Saturday, 24 December 2011

On, on, you noblest dissidents!

At Yule and at the start of  Christmastide Berrocscir's Banner sends warm wishes and greetings to all dissidents everywhere. All the staff here at Berrocscir Towers hope that 2012 will be a year of marked progress for the National Anarchist, radical nationalist and Autonomous Nationalist milieu in particular - and also for the anti-globalist movements, nationalist, regionalist and secessionist groups in general.

The National Anarchist vision of maximum autonomy implies simple living and technological regression. This is because it is both impossible to maintain this state otherwise, and also because safeguarding tribal and cultural identity is best carried out in a setting self-reliance and a rejection of the global system where spare parts have to be shipped in from all corners of the Earth. Living in the city with all its multiculturalism means too much temptation! On the road to our ideals of localised rural power, we must be prepared to give up our creature comforts! The necessity of simple living for any National Anarchist future puts its advocates in the same camp as green anarchist thought and we NAs have much to learn from it and radical environmental living generally.

So as well as hopes for the continued growth of the National Anarchist meme and the AutoNat scene, we should encourage all the current discussion in the nationalist community around the Pioneer Little Europe idea. Networking and planning is evident - it'll be truly magnificent to see some practical example taking shape in the coming 12 months!

The boss here at HQ hopes to see a growth in English regionalism: The Wessex Regionalists have been quite active again in recent times and Mebyon Kernow are pretty much household names! But we need to see real movement elsewhere: There is the Mercian Party out there - let's hope they stay true. But we need similar groups - what ever happened to Kentfolc and the Sussex Party? And we need initiatives in East Anglia and Northumbria - there's no lack of regional pride in those there parts - and there MUST be the will in Yorkshire! Up in Scotland we have the Borders Party who boast two councillors to their name. Regionalists elsewhere can learn a thing or two from them. The Regionalist Front of Dumnonia have been mentioned here before - it'll be nice to see some movement on their part. Hey, a great area for growth is at county/shire level. County consciousness has never been so strong. Of course, all this need not mean that national ethnic and cultural unity and identity need suffer. What we're talking about is political devolution from the regions down to the parish, the village, the hamlet and homestead.

We can all do our bit in the war against the global system: reduce, reuse, recycle. Spend less. Support economic secession. Build local economies, grow food, brew beer (better still cider!) Pool resources, swap and barter.


(with acknowledgements to the Bard)

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jaw jaw...

If the rumour mill is correct and elements within the English Defence League were looking to have a pop at the Occupy London encampment at St Paul's this week, it is a tad irksome. They really should have gone along there and had a chat. After all, the EDL and the anti-Capitalist protesters have more in common than what they might care to admit. It was Capitalism which facilitated the mass immigration we have witnessed over the last few decades. So it is Capitalism that is the root cause of the erosion of English culture, values and way of life that the EDL claim to defend.

Berrocscir's Banner is ambivalent toward the EDL. From a radical nationalist perspective they are far from perfect, but their best elements are worth engaging with. Maybe it is naive to think a rapprochement between the EDL and the anti-Capitalist current is possible, but both the St Paul's encampment and the EDL are voices for the underdog. The common aims of both groups involve opposition to the neo-liberal, neocon globalised economy. Okay, the anti-Capitalist protesters may have a vocal, hardcore Leftist element within the ranks, but in reality they are a diverse lot - look at how the St Paul's protesters fell silent with the rest of the country on Thursday beneath their specially commissioned Poppy banner - can you see your average red rabble going in for that?

The 21st Century demands an end to polarised politics where 'Left' and 'Right' are at each others throats as if on autopilot. The new champions of the Underdog need to acknowledge that plurality is essential. We need tactical unity against our common enemy. Let's swallow our pride - lay off each other.

Friday, 11 November 2011

On all fronts

Your editor believes a little clarification is in order regarding points made in the post here from October 30th. Yes - working towards intentional communities* whether with land acquired for the purpose or by targeting existing localities, should remain a prime goal for radical nationalists in the 21st Century. However, radical nationalist communities should not become an end in themselves. Of course, their gates should shut out the liberal, globalist and multicultural world, but they should not become isolated and adrift from the wider nationalist community and indeed those they would seek to influence. National Anarchist or radical nationalist communities will need support networks on the 'outside' to provide solidarity, aid and public relations duties. At first a degree of anonymity will be needed, but once securely established, successful communities could be held up as beacons of tribalism to the wider world. Look how Orania is championed by Afrikaner activists.

A European equivalent is a long way off, but even so activists in North America and the UK are channeling efforts into the PLE idea. Obviously the biggest stumbling block here is numbers - we don't have them. This is where the present situation comes in. We need the populist Euro-nationalist parties to encourage the tribal instinct in people and to make new nationalists, by participating in the mainstream. We also need a vibrant autonomous scene in nationalism which offers a counter-cultural alternative lifestyle through community work, mutual aid, events etc. Resistance to the liberal and neocon elites is needed on all fronts.

*For the record Berrocscir's Banner supports all intentional community and alternative lifestyle projects regardless of whether they are along nationalist, communist, religious or hippy lines or whatever.

Little victories
Yours truly has always been one for style, and nowadays I believe I do so without supporting the New World Order. I get all my clothing from charity shops, car boot sales and Jumble sales .Latest purchases include: two good quality and rather fetching shirts for £1 and 50p respectively. A great pair of casual combat trousers for 50p and a nice quality pair of denim jeans for the princley sum of 20p - and no, I didn't haggle!

While waiting for the revolution, the second hand market is the place to be for revolutionaries! And it's not just the second hand stuff - go out and support your local alternative economies.

Bright ideas
Social and economic secession begins at home. I've recently invested in a couple of wind-up lanterns. They perform a treat. Perfect for reading, writing and going to the lavatory by. A little lifestyle change goes a long way.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Eyes in the storm

Tomorrow there will be seven billion of us on Earth. Most predictions are saying this is nothing compared to what is in store in the next fifty years. Certainly over the last century we have witnessed a stark acceleration due to the 'benefits' of the modern age. All nationalists should concern themselves with the population bomb. The technological, global system which has exacerbated this stands in stark contrast to our vision of  national agrarian simplicity. Okay, I am sat here communicating to the world due to the global system, but John Zerzan said something along the lines of They attack the means by which we spread the message, but not the message itself - something like that...

One school of thought is that population will continue to rise sharply in the 'developing' world, while it will level out or decline in 'developed' countries. Even so, the 70 million predicted for the UK by 2027 is scary when we consider that even IF the developing world climbs out of its insecurities and manages to develop economies similar to the west like in China and India, levels seeking to emigrate to Europe and North America will continue to rise - The core attracts the periphery. More concrete, less green, less indigenous identity.

Berrocscir's Banner remains sceptical that social change along radical nationalist lines will ever sweep the globe (oh to be proved wrong). So in the absence of national revolution, one get out clause for radical nationalists is giving serious consideration to the practicalities and possibilities of securing land and living as independently as we can off of it, in cooperation with others of like mind in networks. Some place where we can educate our children and mind our own business. The Amish manage it, so who says radical nationalists cannot? We need the Pioneer Little Europe, Asia and Africa as eyes in the storm of the New World Order. In a post national revolutionary scenario there will be banditry and external aggression which will need to be resisted, but if we are to begin building national (or any other) intentional communities in the next few decades we need to duck under the radar and winch up the bridge.

