Sunday, 11 October 2009

The enemy is the same

So the conference season is over for another year and did the Greens in Brighton debate immigration? No. All we got was this:
At the Green Party's conference in Hove tomorrow (Sat 5th September), Jean Lambert, London's Green MEP since 1999, will lead a strategy discussion about shaping a Green Party response to the far right -- now that it has won seats in the UK at the local, regional and European levels.

The session will draw on this year's experience of fighting the BNP - for example, in the North West England Euro-constituency, where the Green Party's Peter Cranie led a determined effort to stop the BNP leader from winning a seat in the European Parliament.

Peter Cranie said today, "Our Euro-campaign in the North West came agonisingly close to defeating Nick Griffin. We lost by just 0.3% of the poll. That's 5 000 votes out of an electorate of over 5 million. Now North West England is stuck with a racist MEP for five years. We need to make totally certain that, in 2014, we replace him with a Green."

Jean Lambert commented, "We'll be looking at how a lack of political activity in a community can allow the far right to win. We'll be aiming to clarify what Greens can do to limit the advance of the far right in politics at all levels."

Now, I know it is in the Greens' DNA to espouse 'official' anti-racism and anti-fascism, and of course every political party has the right to contest elections and get their people elected over rival parties. However, with their knee-jerk hysteria, what the Greens are effectively doing is letting our political and economic elites (the neocons, the neo-liberals and the globalisers) off the hook.

You may say I'm a dreamer - guilty as charged. But it does irk me that the Greens (and others) are insistent on keeping their blinkers on. Our rulers can handle their opponents kept straight jacketed in their respective ideological boxes. Of course, the Greens could have taken a step back and examined the bigger picture. They could have looked at Nick Griffin the anti-globalist, Nick Griffin who opposes EU excesses, Nick Griffin who speaks out against multinational corporations, Nick Griffin who's party literally wishes to keep its pleasant land green. The Greens could have fired their venom on the big three parties and worked to get rid of THEIR MEPs in the North West next time around. Sectarian attitudes won't disappear over night, but it is the duty of all sincere anti-globalists to fight it.
We face a common enemy. The enemy is the same - Horst Mahler.