Monday, 15 November 2010

A very English experiment

Further to this blog's post of  the 19th September , the English Unity Committee has quickly morphed into the English People's Party which will be officially launched this coming Saturday ( St Edmund's Day )

The EPP is an attempt to forge (tactical?) unity between ethno and so-called 'civic' nationalists in order to pursue shared common goals...

Now if you take some dictionary definition, 'civic-nationalism' would involve the state as some sort of rallying point. This is to make the ever-popular misassumption  that the nation has something to do with the state. Of course National Anarchists and their Tribalist allies interpret 'civic' nationalism as an extension of cultural Marxism. It has been a  semi-conscious internationalist rearguard action from the the time of the New Left and its subsequent antecedents, which  has been partially successful in tackling the Tribalist instinct and ethnic loyalty.

That said, there are liberals around who genuinely wish to see an independent England, both from the UK and the EU. For this reason those ethno-nationalists involved in the EPP project should be applauded. The principal of unity in diversity is one Berrocscir's Banner wholeheartedly promotes.

The reality of English independence from the UK and the EU would be an incredible victory for all tendencies opposed to the global New World Order. It remains to be seen how the EPP 'experiment' will develop. Berrocscir's Banner is in no way proud to push a 'glass half empty' view about any new initiative, but in this case it remains guarded: the liberal-fascist urge is an obstinate one (you see, they really do believe in what they are doing) However, if the EPP endures it will prove that the 'unity in diversity' tactic can indeed work. Often, for National Anarchists and our allies in these dark times, it's a case of softly, softly catchy monkey.

If nothing else the EPP project at least hints at  a bit of soul searching by some within the civic camp...We'll see