Lighten up, comrades
Like anyone, your editor likes a good laugh as anyone who knows me will tell you. Now as a National Anarchist I take my politics very seriously, but its important not to lose our sense of humour about our beliefs. I remember a far Left paper, when complaining about the lack of mirth in revolutionary politics, used to rightly say "we must be able to take the p*** out of ourselves." National Anarchists should be no different. Hey -  maybe we can use this old video of that 80s classic Safety Dance by Men Without Hats in our propaganda? Dig those medieval vibes, man. Watching it back, it pretty much sums up my vision of the National Anarchist utopia. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fake nationalists

So 111 admirable MPs last night backed the view that the British peoples have the right to a say on the future of their sovereignty and identity and rightly voted for the the motion calling for a referendum on the UK's position in the European Union. Interesting that there were no MPs from the Scottish National Party or Plaid Cymru on that list. Out of the UK but not out of Europe? Where's the logic there? It's like the galley slave getting rid of the drummer but keeping his master.

Anyway, who knows - maybe in a hundred years after we eventually do get out - maybe some enlightened parliament will pass the Intentional Communities Act and we can have our tribal villages!

Well, it's been a while since anything strident was posted here...The Green Liberal Party of Switzerland, a centre-ground Green party and refreshing alternative to the dominant liberal-Left Global Greens, now has 12 seats since Sunday's Swiss Federal elections - up from 3 in 2007. Green ideas should not be the preserve of the Left.

The regionalist and isolationist Ticino League doubled their seats to 2, with their 19,000 votes a hike of nearly 6,000 on last time around. Also the regionalist Geneva Citizen's Movement picked up their first seat in the Federal Assembly.

Carry On Camping!
This blog supports the wave of 'Occupy' protests around the world. Yes, the global system is not going to collapse by pitching up a tent (although if you've been watching the Russia Today coverage you will be forgiven for thinking it is about to) but the actions will no doubt inspire a whole new generation of anti-global activists - some of whom - sooner or later may evolve into seasoned radical nationalists and tomorrow's National Anarchist pioneers...possibly... At the very least it might make more people start asking questions. Long live the anti-globalist movement!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nostalgia is our weapon

The French sociologist Michel Maffesoli has presented us with the notion that modern man (having evolved as a tribal animal) increasing reverts to type. In modern industrial society he asserts a tribal identity of his choosing. We see this all the time: cultural,social, racial, local - village, town, shire and regional identities through to the myriad of sub-cultural 'neo-tribes'. Those with a tribal identity, however it is manifested, are certain out there among all the cosmopolitan Citizens of the World. A good thing too when considering mass society has no organic roots and no 'badge'.

Marxists and others have attempted to graft a class identity onto the masses but, apart from the odd flair-up of class friction, any allegiance to an economic identity is transient. The founding principle of National Anarchism - Tribalism - certainly has wide and deep appeal. Maffesoli is right to point out that in modern mass society nostalgia is a powerful force. Nostalgia then, should play a major role in National Anarchist propaganda - to paraphrase Trotsky, "Nostalgia is a weapon in the hands of the National Anarchists!"

Berrocscir's Banner tries to steer a non-sectarian course and accepts the limitations of what can and cannot be achieved by radical nationalists at present. However we all need at times to tum to our ideals: In working toward our imagined autonomous communities, National Anarchists should consider attempting to implement a consensus within the radical nationalist scene of aiming for the simple life - autonomous communities won't really be so if they rely on mass technological society for all their spare parts. Of course, neighbouring tribal communities or networks can work in solidarity alongside one another in terms of trade, barter, skills sharing and aid, even if their internal affairs differ. The rule of thumb is to keep reliance on the global system to a minimum. Simple living may be tough, but it points to a life of great social solidarity, meaning, worthiness, contentment and honour.

National Anarchists are aware that all human societies involve conflict of varying degrees and we must concede that our vision of the future will be no different. But despite the possibility of barbarity and warlordism in our post-modern Brave Old World, National Anarchist communities will not have the conquering drive which has led to the present globalist society. Obviously we will have to defend what we have built, but National Anarchism is an insular philosophy and for good reason - look where the opposite has led us!

How communities choose to structure themselves internally is up to them - and for the record, Berrocscir's Banner prefers a sort of corporistic, meritocratic elitism. I'd rather have an appointed group of Wise Men in charge of different social/economic fields than some chancer who talks a good talk, but once elected or crowned is totally detrimental...

National Anarchists also need to accept that any tribal community above 500 will need some form of state as this is the point where society becomes anonymous...but small states are better than large. The line here at Berrocscir Towers is that the Anarchism in National Anarchism, at least for the foreseeable future, means any social network that has seceded from the global political/economic New World Order. National Anarchists should support any move in this direction from whatever quarter. Pluralism is central to our worldview.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

But is it art?

I was gladdened this week to read in my local press that primary school kids in this neck of the woods were marking Michaelmas. I cannot recall as a kid myself, in in the 1970s and 80s, ever so doing (although I can vividly remember Harvest Festival) So maybe there's a bit of cultural revival going on - which can never be a bad thing! Talking of Michaelmas, I didn't know until very recently that the said fair in the English standard Scarborough Fair lasted from Assumption Day in mid-August right up to Michaelmas at September's end - So it was some old gathering! It was a market rather than providing entertainment, but much sport was had, no doubt. Here's a clip below of a very able version of the classic song by ol' Sarah Brightman. I want to share it also for the wonderful paintings by Robert Duncan featured therein. I've always admired Realism in the arts, including the socialist and soviet varieties, but Duncan's work betrays what I would want to call nationalist realism (no heavy industry or working up the top of pylons here!) Idyllic, bucolic representations of some radical nationalist promised land - at least from a northern European perspective. Myths they may be, but are myths based on some long forgotten fact? And without myths surely a people suffer impoverishment.


What's going on in north Kosovo? This is region with a Serb majority. Surely it's time, given the realities of the situation, that it should secede and rejoin Serbia, or become an autonomous region in itself? SELF DETERMINATION FOR ALL PEOPLES!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hard truths and the Brave Old World

After I lost my faith in Anarcho-Marxism/Internationalism (and my concurrent flirtations with Left-nationalism) around a decade ago, I became, for a while, attracted to civic nationalism. It seemed reasonable enough and a sensible compromise in the reality of modern Britain. But by about seven years ago I had identified fully with ethno-nationalism in general and with National Anarchism as an ideal. Why? Using the English example, why should other ethno-cultural groups be expected to give up their own identities? The civic argument makes sense when thinking in terms of a cohesive nation-state, but an independent England wouldn't be able to turn the clock back in terms of immigrant communities. As the folks at England Devolve! say:

Integration by assimilation may work below some critical inflow threshold; above that threshold it is a recipe for the mutual destruction of cultures - and, in a market economy, for descent into C-ca C-la culture. Why should not a second or third generation Bangladeshi honour their roots, their great radical poets like Tagore, just as Anglian immigrants fifteen hundred years ago honoured their old England, recited the epic of Beowulf round their fires?

Which is the greater good - ethnopluralism or the cultural imperialism of civic nationalists? I find National Anarchism so appealing because it has room for every way of life, National Anarchists respect and value every ethnicity and culture as unique and equally worthy. We also acknowledge that if those who prefer to live in multi-ethnic and multicultural communities, well, then they can do so. While ethno-tribalists would see this as a great pity because it would mean that unique cultures and ethnicities will slowly fade, we do not dictate. In turn we demand that no one dictate to us. Ethnopluralists deeply value racial/ethnic/cultural distinctiveness and we wish our children to look like us and our ancestors. What our children then ultimately do is up to them...

