Sunday, 7 November 2010

Diversity is strength

The real advantage of the National Anarchist worldview is that it overlaps and is compatible with so many other anti-capitalist tendencies. It has similarities with strains of nationalism, socialism, national liberation, the Third Position, the regionalists and localists, the distributionists and advocates of Social Credit, the agrarians and back-to-the-land types, the deep ecologists and greens. Yet National Anarchism does not seek to dominate the anti-globalist movement. National Anarchists recognise that unity in diversity is the key when looking to challenge the New World Order. National Anarchists do not seek to coerce others. Is it not a little fanciful to expect the multi-culturalists and dyed-in-the wool liberals to throw in the towel? If people want to live in multi-cultural communities, leave them to it. It would be a waste of time trying to convince the socially liberal of the tribalist message (at least as a movement - National Anarchists might have more luck on an individual basis!) And although liberal/red-fascism is rife within the leftist mindset - well, two wrongs don't make a right.

By the same token, it is unlikely and undesirable that National Anarchists will ever come to dominate the nationalist/tribalist wing of the anti-capitalist/globalist movement. National Anarchism is anti-totalitarian and recognises that diverse movements are the product of the diverse world we seek to preserve.

Following on from this, National Anarchism has the potential to become a guiding principal of influence over the nationalist and tribalist milieu, and certainly National Anarchists can work alongside and within all anti-globalist currents - if they will have us. We need a plurality - it is essential if we want progress and results. Ideological purity is a luxury we cannot afford - diversity is strength.

Expanding on this theme Berrocscir's Banner believes National Anarchism is close to the autonomous nationalist movement - there are several similarities despite the latter's statism. Both share anti-imperialist and anti-consumerist principals and both are interested in building intentional communities and/or counter-cultural networks which can facilitate an independent tribalist lifestyle in line with our ideals. And with regard to the European diaspora, National Anarchists might also find common ground with the Metal/industrial music sub-culture. Directing NA propaganda at this youth movement may prove fruitful: It is naturally tribalistic, 99.9% European and it is big on the history, identity, heritage and symbolism of our collective ancestry.

And, in Europe at least, National Anarchists should look to the countryside as a fertile area for growth. The village and the market town are generally more socially conservative and traditionalist. Their people tend to have a stronger sense of identity and place than urbanites, and have a greater tribalist instinct, self-reliance, independence and autonomy. Rural populations tend to be predominately mono-ethnic and mono-cultural, while the cities are increasingly the preserve of multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and are generally socially  liberal. There is more promise in National Anarchism finding a positive audience in rural areas than in the metropolis.