Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Year Zero

So, the UK economy has hit zero growth. All anti-capitalists of all hues should be dancing in the ailes over this. Zero growth SHOULD mean sustainability. Zero growth SHOULD mean a stable and self-sufficient population. It used to be said that the Green Party supported zero growth. I didn't see it mentioned specifically in the Economy section of their Manifesto for a Sustainable Society , but reading through their policy, one can see it is is compatible with zero growth. However, within the framework of capitalism, zero growth is bad news for the peasants. Zero growth is only positive if from a decentralised and bottom up economy. Is 2008 the beginning of such a vision? Are we looking at a new year Zero?

Last week I lamented the fact that Richard Hunt, the radical economic theorist, didn't seem to have his ideas (valuable to people looking for alternatives to globalism) up online. No sooner had I posted than I stumbled across this interview conducted by leading National Anarchist Troy Southgate and published on the now defunct Terra Firma N-A site. Other articles from Mr Hunt can be found via his Wikipedia entry

Nepal now has a Maoist Prime Minister. The Nepalese Maoists don't seem too bothered with PR going on the historic events associated with the Maoist creed, but it will be interesting to see how the new regime interacts (or not)with the new world order/neo-liberals and neo-cons. Hamas, it seems, have managed to stay fiercely independent of Uncle Sam despite them becoming world players. Will the Maoists remain defiant in the face of world economic hegemony? They say they want good relations with their neighbours. Will India, close by, with its large capitalist economy prove too tempting for the Maoists to resist?

It would seem the world's press are having a job getting into South Ossetia.
Reports are sketchy and rumours of South Ossetian death squads murdering Georgians are rife.

If there is blood letting, then I despair. Can we really ever hope to have ethnic homelands without the Grim Reaper? It is a question that needs answering. Is self-determination worth it if misery ensues?

Leona Lewis is a beautiful girl, but Greensleeves and Jerusalem are ENGLISH tunes. They don't belong to the British (whoever they are!)

Monday, 18 August 2008

A Green genius

Some people never get enough credit and former editor of Alternative Green, Richard Hunt, is one of them.

I only ever saw a few editions of Alternative Green back in the early 90s. But leafing through them had a profound influence on me, who, at the time, was every inch a leftist, and played a part in developing the politics espoused on here.

Hunt had launched AG in 1991 after being kicked off the editorial board of Green Anarchist. Back then GA was pretty much leftist, aligning itself with the more workerist anarchist groups. It was only later that GA set out a primitivist line.

Hunt was dismissed because of an editorial he wrote declaring his support for British troops in the build up to the first Gulf War. The reason Hunt gave was one of kinship and 'My country, right or wrong' Now, I won't go as far as to support troops engaged in such an imperialist endeavour, but Hunt's arguments struck a chord with me.

There was a real to do within anarchist circles with Hunt being a accused of racism. His response was to launch AG and push for the same autonomous village society that GA had, but with ones based on ending the left/right divide. AG was particularly hot when discussing the failures of both Left & Right and opening up a debate on nationalism in relation to the Green movement.

Hunt's essay 'The Natural Society', first published in 1976, would be particularly useful to today's anti-globalist activists, but it doesn't seem available online. Further, Hunt's theory of 'revolution on the periphery' will make good reading for today's National Anarchists. The basics of this theory being that the destruction of modern society will not start in the West as it is too bloated and decadent, and we must therefore look to revolution in the Third World, so as to start the system fraying at the edges...Hunt used the Roman Empire as a model.

Hunt's work really should be widely available. It's a shame that Alternative Green, which is still being published as far as I know, hasn't got a website. To fill the void then, if any National Anarchist group or similar has access to Hunt's articles or anything else that appeared in AG by other writers, then getting them online would be a great idea.

It's the economy, Stupid
The ongoing crisis in Georgia shows us that the New World order isn't 100% complete. The old 20th century battle lines have never totally disappeared, and their reemergence in the Georgian scenario, begs the question of if we are witnessing a return to Cold War stability. The answer of course, is no. Despite losing its empire, Russia is still able to flex its political muscle, due in part to its legacy of the Soviet era - a strong nationalistic streak running through Russian society, coupled with military supremacy, and the desire to look strong in the face of the old enemy, NATO.

But it is in the the economic sphere where Russia, like everywhere else, is under the jackboot of globalism and the neocon agenda. How many American firms now have a stake in Mother Russia? Will the Kremlin be booting these capitalist dogs off of its soil over America's latest finger wagging over Georgia? No. The world's elites are not going to kick Russia off the G8, either. That's too much market at risk.

Globalist projects like the UN, NATO, EU, NAFTA and WTO all involve the political and the economic. The globalisers have the latter pretty much sewn up, but you can bet your bottom dollar they're working on the former, and it seems to be coming on nicely.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Self-determination for all peoples

A big geopolitical battle is underway in that most problematic of regions, the Caucasus. I don't know much about South Ossetia, in fact until this week I'd never heard of it.

This blog advocates secession as a way of breaking down the empires and as a way to a decentralised and diverse world. Ossetians are an ethnic group in the own right with their own language and culture, but their wish to join the Russian Federation must be respected. It is also important to remember that 30% South Ossetia's population is Georgian. We don't want a repeat of the Bosnian scenario. The people of Abkahazia too, are flexing their muscle. Both they and the Ossetians seem close to the Russians, and some Georgian commentators are saying the Kremlin intends to gain back all the old territories of the USSR - that old imperialist monster! However, it seems Abkhazia is more independently minded that Ossetia. If full secession is not possible as it will lead to war, death, rape, misery - then semi-autonomy for ethnic minorities in Georgia is the way forward. It's something that could happen in a united Ireland, semi-autonomy for the Protestants or 'British-Irish' as the CPGB (PCC) would have it. There are countless other states where ethnic minorities have their own political parties and representation in government. Ethnic Italians have their own voice in Switzerland, ethnic Germans in Romania have theirs. Serbs in Slovenia have theirs - where these exist we do not hear about ethnic cleansing.