Another reason why National Anarchism makes sense, at least in regard to England, is that the concept of some re-established nation state is a nonsense. Realistically, England will never again be the exclusive home to the indigenous. There's no prospect of large scale repatriation. Most BNP types accept this. Even if mass immigration was stopped tomorrow our cities and larger towns will remain multi-ethnic and then of course we will still have the problem of  Amercana and global culture to deal with! Of course, one of the cornerstones of nationalism is to each tribe a homeland. But sticking heads in the sand and demanding an all white Britain is a nonstarter. In the reality of modern Britain we need to downsize in terms of space, and besides, we ethno-nationalists will probably remain a minority! Present realities actually offer English National Anarchists and radical nationalists with an opportunity: to call for our cities to become the territories of the multi-culturalists and/or immigrant communities - and for rural areas to become redoubts for the indigenous, areas ripe for us to concentrate our attentions and to plan our projects.

Despite large sections of Britons seemingly happy to mix, we do see tribalism in action already: self-segregation in our cities and the 'white flight' phenomenon. Work toward national revolution in terms of outside the current system - as a rearguard action. We cannot seek to topple Leviathan. Begin the long, hard task of building our Brave Old Worlds - ethno-British community building out in the sticks* - a world of self-reliance, economic secession and increasing autonomy.

*rural areas

Sunday, 18 September 2011

News from Denmark

Thursday's elections in Denmark were disappointing if, like me, you wish all strains of ethno-tribalist modus operandi well. In a high turnout, the national conservative and populist Danish Peoples Party fell back from 14% of the vote in 2007 to twelve - down 43,000 votes to 436,000 and dropping 3 seats to 22 in the Folketing. Not knowing the ins and outs of the mainstream political scene in Denmark, your Editor assumes this dip in fortunes is down to either a) the rough and tumble of bourgeois political life - how did DPP elected representatives perform in public office and were voters punishing them for supporting the coalition? Or b) a possible Breivik effect. Not wishing to belittle the appalling loss of human life, like others I feared that horrible day in July would result in a backlash against nationalism across Europe. And of course the trouble with taking the electoral path is that you sometimes win and find that you cannot legislate your programme and as a consequence let your voters down - Electoralism for nationalists should be about getting results where you can, but first and foremost it is to bang the drum and get the nationalist alternative out there.

The Socialist Peoples Party, affiliated to the left-liberal Global Greens also lost ground dropping from 13% four years ago to nine. Big winners were the Red-Green Alliance - made up of several hard-left Marxist/Trotskyite groups. Their share lept from 75,000 (2% and four seats) to 237,000 (6.7% and twelve). Along with trying to get in with the Muslim diaspora, the Left across Europe have pretty much successfully grabbed control of the Green movement. Despite some notible exceptions the Left have exercised dominance over the Green label and brand since the late 1980s. But the Green movements that sprang up in the 60s and 70s had no such afflictions. Instead of reflecting cultural Marxist agendas, Green ideas were just that - Green: Regionalist, localist, ecological and promoted simple living and technology. In fact the pioneers of the Green movement and their ideas had far more in common with radical nationalist thinking than the left: ruralism, agrarianism and small scale economies...

Back to Denmark: We Ethno-Tribalists should always take stock of how the Euronationalist mainstream do. The nationalist vote indicates how many among our folk approve of ethnocentric sentiment. In turn, what percentage of nationalist voters will approve of our radical nationalist worldview? Where should we concentrate our work? How many potential fellow travellers are there? How many potential National Anarchist pioneers are out there? Should we concentrate on areas where the nationalist vote is highest? Surely we need numbers before we can progress?

 Of course, as elsewhere the parties of neo-liberalism and Globalism came out on top, surprise surprise. Why is this? One obvious conclusion is that the majority are quite satisfied with the Status Quo. They like cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, liberal values. Okay, if that's the case leave them to it. Should we National Anarchists and radical nationalists aim to drop out? Work toward getting away from their Tower of Babel and establish radical nationalist lifestyles, preferably on our own land where we can practice what we preach? If yes, no doubt sometimes we'll be in for a raw and tough old time of it, but we will be together and we could live our ideals.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Getting the word out

Two new blogs to add to the Banner's links section:

Firstly, the World National Anarchist Alliance blog, despite its seemingly rather grandiose title, looks like one to watch. The author writes convincingly of the potential for National Anarchist ideas to accommodate and encompass folk from all political backgrounds and none in the hope of creating a truly pluralist movement that can work toward a Tribalist vision. WNAA rightly highlights that one of National Anarchism's main selling points is it's live and let live philosophy - in contrast to the monolithic 'Our way or no way' stance of the reactionary Left and Right. The blog advocates reaching out to the wider anarchist scene to state the Tribalist case - an alliance building strategy not dissimilar to the arguments your author has previously made here and here .

My background is in the Left, but I imagine the right is no different - Most people that identify strongly with any given movement or ideology are not easily open to anything new because they have have found their 'comfort zone' - The majority of the Left (and I include the 'class struggle' anarchists and libertarian communists here) won't be interested in and no doubt hostile to National Anarchist arguments for pluralism over ideological conformity - but it is right that we should always extend the olive branch to individuals and tendencies not tainted by dogma or anti-fascist blood lust.

Secondly, Alternative Anarchy - Attack the System UK is the welcome new UK arm of the prolific Attack the System network of blogs from the US. Having such a pedigree ATS-UK looks a fine prospect. Let both WNAA and ATS-UK prosper!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

For a new tribal Libya

Generally speaking, the Arab Spring has been pretty much social democratic in nature. This despite sections of the Left trying, as they always do, to give the uprisings more a shade of red than they should. What is clear, however, is that any nationalist element is minimal.

It is interesting then, that despite this lack of national zeal, your editor (ever the nerdy Vexillologist) spotted the Berber flag proudly aloft on a news report as the NTC/NLA swept into Tripoli last month. In March I wrote of my hopes for the break up of Libya into the the historic regions of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan. A slim possibility maybe - I remember harbouring a similar desire for a swift secession of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq after the fall of Saddam. Berrocscir's Banner supports the Arab peoples in fighting for their own destinies and admires their great sense of ethnic self-awareness, identity and national pride. But that lone Berber flag fluttering in Martyr's Square is perhaps a herald that the Berber peoples can and will assert their own identities in the new Libya. While not, strictly speaking, a distinct ethnic group as such, the Berbers are a loose meta-ethnic family of indigenous North African tribes bound together with cultural and linguistic ties. The Maghreb has been their home for longer than the Arab migrations of the seventh century.

No decent person wishes to see more bloodshed in Libya, but let's hope that the fall of the Brother Leader will lead to a authentic tribalist and regionalist renaissance in his former Jamahiriya.

