Monday, 9 March 2009

Dogmatism is soooo last century

This author advocates the breaking down of the Left/Right divide and replacing it with a new pluralistic anti-capitalist/anti-globalist tendency. One which recognises that internationalism and cosmopolitanism are artificial, superfluous, abstract and academic. One that instead promotes the natural tribalism inherent in all the world's peoples. One which understands that real diversity means different cultures best flourish independently of each other rather than among each other, and certainly one that defends this diversity against cultural Marxism, consumerism and the monoculture which has developed out of the global market. Tribalism is natural - it has defined humanity for 99% of its existence.

If you describe yourself as an anti-capitalist/anti-globalist, then sectarianism and ideological purity have to go - they only lead to isolation and irrelevance.

National Anarchists too, should be on guard against traditional anarcho-dogmas: we cannot ignore elections. Elections will not vanish anytime soon. We should concede that elections today are one of the few times most people engage with politics (even for the millions who don't vote, they still engage)So National Anarchists should back those electoral forces who's ideas are closest to our own. It won't hurt if National Anarchists called for a vote for candidates who, at least on paper, oppose capitalism/globalism (even if they are as liberal as your average Sociology Lecturer!) And National Anarchist propaganda should encourage alliance building via electoral blocs.

NA activists should encourage the left to take a long hard look at itself. The New Left in the 1960s killed off the real socialist movement in the 1960s (the 68ers have much to answer for) Why is the left vote so derisory? Is it because the working class suffer from 'false consciousness'? Or is it because they reject internationalism and multiculturalism as the paper tigers they are? It would be a start if the left got back to its roots - defending the worker against the boss class and ending its obsession with PC fascism.

Berrocscir's Banner notes that Russia's National Bolsheviks have recently started sporting a black version of their flag while on their garish demos. Is this a nod to National Anarchism? Are they considering ditching their statism and macro-nationalism? It would certainly be step closer to orthodox NA thought!! In any case, if Limonov's National Bolshevik Party can co-operate with liberals and Leninists as part of the anti-Putin The Other Russia umbrella group, they can work with National Anarchists - Here's to the Grand Alliance.