Saturday, 14 February 2009

Greens feel the pinch?

According to their National Elections Officers, the Green Party of England and Wales only currently have 165 confirmed candidates for the next UK General Election, whenever it may be. I know they have a lot on their plate this year - making sure their two MEPs get re-elected, plus hopefully gaining a new one somewhere - probably Rupert Read in the Eastern region. Plus defending and maybe gaining seats at the County and Unitary polls. Also a lot of fire-power will be channelled into their three target constituencies. Despite all this, however, the media will pounce on them if they fail to improve on the 202 seats they fought at the last GE in 2005. I expect this is due to lack of dosh rather than enthusiasm. They need closer to 300 to look credible, not a spent force. The Lab/Lib/Con cabal have already nicked their Green New Deal too, but the Greens should expect this - it part of party politics. The BNP found this out. C'mon Greens, dig deep. Blackmail your mates to come up with a few hundred quid to get a paper candidate, you don't want the BNP outpolling you. Remember Sian Berry's war-cry to get all parliamentary seats covered, it can be done.

Actually, I expect the BNP not to field all that many candidates at the GE, maybe enough to get a broadcast - but most of the money and feet will go into places like Barking where they could actually win.

It was a case of two steps forward, unfortunately one back, I'm afraid, for all of the disparate forces of anti-globalism, National Anarchists, regionalists and traditionalists last week, when the Swiss seemingly went against their usually healthy tribalist and isolationist instincts. The Swiss, always a nation I have held up as some sort of tribal utopia (anti-EU, anti-NATO, decentralised political life) have just voted to let more EU foreign labour in.

THE WRONG ANSWER. A Swiss Peoples Party spokesman said the yes vote was down to 'propaganda'. Somehow I think he's right. It makes you want to fingerwag the Swiss and tell them to have another poll so they get it right this time. I suppose we all (and I know I am) are fickle when we get in that polling booth. But how can the Swiss vote for the anti-immigrant SVP, then vote to let in all the migrants? Is it because they thought "well, we could do with them for a while, they'll all go back next year, they'll do the work our underclass are too idle to do"? Maybe. But they should know, the English thought that about the Poles and now they have their own shops!