Okay, although we really need to move away from the Left/Right way of seeing things, the Alternative Right site is a worthy addition to the links section here. Hopefully it will prove a useful resource as it certainly has many parallels with the BB worldview. All we need now is an Alternative Left! It'll be great if Left dissidents can get a hub to spread their ideas. Most National Communists are getting there - going against the God of Internationalism. Lets have more of it, even though staff at Berrocscir Towers have a sneaking suspicion that some of them still wouldn't think anything of shooting Kulaks, any bourgeois who wanted to make a bob or two on market day or the odd distributist network!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

For the nation - not the state

Your editor freely admits that the political outlook of this blog has been in a state of continuous development these past four years. Despite mainly consisting of light-hearted observations in the early days, it was always the intention to develop Berrocscir's Banner into a clarion for radical nationalism and from fairly early on I decided to throw its lot in with a broadly National Anarchist viewpoint. Looking back over past posts, its clear that contradictions have occurred along the way. I make no apology for this - my own outlook has developed and I regard this as healthy. I've never claimed to have all the answers and remain an opponent of dogma and stone tablets. However, for reasons of clarity (and because I now think I've reached a train of thought worthy enough to constitute a 'Party line' as it were!) I'll now attempt clear things up:

I cannot predict the future, and while realising that the course of history can take surprising and sometimes abrupt turns, it's doubtful that a majority (or large minority) will ever get around to out-and-out national revolution. We are unlikely to see any great nationalist upheavals. Therefore we must take a pragmatic approach to working toward a world resembling our ideals.We must encourage trends toward political decentralisation - the natural friend of the Tribalist worldview. Let's use the example of the English: Support all calls for withdrawal from the European Union from whatever quarter. If ever we get out go for English independence. Once gained join the cries of the regionalists (Wessex, Northumbrian, whatever) or maybe even county based autonomy (we are witnessing a growing county identity from Devon to Lincolnshire) This devolution may continue down to town and village level (forget the conurbations and cities, they don't fit the radical nationalist equation) Gradual devolution through political evolution may actually fit in with our revolutionary ideals.

I do and will always believe in the ethno-cultural unity of the English. We are a nation fixed together through our common bonds and origins. But I do not believe in the political unity of the English. Let the English people thrive and fly their flag of the Cross of St George and the White Dragon! But better still let them also fly the Wessex Wyvern, Cross of St Alban, Oswald's banner and St Edmund's too! Let them also fly the flags of the Shires, so obviously beloved from Sussex to Yorkshire...but let the state wither. Political devolution and a new regional/local sovereignty need not damage a united English ethno-identity and common kinship. Or for that matter our close ethno-cultural ties with our British cousins the Scots, Welsh and Irish. The English may choose to confederate their localities in regions and regions into the wider English realm in national solidarity - but let us work toward the sovereignty of the grassroots. It's the best way to go against the enemies of the tribes - globalism and cosmopolitanism.

Fight for our ideals using all channels - electorally when it suits, culturally, socially, economically and practically. This last area can involve the PLE idea. PLEs (of course there's nothing to stop Pioneer Little Africas and Asias!) are a move toward intentional mono-ethno-cultural communities and the concept is gaining ground within nationalist circles. If these take off their pioneers will literally be building a new world within the shell of the old.

On the 4th anniversary of Berrocscir's Banner may I thank my handful of followers and the sites that have linked to this blog. And for the concern raised by a couple of readers when I took the *%!"^$@ thing down for a bit recently when self-doubt got the better of me. I find interest in this blog enormously flattering, despite my continual worrying that it comes over as appaullingly pompous - you don't think it's you?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Group hug

Browsing Keith Preston's Attack the System blog recently (see links) your Editor found this article interesting. It's surprising to see that National Anarchism is considered so noteworthy by such a high ranking politician! It is not as if NA ideas are, shall we say, anything like mainstream at present...and from an organisational standpoint NA has taken a couple of knocks of late too.

Here at Berrocscir Towers, the opinion is that National Anarchism is being confused here with the Autonomous Nationalist groups in Germany. AN is an eclectic mix of several nationalist currents who have come together around a youthful, 'street-level' subcultural image, largely mimicking the Left in tactics and presentation. Sure, some within the AN movement may be influenced by NA ideas, but not on the same level as, say, Strasserism. Still, there is obviously a lot of overlap and if the state name checks National Anarchism, then okay. NA and Autonomous Nationalism  both seek radical national rebirth - ideological exclusivity is not on the agenda.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Parish pump politics

This was the England that Soldiers fought for in those world wars: they may have come from factories and offices, yet they did not fight for Manchester or Birmingham, but for the likes of  Chipping Campden and Lavenham .                                   
Roy Strong, Visions of England, (Bodley Head, 2011)
It's been argued here before, and it's worth stressing again, that the Nationalist spirit is primarily concerned with rural living. Industry and urban life gave rise to those fair weather friends Capitalism and Marxism. These two hatched liberalism, imperialism and the latter day horrors of multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and globalism. It's because of all this that modern Nationalist theory has retreated back to the agrarian vision - the countryside, market town, village, farm and homestead. Knowing that our forefathers built them, it may be painful admitting that our cities and towns are essentially lost to us. But the bigger picture means that Nationalists need to make a tactical withdrawal to the countryside. Besides, one thing on our side is that the rural idyll still commands great popular appeal.

Nationalism is the only real antidote to globalism and National Anarchism is anti-globalism taken to its logical conclusion. National Anarchism defines localism and parish pump politics as sovereign. This post from Berrocscir's Banner last year, linked to Richard Hunt's The Natural Society - a work which National Anarchists should find useful. It is a good primer for the National Anarchist ideal of federated autonomous villages. Far-fetched? Maybe. But if you can't look to the stars, you might as well shop at Tescos.

Away from the 9 to 5 this week, for Lammas, I paid a pilgrimage of sorts to West Kennet Long Barrow, where the earthly remains of 46 of our collective neolithic ancestors were laid. As the tractors in the field to the south sailed in a sea of gold, bringing in the first fruits, I picked an ear of wheat - for the soil - and a poppy - for blood. I placed them at the entrance to the tomb. Our task as tribalists is to enrich blood and soil. Of course, not all of us can up sticks and march off to a Pioneer Little Europe, but we can at least evangelise the ideal and adopt aspects of the PLE in our everyday lives.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A load of old ballots

National Anarchists don't go a bunch on democracy, at least in it's modern sense. As advocates of extreme localism we believe in small scale organic meritocracy. As Troy Southgate writes in Meritocracy: The Rule of the Elite:
ACCORDING to The Concise Oxford Dictionary, meritocracy is defined as “government by persons selected according to merit”. In other words, meritocracy may be described as a system in which only those most suited to the task of leadership have a recognised authority. However, unlike the present democratic system this particular method of authority is not enshrined in the contractual laws of mankind but in the irrevocable laws of nature.
By seeking to obscure the inherent differences between individuals, groups and races through a systematic programme of ‘egalitarianism’ and the inordinate championing of the weak, democracy itself represents a highly detrimental threat to the normal and healthy development of people throughout the world. Furthermore, it is nothing other than the disorderly rule of the common mob and is a major hindrance to the abilities of the most able. In the real world, people are fundamentally different and have natural stations in life. Although liberalism is chiefly responsible for attempting to force the most able members of society to live, work and study side by side with those of a lesser ability and lower horizons, Capitalism is also an impediment to the natural order of humankind through the imposition of its parasitical class structure. So whilst on the one hand we are told to accept that the most anti-social elements are our brothers and sisters, on the other many of us are unable to rise to our natural level due to the greed and repression of the pseudo-aristocratic ruling class. In an attempt to decipher the complex nature of our personalities, some have argued that human development is shaped purely by the manner and the environment in which we are raised, contesting that - given the opportunity of an ‘identical’ upbringing - the road sweeper is capable of rising to the intellectual level of the scientist or the philosopher. Whilst this may be true in some cases, especially given the more favourable educational advantages conferred on the sons and daughters of the ruling Establishment, it remains a fact that individual human development is overwhelmingly determined by genetics. This is the single most important biological characteristic of any human being and, whilst the Nature vs. Nurture debate is sure to rage on for many years to come, when all is said and done individual ability has far more to do with racial origins than social circumstances. That said, under Capitalism a parasitical minority is permitted to prosper at the expense of those whom - in a more natural society - would be in charge of their own destinies and not held subject to the professional moneylenders by the paid mercenaries of the police and armed services. So whilst the Left seeks to obscure the healthy spirit of natural human endeavour and confine us all to the lowest possible level, the Right seeks to prevent us from becoming a threat to the bacterial gangsters who, through force of arms, reserve the highest echelons for themselves.

