Saturday, 27 March 2010

A grubby utopia

Back in the early 90s a fresh faced Berrocscir picked up a copy of Richard Hunt's 1976 primer The Natural Society - A basis for Green Anarchism. It had a lasting effect...Hunt's economic and social theories should be of interest to National Anarchists and other radical nationalists. His writings certainly played no small part in moving your editor away from Leftism/Internationalism/mass economies. The mag that he later edited, Alternative Green, help me on the road to the the tribalistic nationalism I now espouse.

Unfortunately, ahem, I misplaced my copy years ago, but I discovered recently that some kind soul has scanned a copy here. Obviously, Hunt's material throws up more questions than answers, but his theories at least point to the kind of life where tribalism can flower.

An interview with Richard Hunt is available here and more stuff can be found on the NA Synthesis site.

In case no one's noticed we have a General Election coming up. For political nerds like your editor, elections are a time to be on the look out for whoever creeps out of the woodwork. As a passionate advocate of regionalism, and as a proud Wessexman, Berrocscir is positively delighted that the Wessex Regionalists are intending to stand a candidate, possibly in David Cameron's Witney seat. What with the Chancellor's recent attack on cider drinkers, lets hope they manage more than the 83 votes they picked up in Dorset South last time around!