In Moldova, Transnistria, which is mainly populated by ethnic Russians, is an autonomous region, although it sadly cost a thousand lives in the battles of 1992.

Can this sort of thing happen in the UK with Leicester and Bradford? Well...no. Ethnic homelands can only happen within existing states if the population share a meta-ethnicity and where cultures are not too different.

This blog will follow the Georgian crisis with concern and interest in the possible remedies.

In the meantime:

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Queen Caroline

Well, this rubbishy little blog won't win any awards for punditry. Out of the names touted here last week regarding the Green Party's Leadership election coming up in September, only Caroline Lucas has thrown her hat in the ring. Quite frankly, as the UK's most recognisable Green (after David Icke) things would have been slightly awry if she hadn't. She's going up against perennial candidate and ex - 'The Bill' actor Ashley Gunstock, who, bless 'im, never does spectacularly, so it looks like Lucus is home and dry.

There was only one taker for Deputy Leader - young Adrian Ramsay, leader of the 13-strong Green opposition on Norwich City Council. He certainly looks the part, our Adrian. He rivals David Miliband in the 'Young politician on the make' stakes. The irony is that he will only be able to take on the new role if Lucas wins, due to the Greens illogical gender balance rules.

MINORITY REPORT - Titbits from the Outer-limits
I've long admired the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee) Their paper, the Weekly Worker, is just about the only place where you can read up on the true, miserable state of the UK Left. I like their stance on Northern Ireland: United Ireland, but with semi-autonomous homelands for the 'British-Irish' Protestants centred on Antrim. But the comrades are still rabbiting on about how the British state must be maintained so that workers have the maximum unity to take on the British ruling class and should organise into one single Communist Party of the UK. Now, this is all fine and dandy if taken from some Marxian, scientific logic. But reality check: The British ruling class have been superseded by the globalised system. It is this one-world system that is the true enemy of the world's toilers. Better for anti-globalisation activists to call for the break-up of an artificial, multinational state like the UK. An independent Scotland, Wales and England are far better as a first practical step to challenging the status quo. Secession is the key to breaking down the almighty proto-world system. There are 189 states on the planet, but there are hundreds of ethnic groups and nationalities. If these started flexing their collective muscle, then the globalisers should start worrying.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Nationalism or Regionalism?

According to the European Union, there is no England. There's only 9 regions carved out of her with no consideration to local cultural or historical markers. These phony Euro zones have given regionalism a bad name, not least within English nationalist circles. Berrocscir's Banner is for the continuing unity of England on political, ethnic and cultural levels. However, regional autonomy can happily co-exist with national unity. Authentic regionalism is not artificial and merely for administrative purposes like the grey and rootless Euro Zones.

Some English regionalists such as the Wessex Regionalists and the Mercia Movement want devolution and sometimes independence (!) for the old sub-kingdoms of the old Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy . Now, there should be an historical element to regionalism and a revivalist renaissance of the Heptarchy, no harm in that, but to all intents and purposes hasn't the Heptarchy fallen out of folk memory? The Heptarchy is certainly part of what defines the English and is part of their rich heritage and history, but does it mean much to the English today? No, the Heptarchy has been demoted to the history books, a process which started with the Norman Conquest and cemented with the 1707 Act of Union which bought about that most strange of all nationalisms - British. This might be a tad harsh, but real regional pride these days is manifested in county/shire pride. Yorkshiremen hold the White Rose close to their bosom, the Norfolk are very self-aware and down in Somerset, well they know who they are. Returning political power back down to the Shires can help re-enforce this sense of place. Adopting a Swiss style Canton system, giving real powers to local government, will encourage decentralisation and self -reliance, thus eroding the globalisation of everyday life. English nationalists might argue this will inevitably lead to the break-up of England. Quite possibly, but a growth in regional identity might actually reignite English identity by overtaking the 'global village' mentality and vague internationalism which has got its claws into large swathes of the social strata. England has been united since the tenth century, so that's long enough to actually mean something, but if transcending the global order means taking devolution to its natural conclusion and the concept of England passing into history, then so be it. England will always be in my heart, but that doesn't justify its existence.

MINORITY REPORT - Titbits from the Outer-Limits

The Passing of a Great Helmsman
Such are the fortunes of Veritas these days that I rarely check its website. So I was unaware that Patrick Eston, the chap who had the unenviable task of picking up the pieces after Kilroy's departure, had himself jacked it in a while back. It really should be game over for Veritas, who presently still seem determined to stick with it. For a week or so after the party's launch, it really looked like something was happening, but Veritas, through their own making, have made themselves figures of fun from all quarters. But the membership however, remain sincere people. Maybe some of their old adversaries in UKIP should let bygones be bygones for the good of their cause and welcome them back.

Keith pips Derek
Meanwhile, over at the Green Party, Brighton councillor Keith Taylor, a centrist, has beaten arch-leftie Derek Wall into third place on Green party's Euro-list for the South East region. Is this a sign of dissatisfaction in the ranks of the party of the tyranny of the Reds or has this blogger got a fertile imagination and its simply down to Keith being a good councillor and activist? Probably the latter. The former's a nice thought, though!