That said, in these post-ideological times, it would be wrong to ignore constitutional politics completely. Of course, if you are a tribalist, well - nine times out of ten you're on a hiding to nothing in the elections game. But, as Berrocscir's Banner has argued before, elections are the one time when everyone is, to some degree, engaged with politics. Radical nationalism can only move forward with pioneers and those driven and inspired by ideals, but elections are times when we can perhaps spark the wider folk into action - and sometimes elections can spring nice surprises.

Berrocscir's Banner has always strongly supported regionalist movements - because they reflect the local, tribal identities that are the result of the development of natural human societies. So in a country with a strong tradition of regional identity, last month's regional and local elections in Spain returned strong showings for regional parties. In Asturia the regionalist Asturian Forum (FAC) won a majority of seats with nearly 30% of the popular vote. In Navarre the Navarrese People's Union (UPN) topped the poll with 42% of the vote - although to muddy the waters, it should also be mentioned that in the San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa districts the Basque Nationalist (and separatist) PNV and Bildu parties were dominant (Basques claim Navarre as their own!). However, from a tribalist perspective all this is encouraging - it means that out there in the great scheme of things sizable sections of the masses display a regional and local identity - despite all the one worldism.

Crossing over to last week's Portuguese elections and we see the Third Positionist National Renovator Party go onwards and upwards - their vote climbing to 17k from 12k from 2009 and 9k in 2005. This is admittedly a small share while Europe stands at the abyss. But it shows that the message is getting through. Authentic nationalism is not falling backwards in this part of the world. As long as we remember (and probably the PNR will tell you) national revolution will not come through the ballot box.

As an aside, in Portugal, the Earth Party (a green party affiliated to the non-Left/PC World Ecological Parties) saw their vote jump to 23k from 12k last time around - despite the electoral dominance of the Leftist Ecologist Party. As this blog has argued, it is vital that tribalists wrestle green ideas away from the Left and liberal elites.

Over in ol' Blighty there is, unfortunately, within the English nationalist milieu, a strong anti-regionalist current. Many English nationalists confuse regionalism with separatism - or even worse those horrid EU zones! While National Anarchists believe there is nothing wrong with separatism if there is popular will behind it, we recognise that regionalism is merely the expression of a more localised identity WITHIN a national one. English regionalism is no threat to the concept of the English nation. English nationalists cannot deny the very real regional identities which exist among the English. We are not 'English' alone - we are Yorkshire English, Geordie English, Scouse English, Devon, Kentish, East Anglian English and so on. If English Nationalists seek to deny this, then frankly it makes them neo-imperialists. Regionalism and Nationalism should be mutually compatible - on the same side against globalism and cosmopolitanism.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

If odd is bad...

Your Editor is not a huge fan of the UK Independence Party for a number of reasons (rejecting Parliamentary Democracy) being one. Then again I have voted UKIP on a number of occasions when I've had to, and I note their vote as a barometer of the national mood. I jettisoned dogmatism a fair few years back now and vote whenever the establishment grant me that right, usually for anti-establishment parties - and for the most part, UKIP fall into that camp. Okay, their 'civic' nationalism is a standing joke, but I believe they are rebellious enough to warrant my vote as a kick in the balls to the global/cosmo/liberal elite...

Besides, I also find UKIP leader Nigel Farage entertaining so always tune into the Idiot Box when I know he's been granted a shout. Take a look, however, at this clip from a recent edition of the BBC's Politics Show: About 4 mins and 10 seconds in Suzanne Moore remarked, when referring to the English Fens that it (or places like it) were 'a very odd place'...Okay, well what strikes one as 'odd' is up to the individual and oddity is in the eye of the beholder. But the cynic in me says that Suzanne (yes, I could be barking up the wrong tree) is referring to areas of England that are 'hidiously white' -  as Greg Dyke once said - mono-cultural, Tribal, English. Would she consider Southall, Brixton, Brighton, Leicecster or Mannigham 'odd'. I'd wager no - descriptions like 'diverse' and 'vibrant' spring to mind. Would she refer to Lahore and Dhaka as 'odd'?

Let's go a scrumpin'!
Especially for this blog's loyal Monachist readers today is Oak Apple Day - another welcome addition to tribal English identity and playing it's part in giving a nation a sense of itself. Of course, many a pub owes its name to the story. I happened to use up a few idle minutes in the Royal Oak at Lechlade, Gloucestershire, one day this week, pausing briefly before I crossed the threshold, to look up at the sign. There was Charlie grinning down at the hapless Cromwellian rascals beneath...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Tribal vibes

I'm so bourgeois I've been listening to BBC Radio 4 for twenty years or so. This bastion of Middle England or hotbed of Marxism, depending on your point of view or mood, broadcasts some gems that have long been favourites of your editor. One such is Something Understood which I hear regularly early on a Sunday morning (hey, use the time the capitalist pigs let you and don't have one too many the night before!) Anyway a couple of weeks back one particular edition had me reaching for the volume control on my solar-powered radio. It played a song by the enchanting Anne that I thought I hadn't heard before, although I must have done as I've have it on an anthology of Anne's that I have owned for a decade.

I mention this because all the garbage that's marketed as talent these days is not a patch on Go Your Way, so played on the aforementioned programme. I think there's a lot to Carl Jung's theory of collective unconsciousness. They say converts are the most zealous (!) and me as a born-again Nationalist think that my long held love of (for want of a better term) British folk music is, in part, an identity thing. There's some great tunes all over the world with many different origins and influences - I value it all as a symbol of human diversity (I'm WOMAD through and through - any old codgers out there remember the Bhundu Boys?!) ...but I always did come home to my roots music. Anne Briggs sang a mixture of the 'old songs' and a few of her own compositions, of which Go Your Way is one. The fact that this song is from the Twentieth century yet sounds so old, so British Isles, is possibly evidence of some tribal meme at work here...Ah, who knows, but here it is, hope you get it:

Being a proud advocate of Third Position political-economic theories, Berrocscir's Banner has noted that on their first time out the Distributist English Radical Alliance (see Links section) gained a not disgraceful 145 votes in a ward in Torbay last week. Keep that Distributist flame alive, bravo!

The English Peoples Party (see this post) also gave a good account of themselves in Leicester.

The Greens have some good ideas among the insane, and they must be doing something right as they clocked up 25 gains, 54 holds and 11 losses. This equals a net gain of 14 councillors. The Greens now have 130 councillors on 43 councils. They gained 9 seats from the Tories, 8 from the LibDems and 7 from Labour. They have to be doing something right. I wish a certain nationalist party could boast the same...

The Land Party gained a few votes in Scotland, and despite their declared internationalism, Do I detect a little bit of Blood and Soil philosophy and anti-industrialism in them? Maybe something National Anarchists shouldn't have much issue with. Possibly ones to watch?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Rise again!

