Monday, 21 December 2009

Merry Christmas - and a Rockin' Yule!

First off, Berrocscir's Banner sends all Yuletide greetings to National Anarchists, Tribalists, Greens and EarthFirst!ers, anti-globalists, Seditionists, Secessionists, Third Positionists, patriots, Paleoconservatives, Traditionalists, anti-capitalists, Autonomous Nationalists, anti-Imperialists, folkish socialists and revolutionary nationalists everywhere! May your dreams come closer in 2010!

2009 has witnessed the nascent National Anarchist milieu gain a small but significant foothold. National Anarchism as an organised force could have easily fizzled out and it hasn't. National Anarchists have made real progress in Australia and North America, not least with the inspiring work of the Bay Area National Anarchists. Our Australian and American friends have demonstrated that NA is more than a philosophy or theory - its ideas have a solid practical basis too. While all National Anarchists should continue to spread propaganda, real practical projects and initiatives that demonstrate workable alternatives to the globalist agenda are worth their weight in gold. So hats off to the Aussies and Yanks! Can the Europeans catch up in the coming new year?

Another development in the past year has been the emergence of Autonomous Nationalism in England with the arrival of the English National Resistance. They seem to have had their up and downs already, with, apparently, most of their southern cadre leaving a while back, but despite this ENR seems to have stabilised recently and hopefully they can become a permanent fixture on the nationalist scene - and that also goes for their former colleagues who apparently are sticking with the Autonomous Nationalist approach.

Is AN too 'european' to work in England, where the political culture is so different from the continent, where the Auton Nat scene is a relatively large phenomenon? Well, Berrocscir's Banner says possibly not. In Australia (part of the anglosphere) this year, we've seen the Nationalist Alternative, who take a decidedly auton approach, established. There's certainly a niche market of disaffected English working class youth that AN groups could appeal to. Besides, it's not like foreign imports have not gained a mass following in the past - Marxism, anyone? This blog hopes that the fledgling, homegrown Autonomous nationalists stick to and develop their anti-capitalist, anti-Imperialist outlook while continuing their opposition to materialism/consumerism and what passes for 'culture' that is foisted on our young people these days. Lets hope ANs can concentrate on spreading these values in their propaganda and 'good works' (i.e strengthening their communities) Maybe in time groups like ENR can provide an alternative youth culture, maybe through music. It's vital that they don't get sucked into a fruitless war with the left, this would be a tragic distraction.

Lastly, it's important not to forget that the 'system' has triumphed. We are not going to defeat it, certainly not by charging at it head on. We will weaken the global empire by strengthening and building our own communities and alternatives. We will begin to demoralise the global elites when we find ways of encouraging our people to ignore them and live without them as much as possible and to live increasingly by their own values not theirs. We need to encourage self-reliance and self-sufficiency in our respective tribes and in doing so we show our masters that we don't need them as much as they might think.

So warm Winter Solstice greetings (it's OUR festival - let's keep that way!) to regular and occasional readers. Thank you for reading this blog. Your author is conscious of appearing amateurish, although never claiming to be some ideological titan or intellectual sage. I hope the arguments here make sense to you, cheers!

The demise of the Free England Party (see the two posts below) has led to some ex-members who have converted to ethno-nationalism to relaunch the English Independence Party, so BB says good luck to them. The England First Party meanwhile, claim they have picked up a couple of ex-Feppers...there's me thinking that those scenes in the Life Of Brian were meant to be ribbing the Left!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Free England no more

What do I know, eh? There's me getting all excited at the prospect of the Free England Party taking up an ethno-nationalist stance, while remaining blissfully unaware of rapidly changing developments. The FEP shut up shop earlier this week, possibly as a direct consequence of the recent civic/ethno feud that flared up in mid-November. Civics will no doubt scoff at this, but I'm convinced that their brand of 'constitutional patriotism' is incompatible with the nationalist movement - that is one based on Tribalism. The two cannot co-exist and claim to fight for the same things. One follows the liberal agenda, the other does not.

I've always believed that globalism can and should be challenged on all political terrains: namely electorally with 'conventional' political parties, through to pressure and propaganda groups. Within Trade Unions and on to 'street' activist networks. Although political parties are not my thing, I realise their real value if they espouse and stick to an authentic anti-globalist message.

I wish those who tried to steer the Free England Party down the true nationalist route all the best and I sincerely hope they carry on the fight for their tribe in ways they see fit.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Free England Party to go ethno?

The small and hitherto civic-nationalist Free England Party are to vote on a proposal to adopt ethno-nationalism as party policy at their AGM on 12th December. Supporters of the proposal within the party (which splintered from the English Democrats in February last year) define their nationalism as one which focuses on identity and culture and National Anarchists would certainly welcome any switch. What is it with 'civics' who choose to ignore kinship bonds, folk community, common ancestry and descent? Don't these truths count for nothing? Aren't they deserving of respect? The civics of the FEP appear to be walking before the vote has been taken, thereby leaving the ethnos to rubber stamp the proposal (of course, all this info has been sourced to Internet based tittle-tattle, and we shall have to wait and see)

While a new ethno based FEP will hardly be an earth shattering event and get the neocon establishment quaking in their boots, the fact that a small group of patriots seem prepared to jettison a residual liberalism in favour of a tribalist outlook that is necessary if the globalist agenda is to be challenged, is to be welcomed. It is encouraging that the FEP have at least been doing a bit of soul searching! Now if the the currently civic-nationalist English Radical Alliance (with their distributist economics that will hold favour with many National Anarchists) could go down the ethno path - that really would be something.

A while back your author was prepared to give civic-nationalism the benefit of the doubt - "Better than nothing" I thought. But now I conclude that it is just an extension of Left-liberalism which has infected nationalist thought, a way for Cultural Marxists to neuter tribalist instinct and water it down until it means absolutely nothing. Nationalism is about allegiance to one's tribe NOT the state - an artificial apparatus which today is increasingly under the cosh of One Worldism.

