Monday, 21 December 2009

Merry Christmas - and a Rockin' Yule!

First off, Berrocscir's Banner sends all Yuletide greetings to National Anarchists, Tribalists, Greens and EarthFirst!ers, anti-globalists, Seditionists, Secessionists, Third Positionists, patriots, Paleoconservatives, Traditionalists, anti-capitalists, Autonomous Nationalists, anti-Imperialists, folkish socialists and revolutionary nationalists everywhere! May your dreams come closer in 2010!

2009 has witnessed the nascent National Anarchist milieu gain a small but significant foothold. National Anarchism as an organised force could have easily fizzled out and it hasn't. National Anarchists have made real progress in Australia and North America, not least with the inspiring work of the Bay Area National Anarchists. Our Australian and American friends have demonstrated that NA is more than a philosophy or theory - its ideas have a solid practical basis too. While all National Anarchists should continue to spread propaganda, real practical projects and initiatives that demonstrate workable alternatives to the globalist agenda are worth their weight in gold. So hats off to the Aussies and Yanks! Can the Europeans catch up in the coming new year?

Another development in the past year has been the emergence of Autonomous Nationalism in England with the arrival of the English National Resistance. They seem to have had their up and downs already, with, apparently, most of their southern cadre leaving a while back, but despite this ENR seems to have stabilised recently and hopefully they can become a permanent fixture on the nationalist scene - and that also goes for their former colleagues who apparently are sticking with the Autonomous Nationalist approach.

Is AN too 'european' to work in England, where the political culture is so different from the continent, where the Auton Nat scene is a relatively large phenomenon? Well, Berrocscir's Banner says possibly not. In Australia (part of the anglosphere) this year, we've seen the Nationalist Alternative, who take a decidedly auton approach, established. There's certainly a niche market of disaffected English working class youth that AN groups could appeal to. Besides, it's not like foreign imports have not gained a mass following in the past - Marxism, anyone? This blog hopes that the fledgling, homegrown Autonomous nationalists stick to and develop their anti-capitalist, anti-Imperialist outlook while continuing their opposition to materialism/consumerism and what passes for 'culture' that is foisted on our young people these days. Lets hope ANs can concentrate on spreading these values in their propaganda and 'good works' (i.e strengthening their communities) Maybe in time groups like ENR can provide an alternative youth culture, maybe through music. It's vital that they don't get sucked into a fruitless war with the left, this would be a tragic distraction.

Lastly, it's important not to forget that the 'system' has triumphed. We are not going to defeat it, certainly not by charging at it head on. We will weaken the global empire by strengthening and building our own communities and alternatives. We will begin to demoralise the global elites when we find ways of encouraging our people to ignore them and live without them as much as possible and to live increasingly by their own values not theirs. We need to encourage self-reliance and self-sufficiency in our respective tribes and in doing so we show our masters that we don't need them as much as they might think.

So warm Winter Solstice greetings (it's OUR festival - let's keep that way!) to regular and occasional readers. Thank you for reading this blog. Your author is conscious of appearing amateurish, although never claiming to be some ideological titan or intellectual sage. I hope the arguments here make sense to you, cheers!

The demise of the Free England Party (see the two posts below) has led to some ex-members who have converted to ethno-nationalism to relaunch the English Independence Party, so BB says good luck to them. The England First Party meanwhile, claim they have picked up a couple of ex-Feppers...there's me thinking that those scenes in the Life Of Brian were meant to be ribbing the Left!