Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cut consumerism!

In the UK next week the details of the new government's public spending cuts will be announced, no doubt to much uproar from everyone from the hard-left to the centre-right. But what should be the National Anarchist response? We should understand the anger: many, including the most vulnerable will suffer through no fault of their own. But the latest economic crisis presents National Anarchists and other radical nationalists with an opportunity. The real problem is not the fat cats, but the UNPARALLELLED CONSUMERISM  that afflicts those of us residing in the so-called 'advanced' capitalist countries.
Okay - we can't turn the clock back or wave a magic wand to usher forth some golden pastoral age. But what we can do is develop (or borrow!) anti-industrial/technological/consumerist critiques and incorporate them into our tribalist message and propaganda. National Anarchists and our allies can also do what the Left anarchists and Marxists show reluctance to: expose the welfare state as the servile state (with thanks to Hilaire Belloc) One which creates dependence and obedience. Leftists often claim that the public sector was hard won by the struggles of working people. Not really. Social welfare was created through the new social democratic elite, partly out of genuine altruism, partly out of social engineering.

National Anarchists can also point out that present crash is due in large part to GLOBALISATION and we should argue for protectionism, self-sufficiency and economic and social autarky in line with our tribalist worldview. Radical nationalists in general can also promote a positive alternative - one that encourages genuine social solidarity that can rest easily within the tribalist case: We can argue for self-organisation within our local communities based on the Friendly Societies of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A time when people planned their own welfare and took responsibility for themselves. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents lived in stronger socially cohesive communities with a stronger sense of identity and solidarity as a consequence of this independence. Another nationalist strategy can also be to promote and support the voluntary sector - The Tories' Big Society idea should really be the preserve of us radical nationalists! The trouble is, decades of being looked after from 'cradle to grave' has made the idea of self-help and self-reliance look scary to many people. All we can do is work in our respective tribes to encourage the rejection of consumerism and reliance on the state. This can help in its own small way towards the cultural rebirth necessary for eventual National Revolution - the long term goal of all shades of radical nationalist.

Monday, 4 October 2010

The plough over all

Despite big gains for both the pro-globalisation centre-left and centre-right in Saturday's Latvian parliamentary elections, the Latvian Farmers' Union (as part of an electoral pact with the Latvian Greens) made some progress, gaining 22 seats - up six from the last ballot in 2006, or 19% of the vote. The LFU (Latvijas Zemnieku savienÄ«ba) has an ideology and programme based on Agrarianism in particular its Nordic variant.

The agrarian philosophy is something that National Anarchist and other radical nationalist/tribalist currents can learn a great deal from. The rural ideal, since the 1960s, has gained a growing popular appeal in the West, as people increasingly see the urban way of life as not all what it is cracked up to be. All political movements need something positive to espouse and the radical nationalist current, I believe, can only benefit from embracing an Agrarian shade. After all, what is a tribe without the land? The progress of the LFU in Latvia should be welcomed by all sincere anti-globalists - and well done to the Latvian Greens for their co-operation. If only other Green Parties were as non-dogmatic.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

National-Anarchist Movement launched

The UK Based National-Anarchist Movement was launched a couple of weeks back. Its proposed structure and modus operandi appear similar to the National Revolutionary Faction which was active for a while around a decade ago, and was highly influential on your editor. NRF writings played a big part in weening me away from left-anarcho, internationalist mindsets and were a significant factor in my eventual conversion to National Anarchism and allied currents.

Berrocscir's Banner wishes the N-AM all the very best. I have the upmost admiration for those comrades who go out in the world and actively promote NA and work on projects to make its message a reality. I remain sceptical that the N-AM will grow into something resembling a mass movement (This blog remains an advocate of spreading NA propaganda and ideas through the wider nationalist, Green and anti-capitalist scenes in the UK for the foreseeable future) But NOTHING will bring a smile to this old cynic's face more than if the N-AM grows and spreads its influence. Look at what the Bay Area National Anarchists (see links) have achieved in the States in such a short space of time. Here's hoping the founders of N-AM make the same kind of waves in the UK