The civics say that ethno-nationalism will set us on a dangerous path towards ethnic conflict. National Anarchists, at least, have no interest in that. We want all ethnic groups and cultures to flourish independently. We don't desire conflict - if you want to see conflict just look to the imperialism of the elites. If you want conflict just look at the effects of multiculturalism in the West and societies at unease with themselves. Solutions could rest in the points made on class in the previous post on here. The working class stand the best chance of abolishing the class system not by forlornly trying to overthrow it, but by ignoring it and establishing small scale alternatives based on decentralist economic networks as a starting point. When everyone becomes a producer and has a real stake in the economy, rather than remaining a slave to it - that's when the class war fizzles out. Mass society causes war, not tribalism. So just as overcoming class divisions lies not in overthrow but in decentralism, the same goes for ethnic strife. Ethnic strife is the result of mass centralised society and economy, when ethnic groups end up living on top of one another. Decentralise and its the first step to a tribal world. We will have our ethnic homelands when we break down the global empires - daunting, but true.

Yours truly is sick to death of the phony war between 'left' and 'right' which still rages on much to the delight of our neocon masters. National Anarchists recognise that the world's diverse peoples are tribalistic (look how ethnic groups tend to self-segregate when they get the chance) and that good fences make for good neighbours. Of course, the daunting task for National Anarchists and their fellow travellers is to develop strategies as a first step on the road to the world we envisage, and this, to put it mildly, will not be easy.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Give 'em an airing

As a National Anarchist, your author supports workers anywhere on the globe engaged in struggle with the bosses and when strikes can be fought and won that's great. National Anarchists and nationalists generally should back workers who fight globalisation, casualisation, privatisation, cuts in pay and 'modernisation' (which means erosion of conditions and greater job insecurity) If nationalists are not anti-capitalists they run the risk of siding with reaction. At least in my book.

However, just as capitalism has failed most of humanity, so has socialism. Both form two sides of the same coin. International Marxian socialism is a fable - it is totally alien to the spirit of Man. To buy and sell is to be human. There can be no return to some paleolithic primitive communism - there are too many people these days. We are too far down the road.

So in the absence of any meaningful workers' 'movement' in the UK in 2009, workplace disputes are usually on a hiding to nothing if they are led by the demands of the left. The current Royal Mail dispute is a case in point. Yes, most people don't want what the capitalists have in mind for the future of our postal service, but calls for worker control are just lazy rhetoric. Tub thumping by Marxists and the odd left-anarcho won't save anything.

Class IS important. Along with race, ethnicity and culture it is one of the major fault lines in human society. But that doesn't mean that open class warfare is the solution.
Call me a class collaborator - fine, you can shoot me come the glorious day, but the toilers and producers, at least in the 'developed' world, should look to alternatives to the promised land the left routinely trumpets but never delivers. The class war will be won not when the workers form soviets and smash class rule, they will still be imprisoned by a mass, centralised society. It will be won when they build alternatives to both capitalism and Marxian socialism - Corporatist economies, guilds and co-operatives, Social Credit, Distributist set-ups. These models will lead to the end of the class war - not when the working class triumphs over the ruling class, but when all decide to be producers and have a personal stake in the economy. Forget egalitarian economics - they are incompatible with the human condition. But the 'Third Way' ideas mentioned above can end exploitation - you get out what you put in. Decentralisation of the economy and industry is the starting point.

Of course the models mentioned above are not new, but they have by and large been forgotten. Someone on the British Democracy Forum said recently that these ideals should be dusted down and 'given an airing'. Too true. Corporatism, Distributism, co-ops and guilds are not perfect but they can at the very least be used as guides to finding alternatives to both capitalism and socialism. The wider revolutionary nationalist milieu should not ditch their ideals, but they should avoid merely making propaganda for their national utopia. They should take action to make positive steps towards it, whilst bringing real benefits to their respective tribes in the short to medium term. Taking practical steps to bring about mini-schemes based on the ideas outlined above should be near the top of any National Anarchist's agenda. Revolutionary nationalists within trade unions should argue for corporatist solutions to industrial fistycuffs, most workers will see the logic in it more than Marxist fairy tales.

National Anarchists, revolutionary nationalists and Third Positionists should not focus on economics alone. It's no good transforming the economy, if from a cultural perspective the masses in the western democracies remain wedded to consumerism. Ultimately we need a national rebirth - culturally, socially, politically and economically.

Berrocscir's Banner notes that the English Radical Alliance are recommending Alternative Green - a great little magazine that is overlooked by the revolutionary nationalist milieu. It's under rated and really should have it's own website.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Breaking down the empires

Alfred found learning dead and he restored it
Education neglected and he revived it
The laws powerless and he gave them force
The Church debased and he raised it
The land ravaged by a fearful enemy from which he delivered it
Alfred's name will live as long as mankind shall respect the past

The word indigenous is currently the big no-no according to our liberal elites, so your author was heartened to see this news item on the Cross of St George English nationalist forum last week. The reality of the Wessex Wyvern fluttering over an historic English city bought much cheer to old Berrocscir here! That King Alfred, one of England's national heroes, was commemorated like this makes a welcome change from the usual spectacle of rainbow flags (is sexual orientation to be publicly 'celebrated'? There's me thinking it was a personal matter. What about those who are indifferent to certain bedroom habits, or those - within certain constraints - hostile to them?) or that EU rag that is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, let loose upon the masses. In the 21st century the Wessex Wyvern also represents a a crucial link to the past and an authentic regionalism based on a common history, dialect and culture. One that stands in stark contrast to the artificial, meaningless Euro regions foisted on us from Whitehall at Brussels' bidding.

The region is the first building block to a tribal identity. As Edmund Burke said
To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections

Human society needs to break down the empires and begin the journey of returning to its organic, tribal roots. The starting point for this is the region.

Wheel of the year
I write on All Saints Day and we are well into my favourite time of the year. This started at the Autumn Equinox and takes in Michaelmas (September 29th) when amongst other things, goose is traditionally eaten in order to secure a prosperous year ahead.

November (called 'blood month' by the Anglo-Saxons, the time when animals went to slaughter) has a very English feel to it. After All Hallows Eve (at the time of writing, yesterday) we have Guy Fawkes Night and Remembrance Day approaching. Thankfully, they remain higher up in the in the national consciousness than the UN Day for This or That.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

The enemy is the same

So the conference season is over for another year and did the Greens in Brighton debate immigration? No. All we got was this:
At the Green Party's conference in Hove tomorrow (Sat 5th September), Jean Lambert, London's Green MEP since 1999, will lead a strategy discussion about shaping a Green Party response to the far right -- now that it has won seats in the UK at the local, regional and European levels.

The session will draw on this year's experience of fighting the BNP - for example, in the North West England Euro-constituency, where the Green Party's Peter Cranie led a determined effort to stop the BNP leader from winning a seat in the European Parliament.

