Monday, 16 August 2010

Sing as we go

Okay, I admit it - I'm weak. For several years I've entertained a whimsical fancy to "Get rid of the telly" and thereby live free of the system's anaesthetic bile...but I haven't - yet. Trouble is every time I get the 'telly-free' urge, the BBC go and surpass themselves. This time, as well as the excellent Normans, we are now treated to Secret Britain on Sunday nights, which looks set to be well worth sitting down for. Last night's debut included a piece about sunken lanes - English icons if ever there were such things. If strolling down one of these in high summer fails to connect an Englishman to his folkish past, he might as well pack up and move to Morocco.

What really brought a warm smile to your editor's face however, was the piece on Ed and Will - two inexhaustible walkers who sing (with the listener's permission!) lovely old English folk duets (with great harmonies!) Last night's footage included some great footage of the lads entertaining some unsuspecting souls at a bus stop. I don't know how they earn a living but hat's of to 'em both. The obvious passion these lads have for the songs and their performance is the living embodiment of the folk tradition. The way they spoke with reverence about our collective folkish past and our ancestors could warm any tribalist's heart.

Now these boys may or may not view and interpret the world in the same mould as this 'ere blog but BRAVO Ed and Will - you share a love of place, at least, with Berrocscir's Banner.

Catch the show here. The sunken lanes are 28 mins in and Ed and Will follow at 38 mins. Enjoy!