Sunday, 29 August 2010

Every little helps...

Berrocscir's Banner notes the passing of Hope Bourne, a remarkable lady who lived off £100 a year. Hope's way of life can teach radical nationalists a thing or two about how to get on with minimal interference from the global, consumerist mega-machine.

As a cowering nine-to-five drone, your editor does at least try to fight back in little ways as should every tribalist stuck in the rat race. Those of us without the time or space for an allotment or homestead-like arrangement can always look to the next best thing. We can look into the possibility of buying fresh, organic produce from friends, neighbours and colleagues. I keep badgering a colleague of mine who keeps hens to sell me half a dozen eggs a week - he keeps forgetting, but hopefully he'll get in the habit one day! Us radical nationalists can also support our local farmers markets instead of the supermarkets. By adopting simple practices like these we can cut out the middle man, and go some way to help create distributist economies and begin keeping our money within our communities and selective tribes. Even doing what I do - buying all your clothing from car boot sales and charity shops, make you that little bit more independent of the system (I draw the line at underwear, I get these from market traders!) You can pick up some great gear too - I recently nabbed a fine Crombie overcoat for a tenner at the local car boot...

I always take a packed lunch and a flask to work - even gestures like this mean less money going to the corporations and chains. All these examples are little victories for us tribalists in a troubled world. I'm also aiming to buy nothing for one day a week. As they say: Every little helps.

The links section on this 'ere weblog has been revamped and includes the wikipedia article on National Anarchism. As someone who is happy with the label I have no real real problem with it apart from the passage As a prelude to a racial civil war... in the intro. Now, I'm not so naive to deny that the road to a National Anarchist nirvana will not involve a bit of a bumpy ride, shall we say. But what is being suggested here? Race riots, racial attacks and pogroms? Ethnic cleansing? The Turner Diaries? No, call me a peacenik, but none of that grabs me. Anyway, National Anarchism for me is more of an aspiration and a philosophy than a concrete political programme. For me it is the ideal of stateless, technologically indifferent or regressive, mono-cultural/ethnic communities. In addition, I have no moral objection to social hierarchy per se - provided it is meritocratic, imbued with a sense of justice, and works for the common good of the folk community. So I'm only an anarchist in the sense that my ideals do not involve state structures. I'm not into equality for equality's sake like leftist/workerist anarchists. Furthermore, while I'm NA at heart I reserve the right to support statist ideologies like Corporatism, or give the nod to other radical nationalist political movements that seek to weild state power.

Seriously challenging the globalist elites when aiming for a tribalist world will be no picnic, but a collective tribalist/radical nationalist/National Anarchist voice must present a positive message and talk of racial war certainly isn't one.

Talking of state structures, the people of christian Southern Sudan will gt the right to vote in a referendum on whether to secede from the Muslim north. Radical nationalists should hope they go for it. The breaking up of states along cultural lines is a small but significant step towards tribalist hegemony.