Monday, 18 May 2009

It's good to talk

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee) - you gotta love it - have always gained this author's respect due to their consistent work promoting Left unity and their non-sectarian Weekly Worker (see links)

But a story in this week's edition demonstrates our comrades have a way to go before their idea of alliance building is extended to anti-globalists who don't go in for dead Russians.

They condemn the Socialist Party (ex-Militant) activist who has been scandalously publicising the No2EU electoral bloc on social networking site pages of a nationalist ilk. Shock horror...

Berrocscir's Banner says good on the man. This is precisely what is needed to forge a new politics capable of challenging the neo-liberal globalised order. Let's have more of it. No2EU demonstrates the tentative steps elements of the Left and Trade Unions are taking towards the position that migration benefits capitalism and that alone. Some nationalists this comrade is trying to reach want to renationalise the railways, stop post office privatisation, protect jobs. It seems common sense to make common cause. Or just co-operatng on points of common interest. All anti-capitalists and anti-globalists should be thinking of breaking down those dogmatic barriers. To continue to scrape along in moribund ideological purity is simply not an option for anti-globalist activists. As Blaise Pascal said A man does not show his greatness by being at one extremity, but rather by touching both at once.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Fair play to the Tharu

National Anarchists, ethno-nationalists and everyone of an anti-globalist persuasion should support the Tharu ethnic group in Nepal in their struggle for more autonomy. Although now off, in the wake of talks with the Nepalese Maoist government, the Tharu orchestrated a 'Banda' - a General Strike which almost cut off Kathmandu last week.

A basic principal of National Anarchism is the demand for sovereignty for all ethnic groups, their languages and cultures. This blog will always support causes such as the Tharu's current struggle. Details of the General Strike are here.

News has just broke that the Maoist Prime Minister in Nepal has resigned due to internal tensions in the ruling coalition (mainly made up of different Marxist factions) The Maoists have recently been talking to the Americans...anti-globalists should reserve judgement for now, but over the next period we will see if the Nepalese Maoists deserve their anti-imperialist label or not.