Obviously, I cannot prove this, so I suppose you could call my belief a 'faith'. Logically therefore, that 'something' I mentioned is a divine power or powers - 'God' or 'Gods' if you will. So because, ultimately, I exist because of the divine - I have a need, an urge to revere, thank and acknowledge Him/Her/Them/It and to realise I can never fully understand its nature or purpose. Lent is a time when I'm reminded to strive to keep the divine at the front of my mind. I confess I don't know if the divine loves or cares for me - the Gods may have concerns or they may not, but as the creator of the universe and the life force I revere the divine regardless. The world is filled with pain, suffering and evil - nature is red in tooth and claw, but the universe is also full of beauty, compassion, love and bounty. Of course the great faiths of the world have always tried to explain why this is, but - good and bad - I accept the Natural Order as it is, that it is bigger than me, I am part of it, and that it has overriding power.

Like the fast of Ramadan, Lent is a time of abstinence and self-denial. By observing Lent I try to put all material trifles and life's other follies to one side, out of mind for a time, and concentrate my mind on the Creator/s.  But what does Lent and what it involves have to do with me as a National Anarchist and Tribalist? Okay, so I believe in divine creation, but shouldn't Lent be exclusively for Christians who believe Christ as God made flesh? I have a lot of sympathy with this view. However I'm choosing to observe Lent not only to get closer to the life-bringer - Apart from recognising spirituality as integral to the human mind, as a National Anarchist I believe that the struggle for national revolution/renewal/rebirth and that of Tribalism is a spiritual struggle as well as a socio-political one. Of course, National Anarchism does not follow any particular religious creed nor religion per se, but part of my spirituality (in tandem with my National Anarchist belief) is ancestor worship - a reverence for the dead. I observe Lent also because Christianity has been intertwined in my nation's story and heritage for 1500 years. Generations of my forefathers observed Lent, and by observing it too I remember them, feel closer to them, part of them. I'm observing Lent partly for the same reason that I wear a Mjolnir pendant around my neck to remember the kinship, blood ties and mental bond with my North European ancestors and cultures. I'm here because of them. Through Lent I not only praise 'God' as I perceive Him, but also my national heritage and identity. We had pancakes in our house on Shrove Tuesday and as I ate (they were delicious) I meditated quietly on the Tudors - for it was they who came up with the idea to use up all the dairy products, before going without.

In addition, although I try to lead a non-materialistic lifestyle in line with my National Anarchist beliefs, I concede that luxuries abound. The self-denial that Lent requires is also a reminder to me to strive further to reject consumerism and materialism - concepts central to National Anarchism.

I also regard partaking in Lent as a recognition of the wonderful wheel of the year. My cultural heritage and all others have beautiful ritual years that help make the world a rich pageant indeed in the face of the McWorld and monocultural sameness. Lent and its associations are part of the English cultural year and our rich national calendar. A calendar which is a huge factor in our shared national identity, consciousness and folk memory.

Talking of the wheel of the year, I write at the ancient Germanic festival of Oestre - celebrated in my ancestral homelands in reverence of Spring - and at the Spring Equinox - an important marker of the year in so many other cultures which go to provide the world with its beautiful and rich diversity in the face of modernity. Everywhere I've looked this week I've seen the life force making her triumphant comeback! I don't need reality TV - reality itself is miles better! At this time of year the promise and power of nature, of the divine, is everywhere. The National Anarchist and Tribalist worldview should never leave out the awesome power of Mother Nature and the Natural Order.