Peter Cranie said today, "Our Euro-campaign in the North West came agonisingly close to defeating Nick Griffin. We lost by just 0.3% of the poll. That's 5 000 votes out of an electorate of over 5 million. Now North West England is stuck with a racist MEP for five years. We need to make totally certain that, in 2014, we replace him with a Green."

Jean Lambert commented, "We'll be looking at how a lack of political activity in a community can allow the far right to win. We'll be aiming to clarify what Greens can do to limit the advance of the far right in politics at all levels."

Now, I know it is in the Greens' DNA to espouse 'official' anti-racism and anti-fascism, and of course every political party has the right to contest elections and get their people elected over rival parties. However, with their knee-jerk hysteria, what the Greens are effectively doing is letting our political and economic elites (the neocons, the neo-liberals and the globalisers) off the hook.

You may say I'm a dreamer - guilty as charged. But it does irk me that the Greens (and others) are insistent on keeping their blinkers on. Our rulers can handle their opponents kept straight jacketed in their respective ideological boxes. Of course, the Greens could have taken a step back and examined the bigger picture. They could have looked at Nick Griffin the anti-globalist, Nick Griffin who opposes EU excesses, Nick Griffin who speaks out against multinational corporations, Nick Griffin who's party literally wishes to keep its pleasant land green. The Greens could have fired their venom on the big three parties and worked to get rid of THEIR MEPs in the North West next time around. Sectarian attitudes won't disappear over night, but it is the duty of all sincere anti-globalists to fight it.
We face a common enemy. The enemy is the same - Horst Mahler.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Bucking the trend

Two national elections in Germany and Portugal last week were of note because of the relative success of the Left. June's European Union elections witnessed the steady progress of the nationalist right, so we do indeed live in interesting times. This blog has always advocated that the anti-globalist milieu should adopt a pluralistic and pragmatic approach - turning groups and individuals away because they're not 'on message' is a road to nowhere. If the so-called 'Left' (an old fashioned term) truly opposes the global elites, multinational corporations and one-worldism then they should be supported. Likewise for the 'Right'. But if either camp clearly sides with our political, economic and cultural elites then they should be opposed.

In Germany the Marxist Die Linke ('The Left') overtook the once mighty Greens with 11% of the vote and 4.7M constituency votes to the Greens' 3.9M - although the Green vote itself was up 4% to 9.2%. The nationalist NPD vote held up on 768k. Interestingly the Ecological Democratic Party (which is made up of more conservative minded Greens not subscribing to the left-liberal shibboleths of open borders, 'human rights', feminism etc) grabbed 105 thousand votes, thereby proving that there is a market for a Green politics which is not the preserve of the cultural Marxists.

In Portugal the Trotskyite Left Bloc did well taking just under 11% of the vote and just ahead of the 'official' Communist/Green alliance. The small Third Positionist National Renewal Party (PNR) held steady on 11,614 votes - nothing grand but the fact that their vote held up should have given heart to these sincere anti-globalists.

You have to be an optimist in this game and these results show that although voters express it very differently, there is a substantial section of the public who are obviously dissatisfied with the current set up of 'Neo-liberalism/Neo-Conservatism like it or lump it'. But despite their shared opposition to global capitalism there is still a wide gulf between the nationalists and internationalists. The challenge for those who have had enough of the dogmas and bigotry from all quarters, is to forge a new politics, to bridge the gap and create a culture of self-determination within the anti-globalist movement and replacing the current dictatorship of one or other macro-ideology. The days of 'Our Way or No Way' have long passed their sell-by date.

If you believe in an ideology, you don't own it - it owns you

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Those Greeks show the way

A snap General election has been called in Greece for October 4th. This blog notes that a small party - Ecologists Greece (not to be confused with the larger Ecologists Greens) have entered into what seems an electoral pact with the Third Positionist/nationalist/anti-globalisation Popular Orthodox Rally (who currently have 10 seats in the Greek parliament) with Ecologists Green leader Konstantinos Papanikolas running on a Popular Orthodox Rally ticket.

Now your editor doesn't know all the ins and outs of the political platform of Ecologists Greece, although the Broad Left site lists them as being on the left and as having worked with another left-wing group in Greece(DIKKI) in the past. Not knowing the lingo - it's all Greek to me - I can't verify this from their website, but I'm guessing that Papanikolas's party are at least sympathetic to nationalism otherwise why aren't they part of the left-liberal Ecologists Greens? So the fact that they exist in itself is a positive thing, showing that Green politics is not totally in the grip of the cultural Marxist agenda. And the fact that they are willing to work with the P.O.R - a radical nationalist grouping - proves that anti-globalists can overcome ideological barriers in the fight for a world of sovereign peoples.

Berrocscir's Banner wishes the EGr/POR alliance every success at the polls and hopes that the pact is long lasting. It's just this kind of syncretic approach that's so needed in the opposition to neo-liberalism and globalisation.

The knee-jerk 'anti-fascism' of the Green Party of England & Wales.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Here be dragons

The White Dragon flag of the ethnic English has been gaining in popularity among some English nationalists in recent years, with several groups, including the autonomist English National Resistance , adopting it. However, it's a bit controversial this one, it has to be said. While some have enthusiastically taken it to their hearts, other positively foam at the mouth at the mention of it. The latter claim there is extremely tenuous evidence for the authenticity of the emblem. Only Nennius and Geoffrey of Monmouth vaguely mention it in passing.

The sadly off-line English Dragon site was very thoroughly researched and proposed the theory that the White Dragon is synonymous with the Golden Wyvern of Wessex and Berrocscir's Banner doesn't refute this view. Wessex was the only Anglo-Saxon territory to remain unconquered, gaining the title The Cradle of England. It would appear reasonable then, that the Wessex Wyvern extended its brief to the whole of England during the 10th Century. It is mentioned twice in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (at the Battle of Burford in AD 752 and again at the Battle of Ashingdon in 1016) and it is also depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry.

What the anti-dragon camp fail to recognise is that just because something has little basis in actual fact does not prevent it from entering a collective national identity. Myths and semi-myths are scattered throughout England's history. The White Dragon may be convoluted, but why should that prevent it from use as a badge for today's English patriots? Robin Hood and the story about Alfred burning the cakes may or may not be truthful. Harold's arrow and Edith Swanneck finding his birthmark could all be rubbish. Did Pope Gregory really comment on the angelic looks of the English slave children? We don't know for sure and never will, yet it has passed into English history and has helped to define a nation.

