Thursday, 20 August 2009

Nature's bounty

A week's respite from wage labour encouraged me this morning to go out Blackberrying. It's food for free, organic, and most importantly, it gave me a sense - less of being a consumer and more of being human. I got in touch with my pagan side, meditating as I picked, on our hunter-gatherer ancestors and attuning myself to nature's never ending cycle.

For National Anarchists, their fellow travellers and others, human beings are more than the passive consumers they have become under capitalism, more than the robotic producers that Marxism would wish them to be. We are also spiritual beings - something our tribal ancestors understood well enough. Out Blackberrying this morning was good for my soul. Too often we forget the wheel of the year, and as I ambled home I remembered it is Harvest time here in Northern Europe, vital to everyone if we acknowledge the fact or not. And out and about yesterday, I took in the berries and fruits and the seas of wheat in my corner of England...The neat reassuring hay bails, the Horn of Plenty...

So my particular morning's bounty will shortly be going under the pastry and I'll utter a little prayer as it journeys to my belly. Comrades, join the revolution and go Blackberrying! But remember to do what I did and leave some for the birds and other animals, human and non-human. If we lose our part in the wheel of the year, we cease to be truly human. And then the globalisers really will have won.

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Next up - my thoughts on the White Dragon flag of the English and why the controversy surrounding it shouldn't really matter. Mmmmmm....great.