Belated May Day greetings to all National Anarchists, other Revolutionary Nationalists and the wider anti-globalist current. May Day is OURS - the folk. It doesn't belong to any particular ideology, movement or socio-economic group, and, without denying the validity of all the great social struggles since the rise of industrialism and before,  May Day and the collective consciousness it represents was around a long time before those anarchists in Chicago.

In England, at least, those who would deny English identity have sneered at our folk tradition. It's all an invention apparently. A concoction of Victorian nostalgia. Of course, there's a modicum of truth to this. What we are talking about here is the English folk revival of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. There's nothing wrong with revivals. The Irish, Scottish and Welsh had them in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Strangely, the anti-English seem perfectly at ease with this. "Morris dance is all made up" our detractors say. Except that a mob of Morris Men actually popped in to say "Hello" to Cecil Sharp when at his mate's house in 1899, and in doing so sparked his valued promotion of the activity. Englishmen had been prancing about like that since the fifteenth century - all Cecil did was help fan the flames.

Others have contended that folk song was all popularised for commercial gain through Broadsides by latter day Simon Cowells. Yes, these sold like hotcakes from the sixteenth century onwards, but there is no evidence of songs being written expressly  for commercial gain. They already existed, sung heartily in one locality, then sold for a penny later, further afield. Mass communication has got a lot to answer for. Look through the sleeve notes of your average folk CD (I've got a fair few of 'em - there comes a time in a man's life when his ears just aren't up to the gentle ditties of the likes of Dead Kennedys and Subhumans) Folkies love doing their homework: variants of many an English tune can be traced back 300 or 400 years, sometimes more. Even when the anti-English can justly claim "That song's only nineteenth century!" Okay, four or five generations not good enough?! We've just had a Royal Wedding. Berrocscir's Banner notes that the monarchy is a divisive subject not least within Nationalist circles. Putting that to one side, your editor's eyebrows were raised when even the conservative press were crowing: "All this pomp and ceremony is only down to the Victorians, you know!" I say again - Four, five, six generations not good enough?!

Marxists and others have also suggested that folk song has been manipulated into fitting some twee bourgeois ideal. Now, I like a good rebel song as much as the next man. There are a few in my collection with very subversive, rebellious social commentary (I still think Chumbawamba's English Rebel Songs was one of the best slices of vinyl they ever did) These songs obviously reveal the real social injustices of the day. But most folk songs are filled with gossipy subjects like love, lust, infidelity, murder and loss. Drunkeness, the working day, family crises, dashing heroes and rotten villains - usual everyday stuff like that. The stuff folk want to hear. These things can't be subverted to suit a point of view, they just are. They are common human experiences that cannot be politicised. 

Maybe it is because folk custom is by nature nationalistic and tribal, that the Left have, over the last fifty years, embraced it in order to claim it as their own. The Communist Party even had Centre 42, its own folk club and cultural centre. Why all this interest in something as insular and backward as English identity? But then the Left have always been good at dressing things up as something they are not.

Cultural revivals are exactly that - they resuscitate rather than invent. Look at the English folk tradition and you'll find that there was always something there, even if it lingered, however faintly, in folk memory before being taken up enthusiastically once more. Revivals are a reaction to rapid social change: In the past a reaction to Industrialism and more recently in opposition to multiculturalism and globalism. As far as National Anarchists are concerned both causes are good reason enough.

A growing nostalgia has been with us in England since the Victorian era. Look at the enduring appeal of suburban mock-Tudor houses. The very fact that popular architecture (despite the ghastly modernist interregnum of the 60s and 70s!) and clothing often hark back to earlier styles implies a folkish yearning for identity and tribe. Revival is a product of an instinctive anti-global urge, a rearguard action in the national collective consciousness. It is a folkish phenomenon kick-started in the community, organic and from the bottom-up. Corporate interests only get involved when such activity crosses their radar.

May Day and it's invigoration in recent years, is one such example of English cultural revival. Newly revived, our task now is to cement and preserve it. 

Sunday, 10 April 2011


SIR - As a result of the government's drive to stamp out nepotism, will my local Butcher have to change his sign to  to "Joe Bloggs and no son of mine"?

- Seen in the Daily Telegraph, 8th April 2011

Our Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg,  published a document last week: Opening doors: Breaking Barriers. A strategy for social mobility. He aims to build a society " which success is based on what you know, not who you know". Okay apart from a niggling doubt about how Cleggy actually defines 'success', I confess I find this aspiration at best naive, at worst sinister.

Nepotism and inheritance are as old as human settlement. No government can legislate against this urge. A Scientist would probably argue that this was a genetic trait - looking after our own, so they would both look after us and prosper from our help, so that they would then pass their genes on...

Nepotism is part of organic social networking and this is the way we act - it is part of tribal behaviour. Nepotism leads to greater social stability, collective identity and solidarity. I'd rather have a society based on strong kinship bonds than one engineered by officialdom. Nepotism tends to keep things localised with a human face. It leads to greater allegiance and trust - any social or economic enterprise is less likely to fail if you don't want to let your own kin down. There can't be many of us that can say they have never benefited from Uncle Bob, Sister Liz, neigbour Margaret or Mick down the pub.

Clegg's latest crusade will probably be soon forgotten - but IF it succeeds in some way it will only be to the detriment of the folk. It is yet another aspect of the egalitarian agenda which, when it succeeds, only erodes and fragments the nation, whittling away at a natural tribalistic form of self-organisation.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Was is and will be

Permit me, dear reader, a philosophical few moments...Your editor is at present, for the first time in several years, observing Lent. What am I giving up? Well, you know - a few of the things I like too much.  Let me explain that I'm not of the Christian faith, but I am religious in the sense that I believe in the divine universe, that the divine caused the universe to be and that it is present within it. That is to say that I cannot go along with the notion that everything came from nothing. I believe that everything had its origin due to something beyond the human mind and comprehension. Obviously, I cannot prove this, so I suppose you could call my belief a 'faith'. Logically therefore, that 'something' I mentioned is a divine power or powers - 'God' or 'Gods' if you will. So because, ultimately, I exist because of the divine - I have a need, an urge to revere, thank and acknowledge Him/Her/Them/It and to realise I can never fully understand its nature or purpose. Lent is a time when I'm reminded to strive to keep the divine at the front of my mind. I confess I don't know if the divine loves or cares for me - the Gods may have concerns or they may not, but as the creator of the universe and the life force I revere the divine regardless. The world is filled with pain, suffering and evil - nature is red in tooth and claw, but the universe is also full of beauty, compassion, love and bounty. Of course the great faiths of the world have always tried to explain why this is, but - good and bad - I accept the Natural Order as it is, that it is bigger than me, I am part of it, and that it has overriding power.

Like the fast of Ramadan, Lent is a time of abstinence and self-denial. By observing Lent I try to put all material trifles and life's other follies to one side, out of mind for a time, and concentrate my mind on the Creator/s.  But what does Lent and what it involves have to do with me as a National Anarchist and Tribalist? Okay, so I believe in divine creation, but shouldn't Lent be exclusively for Christians who believe Christ as God made flesh? I have a lot of sympathy with this view. However I'm choosing to observe Lent not only to get closer to the life-bringer - Apart from recognising spirituality as integral to the human mind, as a National Anarchist I believe that the struggle for national revolution/renewal/rebirth and that of Tribalism is a spiritual struggle as well as a socio-political one. Of course, National Anarchism does not follow any particular religious creed nor religion per se, but part of my spirituality (in tandem with my National Anarchist belief) is ancestor worship - a reverence for the dead. I observe Lent also because Christianity has been intertwined in my nation's story and heritage for 1500 years. Generations of my forefathers observed Lent, and by observing it too I remember them, feel closer to them, part of them. I'm observing Lent partly for the same reason that I wear a Mjolnir pendant around my neck to remember the kinship, blood ties and mental bond with my North European ancestors and cultures. I'm here because of them. Through Lent I not only praise 'God' as I perceive Him, but also my national heritage and identity. We had pancakes in our house on Shrove Tuesday and as I ate (they were delicious) I meditated quietly on the Tudors - for it was they who came up with the idea to use up all the dairy products, before going without.

