Thursday, 23 April 2009

National Anarchist strategies

It is encouraging that National Anarchist groups are springing up in greater numbers across the globe and that activists are turning ideas into practical action. But our tendency is still in it's infancy, so here's some suggestions to help the growth of National Anarchism over the next few years:

All activists with access to a computer can spread our ideas through the net. Set up your own website and save the content of others so that if they go you can put them back up.

Then there's the staple stuff like stickering, flyposting and leafleting.

Propaganda can take three main forms:

i) The 'hardcore', street level stuff that can appeal to the young and militant. I see no reason why younger NA activists can't mirror the Black Bloc when appropriate to do so and where the political culture justifies it.

ii) The more subtle stuff to reach out to the non-politicised. Liberal ideas are often only skin deep and can be easily challenged by reasoning.

iii) The stuff aimed at existing political groups and tendencies.
Although I personally believe NA ideas will get a more positive reception from the orthodox nationalist groups, the 'autonomous' nationalist milieu, Third Positionists etc, some effort should still be carefully aimed at sections of the Left, using an approach and language that can appeal to them (anti-globalism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism) Some National Anarchists come from a Leftist background, including Yours Truly! Also it is possible that sections of the Green/environmentalist movement could be receptive to NA ideas.

I don't think NAs can ever afford to just go it alone - We need allies, mutual respect, understanding and a pluralistic approach to everything we do. We should never really aim to convert other groups en masse - that kind of thing doesn't happen in the real world.

This can take both formal and informal approaches. As a start this can just be publicising groups that you wish well. I've been spreading the word about the new autonomous nationalist English National Resistance youth group, for example. I have my differences with some of their positions, but I certainly think their hearts are in the right place!

Laying the groundwork for the establishment of real NA inspired communities in the future on economic, cultural and social levels. As a first step just by joining the myriad of already existing grassroots organisations - not to take over them, but because many of them are worthy of NA support. Of course this does not mean we should not set up our own given the opportunity: Allotments - growing your own food and sharing it among ourselves and our community is a revolutionary act, as is brewing our own beer! Setting up local currencies, co-ops, food and clothing banks, self-help groups, Friendly Societies, credit unions - all with an National-Anarchist ethos.

NA activists should look into the possibility of moving to the same areas where practical - with all of the above in mind. Find other comrades work and accommodation. All of this can present National Anarchism as a practical alternative and if planned carefully, can drastically reduce our reliance on capitalism and the state.