Monday, 5 January 2009

...In fact it's a gas!

I'm going to allow myself a bit of New Year silliness - I'm not usually one to heap praise on tyrants, (I leave that to the far-left & far-right) But you gotta hand it to Putin. He must take credit for being the current darling of anti-globalism. Now, that last sentence may be terribly rash, but Putin's certainly messing things up for the Neo-cons and neo-liberals that seek to get us eating from their hand. What's the best way to stand up to uncle Sam and his running dogs? Deny them fuel. Neighbours getting to pally with the EU & NATO? Remind them of where they get it.

Instances like this highlight the forlorn inadequacies of a globalised super-system. Will it reign forever? I'm not like these silly trots lately who have taken to going round telling everyone who'll listen (which isn't that many) of the imminent collapse of capitalism. Even I'm not that foolish. But this past week we've perhaps seen that the Global Empire is a lot more fragile than we sometimes think.

Wheel of the Year
I keep forgetting to write at length on the passing year, but for now don't forget Plough Monday next week (12th Jan) Our traditional year has been under attack from American cultural imperialism these past eons - Ritual, custom and folklore can reinvigorate a nation - don't let modern consumerism bury your identity. Study our cultures, so that we ultimately save them. For English traditions check out Prof Ronald Hutton's Stations of the Sun, even if it is somewhat academic.