Sunday, 9 August 2009

Double standards?

I'm a folkie myself - I love the genre. You can't stop me having a sing-song after I've had a few. But aren't this lot being a tad hypocritical? I can understand artists being a bit upset with political parties gaining financially from their songs. But the whole English folk genre is Left leaning - it goes with the territory. Would they moan about Attila the Stockbroker? I didn't hear a peep from anyone when Chumbawamba played the Cambridge Folk Festival a few years back.

I've got a copy of the Morning Star's benefit folky CD and very good it is too - music has always been political and always will be.

The quote about English folk music 'belonging' to everyone is fair enough if purely from personal taste - if you dig something, groove to it. But what, deep down, would Jamaicans think if I called reggae "my own"?

Anyway - isn't the clue in the name - FOLK music? If it 'belongs' to every person on the planet, then we should stop calling it by that name...or am I being sinister?