Sunday, 29 November 2009

Free England Party to go ethno?

The small and hitherto civic-nationalist Free England Party are to vote on a proposal to adopt ethno-nationalism as party policy at their AGM on 12th December. Supporters of the proposal within the party (which splintered from the English Democrats in February last year) define their nationalism as one which focuses on identity and culture and National Anarchists would certainly welcome any switch. What is it with 'civics' who choose to ignore kinship bonds, folk community, common ancestry and descent? Don't these truths count for nothing? Aren't they deserving of respect? The civics of the FEP appear to be walking before the vote has been taken, thereby leaving the ethnos to rubber stamp the proposal (of course, all this info has been sourced to Internet based tittle-tattle, and we shall have to wait and see)

While a new ethno based FEP will hardly be an earth shattering event and get the neocon establishment quaking in their boots, the fact that a small group of patriots seem prepared to jettison a residual liberalism in favour of a tribalist outlook that is necessary if the globalist agenda is to be challenged, is to be welcomed. It is encouraging that the FEP have at least been doing a bit of soul searching! Now if the the currently civic-nationalist English Radical Alliance (with their distributist economics that will hold favour with many National Anarchists) could go down the ethno path - that really would be something.

A while back your author was prepared to give civic-nationalism the benefit of the doubt - "Better than nothing" I thought. But now I conclude that it is just an extension of Left-liberalism which has infected nationalist thought, a way for Cultural Marxists to neuter tribalist instinct and water it down until it means absolutely nothing. Nationalism is about allegiance to one's tribe NOT the state - an artificial apparatus which today is increasingly under the cosh of One Worldism.

The civics say that ethno-nationalism will set us on a dangerous path towards ethnic conflict. National Anarchists, at least, have no interest in that. We want all ethnic groups and cultures to flourish independently. We don't desire conflict - if you want to see conflict just look to the imperialism of the elites. If you want conflict just look at the effects of multiculturalism in the West and societies at unease with themselves. Solutions could rest in the points made on class in the previous post on here. The working class stand the best chance of abolishing the class system not by forlornly trying to overthrow it, but by ignoring it and establishing small scale alternatives based on decentralist economic networks as a starting point. When everyone becomes a producer and has a real stake in the economy, rather than remaining a slave to it - that's when the class war fizzles out. Mass society causes war, not tribalism. So just as overcoming class divisions lies not in overthrow but in decentralism, the same goes for ethnic strife. Ethnic strife is the result of mass centralised society and economy, when ethnic groups end up living on top of one another. Decentralise and its the first step to a tribal world. We will have our ethnic homelands when we break down the global empires - daunting, but true.

Yours truly is sick to death of the phony war between 'left' and 'right' which still rages on much to the delight of our neocon masters. National Anarchists recognise that the world's diverse peoples are tribalistic (look how ethnic groups tend to self-segregate when they get the chance) and that good fences make for good neighbours. Of course, the daunting task for National Anarchists and their fellow travellers is to develop strategies as a first step on the road to the world we envisage, and this, to put it mildly, will not be easy.