Sunday, 20 September 2009

Those Greeks show the way

A snap General election has been called in Greece for October 4th. This blog notes that a small party - Ecologists Greece (not to be confused with the larger Ecologists Greens) have entered into what seems an electoral pact with the Third Positionist/nationalist/anti-globalisation Popular Orthodox Rally (who currently have 10 seats in the Greek parliament) with Ecologists Green leader Konstantinos Papanikolas running on a Popular Orthodox Rally ticket.

Now your editor doesn't know all the ins and outs of the political platform of Ecologists Greece, although the Broad Left site lists them as being on the left and as having worked with another left-wing group in Greece(DIKKI) in the past. Not knowing the lingo - it's all Greek to me - I can't verify this from their website, but I'm guessing that Papanikolas's party are at least sympathetic to nationalism otherwise why aren't they part of the left-liberal Ecologists Greens? So the fact that they exist in itself is a positive thing, showing that Green politics is not totally in the grip of the cultural Marxist agenda. And the fact that they are willing to work with the P.O.R - a radical nationalist grouping - proves that anti-globalists can overcome ideological barriers in the fight for a world of sovereign peoples.

Berrocscir's Banner wishes the EGr/POR alliance every success at the polls and hopes that the pact is long lasting. It's just this kind of syncretic approach that's so needed in the opposition to neo-liberalism and globalisation.

The knee-jerk 'anti-fascism' of the Green Party of England & Wales.