Sunday, 19 September 2010

Alliance building is essential

The formation of the English Unity Committee is a chance for common ground for 'ethnic' and 'civic' nationalists to work together around shared core principles. Eddy Butler was right to say thee is no nationalism except ethno-nationalism - it's a phrase that should not exist. All that 'civic' nationalism represents is an extension of cultural Marxism. It is the result of a process whereby Leftists in the establishment, through their 'long march through the institutions' try to reinvent patriotic and tribalist sentiments within a liberal mindset. Of course, 'civic' nationalism is nonsense. If I in my white skin moved to Delhi to work, paid taxes to the Indian state and adopted an Indian lifestyle and even 'felt' Indian - would the natives see me as so? Would they 'eck! Biology plays a part.

However the EUC is an opportunity for radical nationalists and tribalists to work with others to bring the break down of the UK state and EU a little bit closer. This is something National Anarchists could welcome for good reason: the break down of political units makes the global elite's job that little bit harder. More and more states having some degree of control over their own destinies helps set up more obstacles to the globalist project. Obviously National Anarchists advocate ever smaller political units - possibly autonomous communities, federations of regions - that kind of thing. But in the meantime an independent England is in all radical nationalists' interest - as well as hopefully triggering an English cultural rebirth! If we have common goals with others who we might have huge differences with, we should always try to put them aside if together we can get somewhere worthwhile and it's in our short/medium/long-term interests. That is why all shades of radical nationalists should support the green movement. Apart from our shared environmentalism we also share an opposition to materialism, consumerism, capitalism. We can excuse their love affair with left-liberalism if and when their actions help our cause. The National Anarchist approach to alliance building is well worth reading here.

Swedes go to the polls today and watching Russia Today this morning ol' Berrocscir saw a report predicting 7% support for the nationalist Swedish Democrats, a figure which will give them 26 seats in the Riksdag. The political establishment will refuse to work with them, but hopefully a good show from the SDs will prompt a favourable shift in Swedish politics. Good luck to the SDs and the smaller National Democrats! Hopefully Saga, the lovely Swedish nationalist singer, will have something to sing about tomorrow!