In addition, although I try to lead a non-materialistic lifestyle in line with my National Anarchist beliefs, I concede that luxuries abound. The self-denial that Lent requires is also a reminder to me to strive further to reject consumerism and materialism - concepts central to National Anarchism.

I also regard partaking in Lent as a recognition of the wonderful wheel of the year. My cultural heritage and all others have beautiful ritual years that help make the world a rich pageant indeed in the face of the McWorld and monocultural sameness. Lent and its associations are part of the English cultural year and our rich national calendar. A calendar which is a huge factor in our shared national identity, consciousness and folk memory.

Talking of the wheel of the year, I write at the ancient Germanic festival of Oestre - celebrated in my ancestral homelands in reverence of Spring - and at the Spring Equinox - an important marker of the year in so many other cultures which go to provide the world with its beautiful and rich diversity in the face of modernity. Everywhere I've looked this week I've seen the life force making her triumphant comeback! I don't need reality TV - reality itself is miles better! At this time of year the promise and power of nature, of the divine, is everywhere. The National Anarchist and Tribalist worldview should never leave out the awesome power of Mother Nature and the Natural Order.

Friday, 18 March 2011

A tribal alternative to the Jamahiriya?

Without wishing to be premature...Al-Qadhafi's State of the Masses, in all honesty, looks like it will leave the world stage sooner rather than later. With the current situation in mind this article caught my eye earlier this week which I accessed from a link on the excellent National Anarchist (ish) blog Attack The System .

Like a lot of African and Arab states, Libya owes its existence to 20th Century Western imperialism. Modern Libya is made up of three distinct regions: Fezzan in the South West with the Tuareg and Tobou ethnic groups being strongly represented there. Cyrenaicia lies in the East with Tripolitania in the North West. These have their predominantly Arab-Berber populations. Tripolitania was itself briefly independent  a century ago, before falling to the Italian yoke.

Libyan society is still structured along strong tribal fault lines. Is it to much to hope for the future emergence of ethno-tribal homelands in the this part of the Maghreb? Tribal homelands that will forge their own destiny free from despots of all hues? Too much to ask?

Berrocscir's Banner notes the passing of Carel Boshoff  - the great Afrikaner patriot and founder of the Orania intentional community in South Africa. When I first heard about Orania, it was at a time when I had just began identifying with National Anarchism and remember it filled my heart with admiration and joy. The enduring success of Orania has parallels with the National Anarchist ideal and although it does not fit our vision entirely it can inspire us in pursuit of it.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The extended family

Last Thursday's 'yes' vote in the Welsh referendum suggests two possible trends that can be welcomed by National Anarchists and other radical/revolutionary nationalists.

You may or may not know that the Welsh were asked if they wanted further devolution of powers to the Welsh National Assembly (which has functioned since 1999) Hitherto the Assembly could only pass laws for Wales if they had been approved by by the UK parliament in London. The Welsh people were asked if they wanted the Assembly to be given the power to pass laws directly (without first seeking approval from London) over things like agriculture, education, health, housing, local government, fishing, forestry, culture, the Welsh language, water supply and social welfare - run of the mill stuff like that! ....The Welsh said 'yes'. The turnout was 35% (not that low a figure for this sort of thing) 517, 000 (63%) said 'yes', and a not insignificant 297, 000 (36%) said 'no'. This is not an astounding endorsement of devolved power, but then the Welsh only narrowly voted for having their own Assembly in the first place back in 1997. What this shows is that minorities - pioneers - make history. They take the lead and the masses follow. Relatively small numbers of people have changed the course of history by taking the lead - this is the human condition - and the masses (usually) follow. The great mass of people do not constitute the 'engine of history' as the Marxists would have us believe.

The 'yes' vote was strongest in the rural North West and West - areas where the Welsh language and therefore Welsh national identity, is strongest - and also in the valleys to the south where there has always been a healthy tradition of rebelliousness. The only region to return a narrow 'no' vote was Monmouthshire, an area where Welsh speakers do not top 12% and where English heritage and blood (one would have thought) must have played their part.

So what were those two trends of interest, mentioned earlier, of interest to National Anarchists? Firstly the 'yes' vote represents some form of appetite for political devolution, not much of a one, granted -the Welsh still cannot raise their own taxes - and it is nowhere near the the scale of decentralisation envisaged by National Anarchists: devolved power down to the village, parish or district level...But it is a start. It's important to be pragmatic in this day and age! The 'yes' vote also shows that the Welsh as an ancient nation are still hearty of spirit and consciousness. This is something to be applauded in this most cosmopolitan of epochs.

Secondly this referendum indicates that although the Welsh are very much a proud and unique people, the vote suggests that many still regard themselves (rightly) as part of a wider, extended family of British nations: i.e. the English, Scots, Welsh, Ulster-Scots, Irish, Cornish and Manx - peoples intertwined through hundreds of years of close cultural and blood ties. Although this truth may irritate the more resolute of Welsh nationalists, currently only 15% of the Welsh want full independence - could this be due to the close bonds of the British family of nations? A wider collective Britishness?

Speaking for myself as a National Anarchist, your editor would dearly love to see free and independent Welsh, English and Scottish nations alongside an independent Ulster and yes, Cornwall and Mann should their peoples want it. But this has to be within a framework of mutual respect and recognition of a shared, meta-tribal kinship throughout our Islands.

One task for UK based National Anarchists is to encourage this fashion for bourgeois political devolution as a springboard for the maximum tribal and localised autonomy which is at the heart of our programme.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Leaving cults behind

I've just finished reading Troy Southgate's Nazis, Fascists or Neither? (Ideological Credentials of the British Far Right, 1987-1994) and I would recommend it to all radical nationalists, particularly if, like me, they have a nerdish curiosity for political trainspotting...ahem.

Southgate, of course, remains one of the leading lights of National Anarchism, and while I don't for a minute liken myself to the man in terms of his obvious intellect, political achievements and activism, Troy's political evolution is similar to my own albeit from a very different trajectory.

Southgate's latest book is an academic study of the several nationalist groups operating in the UK at the time and does much to discredit the "NARTZII!" AND "FASHISSST!" accusations of their Leftist and liberal opponents. While he acknowledges that elements of National Socialism and Italian Fascism were evident in a couple of groups active at the time, Southgate concludes that, for the most part, the nationalist movement at that time displayed a radical, revolutionary anti-capitalism to put the Marxists and Left-Anarchos in the shade.

When I was younger and wore my 'Anti-Fascism' on my sleeve, I remember having a dirty little secret: admiration for some of 'the Fash'. "Actually" I'd admit to myself, "a lot of what they say is alright." I particularly liked their anti-Industrialism and love of tradition. But due to my strong identification with proletarian internationalism (I had been drawn to Leftism purely by chance) and loyalty to the socialist cause, I still preferred to judge tribalist schools of thought as 'race hate' and dismissed them obediently as the attack dogs of capitalism. How I reached that conclusion, I now confess was due to a gang mentality: Our lot against them.

