Thursday, 10 December 2009

Free England no more

What do I know, eh? There's me getting all excited at the prospect of the Free England Party taking up an ethno-nationalist stance, while remaining blissfully unaware of rapidly changing developments. The FEP shut up shop earlier this week, possibly as a direct consequence of the recent civic/ethno feud that flared up in mid-November. Civics will no doubt scoff at this, but I'm convinced that their brand of 'constitutional patriotism' is incompatible with the nationalist movement - that is one based on Tribalism. The two cannot co-exist and claim to fight for the same things. One follows the liberal agenda, the other does not.

I've always believed that globalism can and should be challenged on all political terrains: namely electorally with 'conventional' political parties, through to pressure and propaganda groups. Within Trade Unions and on to 'street' activist networks. Although political parties are not my thing, I realise their real value if they espouse and stick to an authentic anti-globalist message.

I wish those who tried to steer the Free England Party down the true nationalist route all the best and I sincerely hope they carry on the fight for their tribe in ways they see fit.