The point is that badges and totems represent what people want them to represent. Those English Nationalists that fly the White Dragon are claiming it as their own. Its authenticity may be dubious to say the least, but its appeal gives it meaning today.

A few years ago the Marxist-Leninist Weekly Worker, when commenting on the rise of English nationalism, rejected the resurgence of the Cross of St George on the grounds that it was a Royalist emblem - YES, THEN,when it was bought back from the Holy Land! Three hundred years ago it lost a battle with the Union flag, and today the English commons see the CoSG as truly theirs. It has become a symbol almost of defiance and has changed its meaning. In 1381 the 'Mad Multitude' of the Peasant's Revolt flew the CoSG along with the Royal Standard, according to some to display their ultimate loyalty to the crown - But this is to do with the medieval mindset more than anything else: after all, the King was appointed by the Almighty, was he not? But could it be that the insurrectionists of 1381 carried both flags to signify the unity of the crown and the commons - the Cross of St George representing the latter? It's possible that in the 14th century the English commons were taking the CoSG as their own and in the process changing its meaning. Let 10,000 flags fly - including the White Dragon. There's nothing to stop the 21st century English commons adopting it. Look at the widespread popularity of the new-ish county flags - do they have a pedigree spanning a thousand years? No, yet the English have taken them up. When it comes to the identity of a a people, myths are just as powerful as reality.

Civic nationalism isn't this blog's bag, but that doesn't mean that those of us with a more tribalistic interpretation of nationalism should shun the civics entirely. If civic nationalists play their part in opposition to internationalism and globalism, they are worthy allies in the fight.

A new splinter group has emerged from the ranks of English civic nationalism: the English Radical Alliance - a breakaway from the 18 month old Free England Party, who themselves split from the numerically much larger English Democrats. What's interesting about the ERA is their promotion of Distributism (a 'Third Way' economic system in contrast to both Capitalism and Communism, favoured by some National Anarchists, other nationalists and others still) and their highlighting of the importance of the English radical tradition - something too often overlooked by English nationalists of all hues.

Berrocscir's Banner will monitor the progress of these new English Radicals with interest and in the hope that they will become a welcome force in the anti-globalist milieu.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Nature's bounty

A week's respite from wage labour encouraged me this morning to go out Blackberrying. It's food for free, organic, and most importantly, it gave me a sense - less of being a consumer and more of being human. I got in touch with my pagan side, meditating as I picked, on our hunter-gatherer ancestors and attuning myself to nature's never ending cycle.

For National Anarchists, their fellow travellers and others, human beings are more than the passive consumers they have become under capitalism, more than the robotic producers that Marxism would wish them to be. We are also spiritual beings - something our tribal ancestors understood well enough. Out Blackberrying this morning was good for my soul. Too often we forget the wheel of the year, and as I ambled home I remembered it is Harvest time here in Northern Europe, vital to everyone if we acknowledge the fact or not. And out and about yesterday, I took in the berries and fruits and the seas of wheat in my corner of England...The neat reassuring hay bails, the Horn of Plenty...

So my particular morning's bounty will shortly be going under the pastry and I'll utter a little prayer as it journeys to my belly. Comrades, join the revolution and go Blackberrying! But remember to do what I did and leave some for the birds and other animals, human and non-human. If we lose our part in the wheel of the year, we cease to be truly human. And then the globalisers really will have won.

Forthcoming attractions
Next up - my thoughts on the White Dragon flag of the English and why the controversy surrounding it shouldn't really matter. Mmmmmm....great.

Monday, 17 August 2009

In at the deep end

In a letter published in the current edition of Green World (the official Green Party mag) two Stafford-based members propose the formation of a Green Party Deep Ecology group "with a view to the informing of party policy". If something concrete (no pun intended!) comes out of this it can only strengthen Green politics. The 21st Century should be defined by a new syncretic politics with an open-minded pluralistic approach to ideologies, and one that jettisons the rigid dogma that stained the previous one.

The Green Party of England & Wales remains very much a left-liberal formation in character, but things can change. Currently within the Party there is quite a high profile debate raging about the merits (or not) of nuclear energy. So if Greens are big enough to debate this issue, what is stopping them from debating immigration/migration? Can you think of anything more un-green than this? Now, a Tribalist faction within the Green Party - that really would be something. After all, Nationalism is a lot more greener than Internationalism...And no, all you Red Greens, any future Tribalist platform won't be proposing an invasion of Poland!

Berrocscir's Banner has been a bit quieter than I would like recently. But being off work for a week means that a couple of items will be appearing here hopefully by the end of the month...Watch this space.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Double standards?

I'm a folkie myself - I love the genre. You can't stop me having a sing-song after I've had a few. But aren't this lot being a tad hypocritical? I can understand artists being a bit upset with political parties gaining financially from their songs. But the whole English folk genre is Left leaning - it goes with the territory. Would they moan about Attila the Stockbroker? I didn't hear a peep from anyone when Chumbawamba played the Cambridge Folk Festival a few years back.

I've got a copy of the Morning Star's benefit folky CD and very good it is too - music has always been political and always will be.

The quote about English folk music 'belonging' to everyone is fair enough if purely from personal taste - if you dig something, groove to it. But what, deep down, would Jamaicans think if I called reggae "my own"?

Anyway - isn't the clue in the name - FOLK music? If it 'belongs' to every person on the planet, then we should stop calling it by that name...or am I being sinister?

Saturday, 11 July 2009

10,000 flags will fly

From a distance the violence in East Turkestan (home to the Uighur ethnic group) seems to be the end result of a deliberate policy of ethnic/cultural cleansing. For decades the Communist authorities have been encouraging and engineering the resettlement of ethnic Han (the dominant ethnic group in China) into the region - in 1949 the Han made up 6% of the population, today it's 40%.

This map above is a fair picture of what the region should look like...

The age of multi-ethnic empires and supranational states began to crumble twenty years ago with the Soviet experience, and just as the USSR and its vassals left the world stage, the imperialist Peoples' Republic must go the same way. The 20th Century was defined by macro-ideologies that saw identity, culture and tradition as hurdles to be overcome. As the anti-human idea of Marxism flounders and the 'alternative' of global capitalism continues to do its worst, the old ideas associated with the localist mindset of identity, culture, tradition and self reliance, are well placed to fill the vacuum and begin to replace shallow One Worldism with the the positive ideal of vibrant ethnic communities, independent of, yet mutually respectful of one another.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Adieu to Old England?

