Sunday, 23 January 2011

South Sudan - a herald for tomorrow?

Although the final results from the recent referendum are not due until next month, it looks almost certain that South Sudan will separate from the north. Why should National Anarchists care? Why is the creation of a new state such positive news? Well, apart from anything else, from a tribalist perspective, South Sudanese independence is perfectly logical. While the new southern state will be far from mono-ethnic - there are many ethnic groups in the region - the majority of the population are ethnically and culturally 'meta-African' in the wider sense - part of a wider kinship in the same way that one can speak of a broader European identity. This meta-African ethnicity is distinct from the Arab north of the country. Sudan's borders were carved out by British imperialism for its own convenience with no regard or sensitivity toward indigenous cultures or tribes. It was this that formed the basis for the eventual decades of civil war, primarily over the South Sudanese oilfields.

South Sudan is also a distinct bio-region, and it's peoples understand it and are able to manage it better without the centralised and alien northern regime. Of course, South Sudan will encounter many problems in the short term, but secession is a process - a first step on the road to the truly tribal society. A step toward fully devolved, decentralised and localised ethnic communities envisaged in the National Anarchist ideal.

National Anarchists recognise that the national revolution will not happen overnight. We are pragmatists, welcoming moves that are counter to the globalised trend. South Sudan is just one of them. National Anarchists support and encourage ethnic, cultural and economic secession wherever and however it is manifest. The birth of South Sudan is positive in that it is another example of how supranational states fail while more greater ethnocentric states are more cohesive and therefore happier. Maybe too, the South Sudanese diaspora can begin to go home.

Regarding this subject the writings of Leopold Kohr , especially The Breakdown of Nations, will be a useful addition to any National Anarchist bookshelf.


More good news: While far too many village pubs and shops have, due to those lovely global market forces, closed in the UK over recent years, some communities are organising to keep their amenities and identities strong. There are now 251 community owned stores throughout the country - that's up from just 33 in 1991. This goes a long way to proving that British rural communities don't need lectures from the Tories about any 'big society'!

The village community and rural way of life are integral to the National Anarchist worldview, so it is pleasing to see community empowerment at this level getting more resilient to the global machine while maintaining their distinct identities to boot.

The plight of the UK village in the 21st century is brilliantly illustrated in Richard Askwith's The Lost Village, for those interested.