Sunday, 17 January 2010

Anarchy in the Ukraine

Ukrainians go to the polls today in the first round of their Presidential elections with the run-off being scheduled for 7th February. Voters have 18 candidates to choose from, but, unfortunately the two front runners are Yulia Tymoshenko and Viktor Yanukovych - both essentially pro-NATO, EU and US - both therefore willing servants of the ever omnipresent global new world order. The best, then, that can come out of this is a respectable showing from the nationalist candidates from the Ukrainian Peoples Party and the All-Ukrainian Union. Well, we shall see this week.

There is still a significant degree of friction between the majority ethnic Ukrainian population (77% and mainly in the west of the country) and ethnic Russians (18% and mainly in the east) A long term solution would be the gradual secession of the Russians into their own autonomous eastern state - a first small step towards the kind of devolved, decentralised ethnic homelands envisaged by National Anarchists.

Berrocscir's Banner notes with interest this Daily Telegraph article from last month which reports a resurgence of the patriot militia movement in the United States. Ultimately, if the militias want to defend and safeguard their values then they have no interest in maintaining what the USA has become and now represents. They should work towards secession - either for their own states alone, or with others in smaller confederations. These secessionist states could readopt the constitution and the values of the American Revolution that today's militias hold dear. American patriots should work to break down the the US empire, they will not stop being Americans with the death of the USA.

The secessionist movement in the States is more widespread than you might think. The Middlebury Institute is a good place to start for the curious.

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