As if the world had ended when I had been young
My sorrows I'd never had known

When Flossie Lane passed away earlier this month a little piece of Old England left with her. Miss Lane had run the Sun Inn at Leintwardine on the Hereford/Shropshire border for 74 years. The Sun is one of only a handful of Parlour pubs left in England, although its future looks uncertain now that Miss Lane is gone. Parlour pubs are hostelries with no bar or till and the beer is poured from the barrel in the kitchen or other room and taken through to the customer out front.

Your author remembers fondly as a teenager visiting such an establishment - the Dun Cow at Northmoor, Oxfordshire (now gone) - and can recall the near intoxicating effect not so much of its beer, but of its identity, heritage and history. Parlour pubs and the characters that run and use them are part and parcel of the English collective folk memory and our shared national story. In a world of transience and flux, Miss Lane and her life represent place, purpose, roots and certainty. RIP Flossie.

They let him stand till the long Midsummer
Till he looked both pale and wan

We reached Midsummer's Day yesterday, still marked across Northern Europe by bonfires. It was also the Feast of St John the Baptist and also one of the Quarter Days - when hands were hired and debts were paid. Our national calendar, like so much else that was ours, is being buried under rootless modernity. The more we let this happen the more we become like synthetic ghosts in the plastic world promoted and beloved of our old friends those 'Citizens of the World'. How to fight back? ...Just remember

Those inspirational British Wildcats have been at it again and Berrocscir's Banner still backs them to the hilt - no ifs, no buts, as should all opponents of neoliberalism and globalisation. It's heartening to see the Union leadership being forced into action by the rank & file and hopefully a more tribalistic strain of worker empowerment can come out of this in stark contrast to the culturally Marxist formations most English workers are offered

Monday, 18 May 2009

It's good to talk

The Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee) - you gotta love it - have always gained this author's respect due to their consistent work promoting Left unity and their non-sectarian Weekly Worker (see links)

But a story in this week's edition demonstrates our comrades have a way to go before their idea of alliance building is extended to anti-globalists who don't go in for dead Russians.

They condemn the Socialist Party (ex-Militant) activist who has been scandalously publicising the No2EU electoral bloc on social networking site pages of a nationalist ilk. Shock horror...

Berrocscir's Banner says good on the man. This is precisely what is needed to forge a new politics capable of challenging the neo-liberal globalised order. Let's have more of it. No2EU demonstrates the tentative steps elements of the Left and Trade Unions are taking towards the position that migration benefits capitalism and that alone. Some nationalists this comrade is trying to reach want to renationalise the railways, stop post office privatisation, protect jobs. It seems common sense to make common cause. Or just co-operatng on points of common interest. All anti-capitalists and anti-globalists should be thinking of breaking down those dogmatic barriers. To continue to scrape along in moribund ideological purity is simply not an option for anti-globalist activists. As Blaise Pascal said A man does not show his greatness by being at one extremity, but rather by touching both at once.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Fair play to the Tharu

National Anarchists, ethno-nationalists and everyone of an anti-globalist persuasion should support the Tharu ethnic group in Nepal in their struggle for more autonomy. Although now off, in the wake of talks with the Nepalese Maoist government, the Tharu orchestrated a 'Banda' - a General Strike which almost cut off Kathmandu last week.

A basic principal of National Anarchism is the demand for sovereignty for all ethnic groups, their languages and cultures. This blog will always support causes such as the Tharu's current struggle. Details of the General Strike are here.

News has just broke that the Maoist Prime Minister in Nepal has resigned due to internal tensions in the ruling coalition (mainly made up of different Marxist factions) The Maoists have recently been talking to the Americans...anti-globalists should reserve judgement for now, but over the next period we will see if the Nepalese Maoists deserve their anti-imperialist label or not.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

National Anarchist strategies

It is encouraging that National Anarchist groups are springing up in greater numbers across the globe and that activists are turning ideas into practical action. But our tendency is still in it's infancy, so here's some suggestions to help the growth of National Anarchism over the next few years:

All activists with access to a computer can spread our ideas through the net. Set up your own website and save the content of others so that if they go down you can put them back up.

Then there's the staple stuff like stickering, flyposting and leafleting.

Propaganda can take three main forms:

i) The 'hardcore', street level stuff that can appeal to the young and militant. I see no reason why younger NA activists can't mirror the Black Bloc when appropriate to do so and where the political culture justifies it.

ii) The more subtle stuff to reach out to the non-politicised. Liberal ideas are often only skin deep and can be easily challenged by reasoning.

iii) The stuff aimed at existing political groups and tendencies.
Although I personally believe NA ideas will get a more positive reception from the orthodox nationalist groups, the 'autonomous' nationalist milieu, Third Positionists etc, some effort should still be carefully aimed at sections of the Left, using an approach and language that can appeal to them (anti-globalism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism) Some National Anarchists come from a Leftist background, including Yours Truly! Also it is possible that sections of the Green/environmentalist movement could be receptive to NA ideas.

I don't think NAs can ever afford to just go it alone - We need allies, mutual respect, understanding and a pluralistic approach to everything we do. We should never really aim to convert other groups en masse - that kind of thing doesn't happen in the real world.

This can take both formal and informal approaches. As a start this can just be publicising groups that you wish well. I've been spreading the word about the new autonomous nationalist English National Resistance youth group, for example. I have my differences with some of their positions, but I certainly think their hearts are in the right place!

Laying the groundwork for the establishment of real NA inspired communities in the future on economic, cultural and social levels. As a first step just by joining the myriad of already existing grassroots organisations - not to take over them, but because many of them are worthy of NA support. Of course this does not mean we should not set up our own given the opportunity: Allotments - growing your own food and sharing it among ourselves and our community is a revolutionary act, as is brewing our own beer! Setting up local currencies, co-ops, food and clothing banks, self-help groups, Friendly Societies, credit unions - all with an National-Anarchist ethos.

NA activists should look into the possibility of moving to the same areas where practical - with all of the above in mind. Find other comrades work and accommodation. All of this can present National Anarchism as a practical alternative and if planned carefully, can drastically reduce our reliance on capitalism and the state.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Unions go Tribalist?!

It is a tendency of the far-left in Britain to suffer from a vastly inflated sense of their own importance and influence. In recent years this has been best illustrated by the cyclical slap-dash, 'leave it 'till the last minute' approach to electioneering.

