Friday, 27 June 2008

English Democrats bomb in Henley

The big news from yesterday's Henley by-election is that the Greens and the BNP beat Labour. I'll shed no tears for Brown's man, but what struck me was the abysmal 157 votes that the English Democrats' Derek Allpass picked up. A lot of the gossip emanating from English nationalists is that people are not bothered by the union, the national question, independence, or English parliament, but by all the bread & butter stuff that concerns us all. This is very true. So English nationalists need to start thinking about how to address doorstep, parish pump politics without discarding their patriotic goals. Those not interested in the long haul or think there is some quick fix just around the corner, might as well pack it in now.

Talking of by-elections, we are to be treated to no less than 26 candidates in the 10th July Haltemprice and Howden poll, David Davis's seat. Among them are such delights as David Icke, the New Party (on a rare electoral outing)and Tess Culnane of the NF who must be hoping for second place in light of their high poll in the London GLA elections last month, with no BNP (they back Davis on 42 days)they must fancy their chances. The English Democrats must be hoping to improve on their Henley figure.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Mad dogs and Englishmen...

I see that one of the waifs & strays of English nationalism, Parish Cllr Paul Gilbert, of the phantom England's Parliamentary Party is standing in a local by-election for Stafford Common ward on July 10th. I suppose it's part of being English that we get mavericks like this going it alone, and I wish him well, but if patriot political activists were really serious about their identity they'd throw their lot in with either the EDP or FEP. Still, having the word 'England' on the ballot parer is something I suppose.

The Greens are going up against David Davies in what must be the most bizarre contest in years, as a sort of left-liberal alternative. A big gamble - head office must be hoping for second place, but it could all backfire if the electorate become enamoured of a beauty queen or a loony.

Friday, 20 June 2008

The Sunne in Splendour

Bright blessings to all at this Summer Soltice. The Solstice actually passes tonight at one minute to twelve. This is the time when, as Vivien Crowley says, the Lord and Lady dance through all creation. The earth is at her most bountiful and in full bloom. But it is also a time to acknowledge that however powerful life becomes, it will always reach a point when it can grow no more and begin to decline.

I didn't make it down to Stonehenge (again) this year, but I'm hoping to drag myself up tomorrow and get out to where there's a bit of green for a hour's reflection. Must get an early night.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Eirinn's folk say "No T'anks"

A small victory for anti-globalists courtesy of the Irish - Despite the alleged benefits that the 'Celtic Tiger' economy bought to them, they threw a spanner in the works of the global bulldozer yesterday by rejecting the Lisbon treaty. OK, OK, so the globalisers aren't going to worry about little glitches like popular mandates, and they'll get their way somehow in the coming years. But even so, this result will be a significant hindrance to the EU, the multinationals and the neo-liberals and what they had planned for us. Credit must go to Sinn Fein for playing a full role in the 'No' campaign. Its good to see nationalists like themselves not pandering to world power blocs, unlike certain left-nationalists in Scotland (Alba), Wales (Cymru) and Cornwall (Kernow)

So well done Ireland. I'm a Real Ale man myself - but go on then, I'll have a Guinness.


It is slightly disappointing to see the Libertarian Party not standing in the Henley by-election later this month. They had originally announced Henley would indeed provide the setting for their first sortie into the electoral arena, only to pull out when they realised the job would be too much like hard-work. Come on all you minnows - get your houses in order - don't shout about anything until those nomination papers are in. You might find that a little bit of planning will actually make you look like contenders.
Among those parties who made it on the ballot paper are UKIP and the English Democrats. I take no pleasure in saying this, but the former will trounce the latter, I'd wager.

Havering borough by-election - South Hornchurch ward
In a seat that the BNP must be seriously rubbing their hands over, it is also disappointing to see the National Liberal Party - Third Way stand aside and back a local campaigner in an area the NLP will see as their backyard. In their defence the NLP will say that their decision is down to circumstance and a healthy dose of non-sectarianism. Away from the Punch & Judy stuff if you will. But with them receiving respectable showings in Havering, the NLP should be looking to enter the fray at every opportunity. You have to speculate to accumulate.

