Friday, 18 March 2011

A tribal alternative to the Jamahiriya?

Without wishing to be premature...Al-Qadhafi's State of the Masses, in all honesty, looks like it will leave the world stage sooner rather than later. With the current situation in mind this article caught my eye earlier this week which I accessed from a link on the excellent National Anarchist (ish) blog Attack The System .

Like a lot of African and Arab states, Libya owes its existence to 20th Century Western imperialism. Modern Libya is made up of three distinct regions: Fezzan in the South West with the Tuareg and Tobou ethnic groups being strongly represented there. Cyrenaicia lies in the East with Tripolitania in the North West. These have their predominantly Arab-Berber populations. Tripolitania was itself briefly independent  a century ago, before falling to the Italian yoke.

Libyan society is still structured along strong tribal fault lines. Is it to much to hope for the future emergence of ethno-tribal homelands in the this part of the Maghreb? Tribal homelands that will forge their own destiny free from despots of all hues? Too much to ask?

Berrocscir's Banner notes the passing of Carel Boshoff  - the great Afrikaner patriot and founder of the Orania intentional community in South Africa. When I first heard about Orania, it was at a time when I had just began identifying with National Anarchism and remember it filled my heart with admiration and joy. The enduring success of Orania has parallels with the National Anarchist ideal and although it does not fit our vision entirely it can inspire us in pursuit of it.