However, despite displaying these familiar traits, RMT trade union leader Bob Crow's latest No2EU - Yes to Democracy initiative, which will field candidates in the upcoming European elections, at least contains a modicum of common sense. A small Rubicon (for the modern left) has been crossed - Crow's formation has come out against migrant labour (shock, horror). Supported by the 'National Communist' Communist Party of Britain (the Morning Star lot) No2EU displays a nationalism and protectionism rarely seen on the left nowadays. Opposing what it terms social dumping shows a veneer of the labour 'movement' is breaking free of the abstract 'No Borders' mantra beloved of the Trots and anarcho-left.

Cap'n Bob intends to wind up the grouping following the June 4th Euro poll, which is just as well as they won't exactly set the political scene alight. But maybe this nod to Tribalism will linger on within sections of the Trade Union rank & file (because you could wager the grassroots action that started at Lindsey oil Refinery in February inspired the No2EU social dumping policy) As we saw from the British Wildcats, nationalism & protectionism can strike a chord with ordinary workers. If this is sustained maybe the penny will start to drop for the cultural Marxist union barons.

No doubt Crow will feel the wrath of the uber-liberals over this move, but he must be given credit for putting a dent in the shibboleth of "Internationalism regardless of the consequences!!"

Saturday, 21 March 2009

New English 'Autonomous Nationalist' youth group formed

A new English 'Autonomous Nationalist' youth group has sprung up in a similar mold as the Autonome Nationalisten and Kameradschaften in Germany. They do state however, possibly in recognition of differences in the political cultures of England and Germany, that they will not be going in for the AN style Black Bloc tactic, which shows a logical maturity.

The group - English National Resistance (Young-Radical-Nationalist) display a healthy, level-headed, non-sectarian piecemeal approach to other nationalist groups, along with an exuberance and 'street' identity that remind this author of his younger days in the left-anarchist scene. I wish I had the beliefs I have now back then, but life is a learning curve.

Youth groups with a radical chic are always needed as the more 'grown up', traditional party building, is not the best advert to attract young blood to any cause.

Refreshingly, English National Resistance aim to avoid the dead end of the depressingly familiar spectacle of confrontation with anti-fascists. This is a very welcome attitude that will help get anti-capitalism and anti-globalism out of the ghetto and present a positive alternative.

Some of the websites and groups ENR link to are not this blog's cup of tea, but then some of the links this blog lists don't get my ringing endorsement either!

ENR display a clear anti-capitalist outlook so the potential for co-operation with National Anarchist groups and individuals would appear good. Berrocscir's Banner will follow ENR's progress with interest, not least in the hope that greater numbers of English youth turn against consumerism, rootless celeb culture and liberalism

Monday, 9 March 2009

Dogmatism is soooo last century

This author advocates the breaking down of the Left/Right divide and replacing it with a new pluralistic anti-capitalist/anti-globalist tendency. One which recognises that internationalism and cosmopolitanism are artificial, superfluous, abstract and academic. One that instead promotes the natural tribalism inherent in all the world's peoples. One which understands that real diversity means different cultures best flourish independently of each other rather than among each other, and certainly one that defends this diversity against cultural Marxism, consumerism and the monoculture which has developed out of the global market. Tribalism is natural - it has defined humanity for 99% of its existence.

If you describe yourself as an anti-capitalist/anti-globalist, then sectarianism and ideological purity have to go - they only lead to isolation and irrelevance.

National Anarchists too, should be on guard against traditional anarcho-dogmas: we cannot ignore elections. Elections will not vanish anytime soon. We should concede that elections today are one of the few times most people engage with politics (even for the millions who don't vote, they still engage)So National Anarchists should back those electoral forces who's ideas are closest to our own. It won't hurt if National Anarchists called for a vote for candidates who, at least on paper, oppose capitalism/globalism (even if they are as liberal as your average Sociology Lecturer!) And National Anarchist propaganda should encourage alliance building via electoral blocs.

NA activists should encourage the left to take a long hard look at itself. The New Left in the 1960s killed off the real socialist movement in the 1960s (the 68ers have much to answer for) Why is the left vote so derisory? Is it because the working class suffer from 'false consciousness'? Or is it because they reject internationalism and multiculturalism as the paper tigers they are? It would be a start if the left got back to its roots - defending the worker against the boss class and ending its obsession with PC fascism.

Berrocscir's Banner notes that Russia's National Bolsheviks have recently started sporting a black version of their flag while on their garish demos. Is this a nod to National Anarchism? Are they considering ditching their statism and macro-nationalism? It would certainly be step closer to orthodox NA thought!! In any case, if Limonov's National Bolshevik Party can co-operate with liberals and Leninists as part of the anti-Putin The Other Russia umbrella group, they can work with National Anarchists - Here's to the Grand Alliance.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

On the pop in Market North Town

I recently spent a nice day out in Chipping Norton, a fine market town in North West Oxfordshire, just on the edge of the Cotswolds. It's name is Anglo-Saxon meaning Market North Town. As a National Anarchist, its the sort of place that appeals to my own personal interpretation of the ideology. For me National Anarchism implies rural living - and traditional English market towns are I think,the biggest settlements where National Anarchist communities could work. Urban life does not usually imply happiness and large cities tend to smother human nature and spirit. I know other National Anarchists may disagree and if they can make urban based National Autonomous Zones work, then great. For me though I'd tend to go for the homestead, hamlet, village or market town. Here we are closer to nature, we are closer to our ethnic and cultural heritage and identity. We become more like our ancestors, closer to our folk roots and less defined by the state (citizen = city dweller, remember) And with land of our own we can begin to ween ourselves off the globalised economy. We become human beings again, not consumers.

Anyway, Chippy, as locals call it, seemed the sort of place at ease with itself. It was apparent that lots of people knew each other (none of that alienating anonymity you get in cities) and apart from a Somerfields and a Smiths, the place positively oozed its own identity. Needless to say I paid a visit to one or two pubs - well, four in fact - all of which were above average in this pub goer's book (praise indeed, as I have high standards) My personal favourite was the Red Lion (can you get more English than that?)The tiny pub was pleasingly cosy due to a roaring log fire - which, what with it being taters outside, was most welcome. The ale was from Hook Norton Brewery just down the road, a fact alone which was enough to warm this anti-globalist's heart!

A commanding early Victorian Town Hall dominates the market square, where I was pleased to discover an old stone from a long gone cross and pillar from an earlier building had been preserved by the local history group. Local history and civic societies act as guardians of our identities and are worth their weight in gold. National Anarchists should support their work.

