Monday, 17 August 2009

In at the deep end

In a letter published in the current edition of Green World (the official Green Party mag) two Stafford-based members propose the formation of a Green Party Deep Ecology group "with a view to the informing of party policy". If something concrete (no pun intended!) comes out of this it can only strengthen Green politics. The 21st Century should be defined by a new syncretic politics with an open-minded pluralistic approach to ideologies, and one that jettisons the rigid dogma that stained the previous one.

The Green Party of England & Wales remains very much a left-liberal formation in character, but things can change. Currently within the Party there is quite a high profile debate raging about the merits (or not) of nuclear energy. So if Greens are big enough to debate this issue, what is stopping them from debating immigration/migration? Can you think of anything more un-green than this? Now, a Tribalist faction within the Green Party - that really would be something. After all, Nationalism is a lot more greener than Internationalism...And no, all you Red Greens, any future Tribalist platform won't be proposing an invasion of Poland!

Berrocscir's Banner has been a bit quieter than I would like recently. But being off work for a week means that a couple of items will be appearing here hopefully by the end of the month...Watch this space.