Sunday, 2 January 2011

Desperate gestures

Dust off those flares and wide collars, and don that old brown leather jacket with the wide lapels - Leftist anarchists have been blowing things up on the continent once more. Wow, golly gosh! While no doubt many on the left would recognise the folly of such actions, the most radical of the radical have rediscovered something even more futile to indulge in than smashing up McDonalds, setting light to wheelie bins, throwing things at the cops and getting water cannoned.  These comrades have taken tokenism and gesture politics up a gear...

You can't bomb your way to a new society. You can't take on the the most sophisticated and professional security and intelligence networks ever seen, backed up as they are with unparallelled resources and the most powerful of state structures all working for the most powerful of empires in history - the Neo-Con World Order. What the bombs in Italy and Greece ultimately reveal is a latent frustration on the part of the perpetrators to the continuing failure of Leftist anarchism to break out of the ghetto. Of course National Anarchism is also on the fringes, but we at least recognise the stupidity of such irrational propaganda by deed.

Yes, there's still a place for political, electoral and civil agitation, and it would be a mistake for National Anarchists and their allies to ignore spreading propaganda and engaging with the wider anti-capitalist and nationalist currents, and indeed society at large. But the real alternative is not the radical chic, rioting and insurrectionary play acting of the Left-anarchists. Nor is it the General Strike and fabled workers' control. Many on the Left will dismiss the National Anarchist modus operandi as 'lifestylism', but in the face of the global machine, the only real alternative is to opt out (in as much as is practical) Radical Nationalists and Tribalists need to live as independently as we can and aim toward the village communities of the National Anarchist ideal. Why should National Anarchists prefer the village model? Because we recognise that the Industrial revolution and urbanisation has numbed our collective national folk memories and eroded our tribal instinct. We can't turn back the clock, but by embracing and slowly building a lifestyle compatible with rural living we can reinvigorate this folk-centred worldview.

Sure, if you are a Leftist, internationalist, PC cosmopolitan build your own alternatives, but just leave us free to build ours.

As National Anarchists we need to start living as free from the globalised structures as possible: Grow your own food, look into sorting out your own water-supply and getting off the grid. Get as self-sufficient as you can and get clued up on survivalist techniques and traditional crafts. This is real empowerment and far more revolutionary than a letter bomb.