If anything, however, most on the left, as proud internationalists, are in real terms siding with the global capitalist elites. The world belongs to the capitalists and by pushing their 'no borders' mantra and supporting unbridled immigration (which only harms workers everywhere) the left are making life easier for the globalists: making the whole world their market place and in doing so increasing the cosmopolitan hegemony.

George Orwell once wrote: In all countries, the poor are more national than the rich. This means the rich have no country, rather than the workers - to turn a Leftist slogan on its head. Internationalism is a bourgeois ideology, which emerged with the age of Empire and when international markets eclipsed localism and organic economies. One could argue that the development of modern nationalism was in direct reaction not only to industrialism (when the peoples of Europe were dragged from the land and their folk roots) but also to the Empire builders, the new capitalist class and the rise of global trade, rather than a bourgeois reaction to halt the tide of proletarian solidarity.

The cult of Anti-Fascism, however, had a keen grip on me for a good while. I used to make a nuisance of myself removing nationalist stickers and posters which often had clear anti-capitalist messages. But the us and them view kept winning for a while. My gradual conversion to National Anarchism was partly due to my eventual admission that oil and water don't mix, good fences make for good neighbours and that cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism only destroyed identity and culture (two concepts which I had long held dear and had managed to reconcile with my Leftist worldview through those Marxist concessions of Left-Nationalism and National Liberation) A latent love of my people and our heritage, and studying 'the fash' to the point of going native ( ! ) were also factors which bought me to National Anarchism.

Southgate's latest work will hopefully provide useful arguments against the dogmatists and it offers a welcome investigation into the revolutionary nationalist movement, hitherto mostly overlooked, and I look forward to a similar academic study of the modern National Anarchist phenomenon in due course.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

South Sudan - a herald for tomorrow?

Although the final results from the recent referendum are not due until next month, it looks almost certain that South Sudan will separate from the north. Why should National Anarchists care? Why is the creation of a new state such positive news? Well, apart from anything else, from a tribalist perspective, South Sudanese independence is perfectly logical. While the new southern state will be far from mono-ethnic - there are many ethnic groups in the region - the majority of the population are ethnically and culturally 'meta-African' in the wider sense - part of a wider kinship in the same way that one can speak of a broader European identity. This meta-African ethnicity is distinct from the Arab north of the country. Sudan's borders were carved out by British imperialism for its own convenience with no regard or sensitivity toward indigenous cultures or tribes. It was this that formed the basis for the eventual decades of civil war, primarily over the South Sudanese oilfields.

South Sudan is also a distinct bio-region, and it's peoples understand it and are able to manage it better without the centralised and alien northern regime. Of course, South Sudan will encounter many problems in the short term, but secession is a process - a first step on the road to the truly tribal society. A step toward fully devolved, decentralised and localised ethnic communities envisaged in the National Anarchist ideal.

National Anarchists recognise that the national revolution will not happen overnight. We are pragmatists, welcoming moves that are counter to the globalised trend. South Sudan is just one of them. National Anarchists support and encourage ethnic, cultural and economic secession wherever and however it is manifest. The birth of South Sudan is positive in that it is another example of how supranational states fail while more greater ethnocentric states are more cohesive and therefore happier. Maybe too, the South Sudanese diaspora can begin to go home.

Regarding this subject the writings of Leopold Kohr , especially The Breakdown of Nations, will be a useful addition to any National Anarchist bookshelf.


More good news: While far too many village pubs and shops have, due to those lovely global market forces, closed in the UK over recent years, some communities are organising to keep their amenities and identities strong. There are now 251 community owned stores throughout the country - that's up from just 33 in 1991. This goes a long way to proving that British rural communities don't need lectures from the Tories about any 'big society'!

The village community and rural way of life are integral to the National Anarchist worldview, so it is pleasing to see community empowerment at this level getting more resilient to the global machine while maintaining their distinct identities to boot.

The plight of the UK village in the 21st century is brilliantly illustrated in Richard Askwith's The Lost Village, for those interested.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Down with this sort of thing

News just in that on the 26th March the Trades Union Congress and their Left hangers on are going to do what they do best - mobilise a big demo in London with all the usual suspects and march round and doubt this will involve a few old mates slinking off to the pub and possibly a few masked kids running amok...All against the spending cuts.

Not very imaginative. The do itself will have a name: March for the Alternative: Jobs, Growth, Justice. Okay, 'Justice' - well a bit vague,  no one's against 'justice' are they? 'Growth'? Well, where has this got us? Sure it's made a lot of us comfortably numb, but growth leads us to the consumerist zeitgeist, and it has ripped us asunder from our tribal roots. No, I'm not marching for growth. 'Jobs'? Right, well I'm a 9 to 5 sort, I admit it. I 've never been able to kick the habit, I do a lot of unpaid overtime too... But to be honest, I always preferred the old Green Anarchist slogan from the 90s: Stuff Your Jobs - We Want Land. Much better than the Right to Work mantra of the Left -that's just like asking for more and more capitalism. I know people have got to feed their families, but I always thought Green Anarchist had the better vision. No, I think I'll give this one a miss.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Desperate gestures

Dust off those flares and wide collars, and don that old brown leather jacket with the wide lapels - Leftist anarchists have been blowing things up on the continent once more. Wow, golly gosh! While no doubt many on the left would recognise the folly of such actions, the most radical of the radical have rediscovered something even more futile to indulge in than smashing up McDonalds, setting light to wheelie bins, throwing things at the cops and getting water cannoned.  These comrades have taken tokenism and gesture politics up a gear...

You can't bomb your way to a new society. You can't take on the the most sophisticated and professional security and intelligence networks ever seen, backed up as they are with unparallelled resources and the most powerful of state structures all working for the most powerful of empires in history - the Neo-Con World Order. What the bombs in Italy and Greece ultimately reveal is a latent frustration on the part of the perpetrators to the continuing failure of Leftist anarchism to break out of the ghetto. Of course National Anarchism is also on the fringes, but we at least recognise the stupidity of such irrational propaganda by deed.

Yes, there's still a place for political, electoral and civil agitation, and it would be a mistake for National Anarchists and their allies to ignore spreading propaganda and engaging with the wider anti-capitalist and nationalist currents, and indeed society at large. But the real alternative is not the radical chic, rioting and insurrectionary play acting of the Left-anarchists. Nor is it the General Strike and fabled workers' control. Many on the Left will dismiss the National Anarchist modus operandi as 'lifestylism', but in the face of the global machine, the only real alternative is to opt out (in as much as is practical) Radical Nationalists and Tribalists need to live as independently as we can and aim toward the village communities of the National Anarchist ideal. Why should National Anarchists prefer the village model? Because we recognise that the Industrial revolution and urbanisation has numbed our collective national folk memories and eroded our tribal instinct. We can't turn back the clock, but by embracing and slowly building a lifestyle compatible with rural living we can reinvigorate this folk-centred worldview.

Sure, if you are a Leftist, internationalist, PC cosmopolitan build your own alternatives, but just leave us free to build ours.

As National Anarchists we need to start living as free from the globalised structures as possible: Grow your own food, look into sorting out your own water-supply and getting off the grid. Get as self-sufficient as you can and get clued up on survivalist techniques and traditional crafts. This is real empowerment and far more revolutionary than a letter bomb.