Monday, 30 March 2009

Unions go Tribalist?!

It is a tendency of the far-left in Britain to suffer from a vastly inflated sense of their own importance and influence. In recent years this has been best illustrated by the cyclical slap-dash, 'leave it 'till the last minute' approach to electioneering.

However, despite displaying these familiar traits, RMT trade union leader Bob Crow's latest No2EU - Yes to Democracy initiative, which will field candidates in the upcoming European elections, at least contains a modicum of common sense. A small Rubicon (for the modern left) has been crossed - Crow's formation has come out against migrant labour (shock, horror). Supported by the 'National Communist' Communist Party of Britain (the Morning Star lot) No2EU displays a nationalism and protectionism rarely seen on the left nowadays. Opposing what it terms social dumping shows a veneer of the labour 'movement' is breaking free of the abstract 'No Borders' mantra beloved of the Trots and anarcho-left.

Cap'n Bob intends to wind up the grouping following the June 4th Euro poll, which is just as well as they won't exactly set the political scene alight. But maybe this nod to Tribalism will linger on within sections of the Trade Union rank & file (because you could wager the grassroots action that started at Lindsey oil Refinery in February inspired the No2EU social dumping policy) As we saw from the British Wildcats, nationalism & protectionism can strike a chord with ordinary workers. If this is sustained maybe the penny will start to drop for the cultural Marxist union barons.

No doubt Crow will feel the wrath of the uber-liberals over this move, but he must be given credit for putting a dent in the shibboleth of "Internationalism regardless of the consequences!!"