Sunday, 26 December 2010

A steady state society

The human brain evidently evolved to commit itself emotionally only to a small piece of geography, a limited band of kinsman, and two or three generations into the future
                               -Edward O. Wilson, The Future of Life

First off, Yuletide greetings to National Anarchists everywhere - both those in the networks and the lone wolves. May your work for the NA cause bear fruit in 2011.

I also extend the hand of friendship in solidarity to the autonomous nationalists, particularly the UK based comrades, and I hope the coming year will be one of progress for your movement. It is also my wish that the years ahead will see much co-operation between ANs and NAs.

Another hope for next year is the advancement of the UK based Pioneer Little Europe project. News recently reached Berrocscir Towers (well, okay, via yours truly lurking around a popular nationalist Internet forum... well, we all do it!) that  a group of nationalist activists from different backgrounds have held camps over the past year to prepare for a PLE in the north of England. A US import, the idea of the PLE  is to establish intentional nationalist communities living and working as independently as possible from the New World Order. Apparently land up north has already been acquired toward this goal. A very exciting prospect and one that all radical nationalists should monitor.

I've added a couple of  sites to the links section (left hand column): Firstly the very commendable Third Way Think Tank and secondly the equally useful Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy. Certainly, steady  state economies are something most anti-globalists would agree are desirable, but radical nationalists can take this concept a step further, extending it to include society and culture at large. Globalism, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism - these are causing society to fracture, suffer identity crises and to lose the moral compass. Without common purpose societies themselves become unsustainable. We need steady states socially and culturally as well as economically.