Monday, 9 June 2008

National Anarchist evangelicals predictably given short-shrift

Within the National-Anarchist milieu are a few brave-souls out spreading the gospel to the iron columns of both left and right. Predictably however, the right dismiss them as commies and the left as fash. Leftist anarchists especially, come out with the 'Nazis in disguise' response - like the left never wear different hats depending on who they are talking to! And if N-As were Nazis in disguise, jealous of the pull anarchism has for certain layers of youth (which I find hard to swallow) then surely they would be adopting a populist, modernising approach like the rest of the right?

From the exchanges I've read, the National Anarchists seem to be giving a good account of themselves, giving as good as they get. But is there an argument against crusades like this? Well, maybe. Shouldn't N-As by-pass the sub-cultures and ghettos and go straight to the masses? I think there are many appealing aspects unique to National-Anarchism for the minority of the general public who are motivated by ideas and the 'vision thing', but these people are few and far between. That said, National-Anarchism rightly knows that history is made by pioneers, not the great multitude. So it would be a mistake for N-As to ignore the public completely, who knows what firebrands are hiding out there?

The tactic of engaging with established political trends can be defended, however: If banging collective heads might result in 1 in 20 ideologues, who will be swayed by the N-A message, or at least develop a true understanding of it, and perhaps adopting elements of it into their worldviews - then it will have been worth it.

The familiar refrain of "How can you be a nationalist and an anarchist?!" can be slowly eroded by patience. National-Anarchism is not a straight forward fusion of nationalist and anarchist thought (although a fusion there certainly can be). It is a current that promotes autonomy and choice to people who want to live life how they want to - as long as the rest of us don't have to endure it. Communist, religious, green communities, racial separatist, hippie, fascist communes - they are all fair game to National-Anarchists as part of their wider vision of a post globalised world. It is not a case of "It's OUR WAY or death" as the left and right say, but one of plurality and diversity. It is hard to imagine that everyone will ever want to live under the same political and economic systems. National Anarchism then, reasons that separate communities should agree to disagree and happily co-exist independently of one another. The road to this utopia is unclear, no doubt, but propaganda aimed carefully is the first step in turning theory into action.

So why do I rabbit on about National-Anarchism, an idea at present pretty marginalised and untested? Because it has the potential to become an all-encompassing ideology after the 20th century's failure of warring factions. It offers true diversity in human society. It recognises that contrary to the proclamations of modern liberalism, humanity is not uniform. We can't be uprooted from our respective organic cultural and spiritual DNA and get renamed 'Homo economicus'. Left-anarchists can't wipe the human slate clean

I recently read an article in the Independent detailing the threat climate change is posing to the Sami people (or Lapps to you and me) of northern Scandinavia. Nothing for the reindeer to eat, so no livelihoods for the Sami. It paints a pretty grim picture. Not only are tribal peoples feeling the heat from the globalisers, but now also from climate change (which is mainly due to the rampant capitalism of the multinationals)

We have a World Wildlife Fund - how about a World Indigenous Fund to safeguard threatened cultures? Come on the Great and the Good, how about some generous corporate sponsorship? ...Thought not.


Looking at the new 2008 list of registered political parties I was interested to see the rubber stamp given to the Mercian Party. The Mercians (who were given that name by the West-Saxons - 'Merce' or 'Border folk') now have a regional voice. I remember the Mercian Party stood in a Staffordshire (or was it Shropshire?) council seat last year, so the flag of true regionalism (as opposed to phony governmental 'Euro Zones') is fluttering again in the famed Heptarchy of Anglo-Saxon England. I can't see them setting the political scene alight, but their existence does throw up questions of nationalism and regionalism and the chances of them complementing each other. Hmmm...might treat the reader to that in a future post - stay tuned

Monday, 2 June 2008

O'Connor's latest endeavor...

A new month, a new party. Fathers 4 Justice supremo Matt O'Connor who walked out on the English Democrats and their London mayoral candidacy just days before polling day, is to head a new party called Endeavor - and claims two well healed backers with 50k already in the bag. It seems like the formation will be broadly populist and anti-UK, but I predict this will amount to English Nationalism's 'Veritas' moment - even the name rings bells of that little's is perfect for a battleship, but rather pretentious for a political party. No more, please.