The parish church of St Mary the Virgin was largish for the settlement it served, probably partly because it was built on the proceeds of the wool trade of the middle ages. I was not, alas, as keen on it as I was with St Andrew's at Shrivenham in Berkshire when I visited it just before Christmas. It had generations of the same families laying in rest there. How many families in today's industrial-technological complex can claim roots as strong as that? Capitalism causes identity crises, that's a fact!

What I had really come to see in Chippy, however, was the nearby Norman Castle. Only the earthworks of the defences and ramparts remain. If I had just stumbled across it I would have said it was Iron Age. Still, it was impressive: the outer ditch would at least clear your average semi at its height.

What vexed me, however, was that the site was all on private land and could only be viewed from the lane. Furthermore, there was nothing denoting what it was. No plaque with description, no notice, nothing. The castle should ideally be bought by the National Trust with access where appropriate, and have some stone with description or similar. This is English heritage so consequently part of the fabric of a folk, a footnote in the story of a people. But who cares about such reactionary trifles when February is LGBT History Month, eh?

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Greens feel the pinch?

According to their National Elections Officers, the Green Party of England and Wales only currently have 165 confirmed candidates for the next UK General Election, whenever it may be. I know they have a lot on their plate this year - making sure their two MEPs get re-elected, plus hopefully gaining a new one somewhere - probably Rupert Read in the Eastern region. Plus defending and maybe gaining seats at the County and Unitary polls. Also a lot of fire-power will be channelled into their three target constituencies. Despite all this, however, the media will pounce on them if they fail to improve on the 202 seats they fought at the last GE in 2005. I expect this is due to lack of dosh rather than enthusiasm. They need closer to 300 to look credible, not a spent force. The Lab/Lib/Con cabal have already nicked their Green New Deal too, but the Greens should expect this - it part of party politics. The BNP found this out. C'mon Greens, dig deep. Blackmail your mates to come up with a few hundred quid to get a paper candidate, you don't want the BNP outpolling you. Remember Sian Berry's war-cry to get all parliamentary seats covered, it can be done.

Actually, I expect the BNP not to field all that many candidates at the GE, maybe enough to get a broadcast - but most of the money and feet will go into places like Barking where they could actually win.

It was a case of two steps forward, unfortunately one back, I'm afraid, for all of the disparate forces of anti-globalism, National Anarchists, regionalists and traditionalists last week, when the Swiss seemingly went against their usually healthy tribalist and isolationist instincts. The Swiss, always a nation I have held up as some sort of tribal utopia (anti-EU, anti-NATO, decentralised political life) have just voted to let more EU foreign labour in.

THE WRONG ANSWER. A Swiss Peoples Party spokesman said the yes vote was down to 'propaganda'. Somehow I think he's right. It makes you want to fingerwag the Swiss and tell them to have another poll so they get it right this time. I suppose we all (and I know I am) are fickle when we get in that polling booth. But how can the Swiss vote for the anti-immigrant SVP, then vote to let in all the migrants? Is it because they thought "well, we could do with them for a while, they'll all go back next year, they'll do the work our underclass are too idle to do"? Maybe. But they should know, the English thought that about the Poles and now they have their own shops!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Support the British Wildcats!

All anti-globalists should have supported last week's wildcat strikes against the European Union, multinationals and foreign labour. Check out the website of those inspirational British Wildcats!

They have bought to the public's attention the real cost that 'free' trade and globalisation have on local communities and their right to their own identity. We have not seen secondary action in England on this scale for decades, and although it is primarily an economic struggle, it is heartening to see workers acting on a national basis.

Are we witnessing the birth of a grassroots campaign that heralds the beginning of a new nationalistic workers' movement that is free from the straightjacket of Union led cultural Marxism? A folk-based socialism? We must not hold our breath, but perhaps the British Wildcats will become the trailblazers of something better to come: economies that can be self reliant, localised and worker led. No longer under the heel of reckless, rudderless internationalism and neo-liberalism.

Of course, as any leftist will tell you, there is no such thing as 'the national interest' - the conflicting and antagonistic nature of class society is testament to that. But this doesn't mean the alternative must always be a textbook, uniform proletarian one-worldism. That is academic mumbo-jumbo. Certainly, workers from different cultures and nations can and should unite on points of common interest. But to suggest they all morph into a homogeneous, monocultural mass is superfluous, artificial and frankly callous. The World's working class were created by capitalism, but their different identities are lot more than merely economic, their physical and cultural DNA goes back a lot further. All social change should be a natural process - i.e. tribal in essence, politically, economically, socially, culturally and spiritually - this is the human condition.

The Brit left was split this week in it's response to the strikes. The SWP and a couple of smaller Trot groups predictably foamed at the mouth. However, to their credit, the Morning Star's Communist Party of Britain (who have always been 'National Communist') the Weekly Worker's Communist Party of Great Britain and the Socialist Party (ex-Militant)who had a member on one of the strike committees, all gave their customary 'critical support' This is to be applauded. National Anarchists and other serious anti-globalists should always try to reach out to the more receptive and non-sectarian leftists.

The Weekly Worker, in my opinion the only left paper worth reading, described some aspects of the strike as 'chauvinist'. Well, yes - it's called being human, part of our condition even after the prevailing liberalism in the West since World War II. By denying people's natural identity the leftists side with the Globalisers, complicit in the latter's de facto cultural-cleansing and new-imperialism. This is not only true of the hard Marxist left, but also of the liberal-Left - in positions of power in increasing numbers.

So, the strikes were about jobs, but they also revealed the sleeping giant of tribalist instinct. A tribalism that can provide a positive input into anti-globalism. You can change your socio-economic position (or have it changed for you)but you can't change your genes. Why are the left so scared of this?! They support National Liberation movements, but deny tribalism to the 'emancipated'.

So, it's a victory of sorts to the Wildcats. They stood up to the globalist agenda and won a compromise - something the English are very good at! Good luck to them all...Nationalist Worker, anyone?

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Don't let the Black Bloc turn black and blue

The relatively recent German phenomenon of the Autonome Nationalisten (Autonomous Nationalists)appear to be influencing other nationalists elsewhere, particularly Russia. Also, according to Searchlight, there's now a group in England using the name Free Nationalists, who I assume are similar. Leftists would say this is just a ruse for nazism, but this would be over-generalising. Although despite their name, some groups appear to be allied to political parties like the NPD and there is probably an overlap in membership.

