Sunday, 24 January 2010

The population tragedy

The population time bomb is the elephant in the room. Go and look at a world population graph for this past millennium - it's chilling. Anti-globalists including nationalists should be addressing it. Your editor is no expert in the field of demography, but it is clear that the current rate of population growth is unsustainable. Rising populations in the 'undeveloped' world will trigger higher and higher levels of immigration to the West putting more and more pressure on their infrastructures, their transport systems, schools and services. It will mean more roads, housing, concrete, alienation.

While Berrocscir's Banner acknowledges that some cities in the past have produced strong, cohesive communities, starting in the medieval period and continuing until the mid 20th century, today urban sprawls have become evil, un-natural places full of unfulfilled, unhappy people. This may sound over the top, but the argument that man loses his innate spirituality in an urban environment where he can no longer see the horizon is a strong one. People are NOT mere cogs in the machine - the consumers and producers that both capitalism and communism wishes them to be. But the urban environment is the ideal place to mold them into robots that will have to contend with overcrowding and psychological hammering.

We can't go on developing, building, building, urbanising and burying our beautiful lands under tarmac. Nationalists of all shades should champion the rural ideal. It was close to the natural world where national and regional identity, belonging, kinship and community evolved. It is in the rural setting where it has the best chance to flourish today. Folk-community building has the greatest chance in a rural setting, preferably where people can occupy meaningful work in economies they have some say in.

The land and the green fields make a nation, not the high rise. The 19th century utopian socialists around William Morris had a slogan - 'The plough is a better backbone than the factory' - and they were right.

Following on from last week's post it looks like neo-liberalism and the globalist agenda have won the day in the Ukrainian presidential elections. Viktor Yanukovych topped the poll, winning out over Yulia Tymoshenko. Although Yanokovych is the slightly less pro-New World Order of the two, being as he is slightly more pro-Kremlin (with the Kremlin being slightly less under the global jackboot than other 'democracies') the results are not good for genuine anti-globalists. The nationalist vote wasn't what it should have been: Oleh Tyahnybok, candidate for the nationalist All-Ukrainian Union - 'Freedom', picked up 352,000 votes (1.4%) while the national conservative Yuriy Kostenko for the Ukrainian Peoples Party only managed 54,000.

Also of note was the vote for the pro-Russian Communist Party of Ukraine fell by half a million from 2004 to 800,000. The CPU is to all intents and purposes a National Communist formation so their loss of votes suggest a decline in Ukrainian national sentiment...More on National Communism in a later post.

Looking at the demographics of the poll is telling.Yanokovych did best in the ethnically Russian east of the country with Tymoshenko dominating in the ethnically Ukrainian west. Tyahnybok's hard line Ukrainian nationalist vote was highest in the far west. Berrocscir's Banner's tenner is on the Ukraine to be the most likely state to devolve along ethnic lines in the years ahead.

It is welcoming to see the English National Resistance in their New Year statement outline their intent to concentrate on community work. Whilst street based stuff is what defines the Autonomous Nationalist creed, and with ENR stating they will not be moving entirely away from 'outreach' and PR activity, it's great to see independently-minded activists adopting a vital tribalist approach.

Talking of the Auto-Nat scene, the Irish based Folk Advance is a welcome addition to the milieu.