Monday, 4 October 2010

The plough over all

Despite big gains for both the pro-globalisation centre-left and centre-right in Saturday's Latvian parliamentary elections, the Latvian Farmers' Union (as part of an electoral pact with the Latvian Greens) made some progress, gaining 22 seats - up six from the last ballot in 2006, or 19% of the vote. The LFU (Latvijas Zemnieku savienÄ«ba) has an ideology and programme based on Agrarianism in particular its Nordic variant.

The agrarian philosophy is something that National Anarchist and other radical nationalist/tribalist currents can learn a great deal from. The rural ideal, since the 1960s, has gained a growing popular appeal in the West, as people increasingly see the urban way of life as not all what it is cracked up to be. All political movements need something positive to espouse and the radical nationalist current, I believe, can only benefit from embracing an Agrarian shade. After all, what is a tribe without the land? The progress of the LFU in Latvia should be welcomed by all sincere anti-globalists - and well done to the Latvian Greens for their co-operation. If only other Green Parties were as non-dogmatic.