AN politics seem a little too statist and frankly National Socialist for my tastes, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they are sincere and genuine anti-globalists and anti-capitalists. Certainly they are not as ideologically rigid as the orthodox far-right. This should mean non-sectarians from all anti-globalist camps should look to cooperate and learn from them whenever the opportunities arise. Particularly, for the fledgling National Anarchist current, dialogue with a view to building alliances and comradely relations with the Autonome Nationalisten and their equivalents, would seem a better use of their time than going to the Marxists (who it could be argued are imperialistic) and left-anarchists. Sectarians there undoubtedly are within the AN milieu, but they can't be as venomous and as blinkered as many leftists (OK, OK, I'm an embittered ex-leftie!)I'm not suggesting that ALL leftists are incapable of working with anti-globalists from other camps. What I am suggesting is an end to ideological purity as all that tends to bring is isolation and lack of influence. what unites the Reds, Greens, Blacks and Browns is their common anti-capitalism and anti-globalism. I don't see any textbook utopia coming round the corner any time soon - Unite with other anti-globalists (even if you think the finer details of their politics stink to high heaven! This is why I support and wishy-washy Green Party!)You'll damage the common enemy so much more that way.

Indeed, the Autonome Nationalisten most notably have adopted the tactics of the left-anarchist Black Bloc, the hard element of those periodic anti-globalist demos, much to the latter's disdain, adopting the dress, tactics, slogans and confrontational attitude of this youth orientated current. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, although you wouldn't think it judging by the reaction of the left-anarchists - as if THEY hold the copyright on political identity and symbolism! In Australia, the vanguard of National Anarchism, NA activists have also adopted Black Bloc techniques.

National Anarchists, however, should aim to avoid slagging matches and rucks. If the Autonomen Nationalisten prove they are only interested in goading the leftists, NAs must not be tempted to join in (although, of course they have the right to defend themselves)The wider anti-globalist movement must never become a big battleground for petty ideology. It must remain pluralistic, able to withstand attempts by dogmatists to capture it, or descend into an arena for warring factions to act out their ultimately self-defeating fistycuffs.

National Anarchists should view the Black Bloc as genuine anti-globalists worthy of respect, and should try to engage with their less sectarian elements. A thankless task, maybe, but well worth it if only a fraction respond positively or benignly. Also National Anarchists should be careful not to become ghettoised like the far-left and far-right. Big, noisy, angry demos have their place (and NAs, ANs and other non-Marxist socialists, need not always tail end the Black Bloc, stay out of the way if things look ugly - E's not worth it!!) But NAs must not put all their eggs in one basket. Do National Anarchists want their ideas to be confined to a scene or sub-culture, or do they want to reach out to a larger audience? To their credit National Anarchists in Australia are involved in sustainable living and self-sufficiency projects - good practical ways of combating the consumer mindset. It's examples like this, as well as kickass demos, that can have a lasting impact in the fight for a post-capitalist world.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Blood is thicker than water - head for the hills

I'm really in two minds about pan-nationalism and civic-nationalism. On the one hand they are usually anti-globalist in nature and should be encouraged purely for the this reason, on the other they are clearly oxymorons.

Let's look at pan-nationalism (stuff like Black-nationalism, White-nationalism, European-nationalism) Clearly, they are based on identity (a good thing) and stand against bland mid-atlanticist monocultural neo-liberalism. But they show an almost imperialistic tendency to ride roughshod over existing cultures, languages, customs etc:
I am White, not English, Polish, French or I am Black, not Hutu, Swahili, or Akai In short their identities are artificial and academic, not natural, organic and historic like ethno-identities.

Small is better - I'm not European, there's no such thing as a European - only Czechs, Slovenians, Welsh and Danish. Europe a Nation? No thanks, Europe has always been too culturally diverse to constitute an authentic nation. The Northern European peoples are too distinct from the romance countries of France, Spain, Italy or Greece. I'm a Northerner - I have more in common with a Swede or the Dutch than with an Aragonese or a Maltese.

As a decentralist I'm interested in breaking things down, going BEYOND 19th and 20th century definitions of nationality in favour of a new regionalism - the smaller the area you take your identity from the harder it is for the globalisers to swallow you up -We've seen this grow over 300 years: You're not English, you're British...You're not British, You're European...You're not European, you're a citizen of the world... It doesn't mean anything, its just the way that our betters have stripped people of their identities, pretending we're all the same and making us buy the same clothes, food, and baubles.

On to civic-nationalism: Now one positive aspect to this current is that it provides a temporary stop-gap against the worst excesses of multiculturalism (witness Labour's 'Britishness' campaign in the wake of 7/7) It seems 'reasonable' and moderate - i.e. it appeals to most people. But civic-nationalism is fascistic - it tells people to assimilate and forget about their ethnicity culture or at least keep it behind the net curtains, no one should be denied who they are. But what happens to ethnic minorities if we just leave them to it? We get ghettoisation and ethno-enclaves. You've only got to look at Northern Ireland to see where this leads. I can't see a suitable solution to this. In our European homelands should nationalists leave their cities to the minorities and liberals and relocate to the rural idyll? Increasingly it seems the best option.

Monday, 5 January 2009

...In fact it's a gas!

I'm going to allow myself a bit of New Year silliness - I'm not usually one to heap praise on tyrants, (I leave that to the far-left & far-right) But you gotta hand it to Putin. He must take credit for being the current darling of anti-globalism. Now, that last sentence may be terribly rash, but Putin's certainly messing things up for the Neo-cons and neo-liberals that seek to get us eating from their hand. What's the best way to stand up to uncle Sam and his running dogs? Deny them fuel. Neighbours getting to pally with the EU & NATO? Remind them of where they get it.

Instances like this highlight the forlorn inadequacies of a globalised super-system. Will it reign forever? I'm not like these silly trots lately who have taken to going round telling everyone who'll listen (which isn't that many) of the imminent collapse of capitalism. Even I'm not that foolish. But this past week we've perhaps seen that the Global Empire is a lot more fragile than we sometimes think.

Wheel of the Year
I keep forgetting to write at length on the passing year, but for now don't forget Plough Monday next week (12th Jan) Our traditional year has been under attack from American cultural imperialism these past eons - Ritual, custom and folklore can reinvigorate a nation - don't let modern consumerism bury your identity. Study our cultures, so that we ultimately save them. For English traditions check out Prof Ronald Hutton's Stations of the Sun, even if it is somewhat academic.