Sunday, 30 March 2008

The north will rise again?

This week I was reminded of that old lumbering post-punk classic 'The N.W.R.A' by The Fall ('The North will rise again') when it was bought to my attention of the alleged existence of a new secessionist movement in the north of this seat of Mars.

There have long been joke, spoof or phantom political organisations (I mean, look at the Socialist Workers Party) and I believe the Northumberland Independence Party/Northumberland Independence Army to be such a formation. If they gain ground expect frosty relations with Holyrood - Northumbria, populated by the Angles, extended far into present day Scottish territory. Edinburgh (the name means 'Edwin's Burgh' - 'Burgh' being the old Anglo-Saxon word for a fortified town) was founded by the English. Still, the NIP/NIA don't seem as ambitious as certain internet jacobites that want the English/Scottish border set at Derby.

English nationalists take a dim view these regionalist tendencies, but this week, true to form, leading English nationalists have been more interested in having a good row among themselves. As is common knowledge, the English Democrats have recently lost a few members who, frustrated at their party's support for a federal UK, formed their own Free England Party which vows to fight for a fully independent English sovereign state. FEP leader Andrew Constantine (himself a former prominent Eng Dem) is standing against the English Democrats in one of the London GLA constituencies on May 1st. This has caused some classic forum based spats this week. The Eng Dems are aghast...look, come on this sort of thing has happened for donkey's years and will always be a feature in electoral politics. Look at the far-left at election time - they love standing against each other. The NF will always stand against the BNP if they get the chance. The Eng Dems should not get annoyed with FEP's first electoral outing. Robin Tilbrook's party are standing in every GLA constituency, for mayor and have a top-up list. This in itself is a victory for them. I wish them and the FEP well on May 1st. Let's hope the English vote is more than the English Democrats received in the council ward of Vassal, Hackney, last week - 8 votes. I think it will.

The big questions regarding the US Presidential elections must surely be why is Ralph Nader going it alone as an independent and not as the Green's official candidate. Stateside Greens - do yourselves a favour and get that man on board. Recognition factor, people - think about it!! Also, c'mon Libertarian delegates - adopt Mr Ron Paul as your man - they'll be weighing Libertarian votes I tell you.

Some Easter traditions don't stretch back into folk memory and antiquity. In 1963, a chat in a pub in Radley, Berkshire, developed into a Good Friday tradition. This year 45 locals turned out in the annual Good Friday walk from the Bowyer's Arms, Radley to Carfax, Oxford and back - about an 10 mile round trip. This year's winners were Philip Jeacock and Chris Dales, who completed it in two hours and eight minutes. Well done gents and well done to the good people of Radley for actively strengthening and enriching the English folk year and not sitting in watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

I took the unfortunate decision to go and see 10,000 BC this week - what utter liberal tripe. I'm sat there thinking "Right, Eurasian landmass, 12,000 years ago. I've never seen so many mixed-race Palaeolithic kids!" This film is a multiculturalist's wet dream, don't bother.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

BNP hold seat in Havering

The BNP held its council seat in Gooshays ward, London Borough of Havering on Thursday. The previous BNP incumbant had resigned. A extremely significant result from a ward that has shown some political fluctuations over recent years. Will London's political map be unrecognisable come May?

The Gooshays result was a poor one for the National Liberal Party - Third Way candidate David Durant who managed 62 votes.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Maltese cross at Third Position candidate

Surely there can be nothing of interest regarding the recent general election in Malta? Depends if your me or not...The centre-right slightly outdid the centre-left in the island's 8th March poll. But there seems to be two anti-globalist, third position-ish, nationalist parties active over there, albeit seemingly unable to capture the average Maltese imagination. Azzjoni Nazzjonali (National Action) picked up 1461 votes (0.5%) But Imperium Europa , a pan-europeanist, third positionist grouping led by the strangely anglo-sounding Norman Lowell, only managed 84 votes (0.03%) with Lowell as the candidate. The Greens/Alternattiva Demokratika did slightly better picking up 3,810 (1.31%)but not enough for any seats, by the look of it.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The German's are coming!!

Of course everyone knows that household name of a political party, RESPECT, has split. This is a recurring theme of your common & garden post-war left. But one lot took the name...A snag John Rees and Co are now getting around by standing as the Left List in the Greater London Assembly elections with SWP veteran Linsey German their mayoral candidate. Obviously, cde German will walk it - London's workers are crying out to go along to drafty community centres to hear Linsey as the main speaker along with 'a rank & file FBU militant (i.e. a long-standing SWPer) and some bloke from Iran. No doubt Bob Crow will stick his oar in. Ken & Boris won't be happy. Thousands of Londoners now won't need to vote BNP now that cde German's on the case. Thank God for the workers' vanguard. This is a woman that once referred to BNP voters as 'scum'...

Another mayoral candidate who really should know better is veteran right-winger Dennis Delderfield of the New Britain Party ( i.e. him and a couple of mates. The BNP's Richard Barnbrook must be livid at this blatant plot to split the populist vote...or maybe not.

Talking of political no-hopers, Veritas are touting for candidates for this May's local elections. "No previous experience necessary" says the official notice. Vanity in the extreme.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mother Russia refuses to knuckle under

Apart from Putin's glove puppet Dmitry Medvedev bearing a passing resemblance to UKIP's Nigel Farage, Russia's Presidential election showed that despite everything the anti-Putin forces are still to be reckoned with.

OK, so Medvedev picked up 70% of the dubious result (as well as, notably, gaining the support of the Russian Greens and the collectivist Agrarian Party). But Gennady Zyuganov of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation bagged 13.2 million votes (17%) and ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky still commanded the allegiance of 6.9million Russians (9.35%) Combined, the anti-Putin vote was still a third of the electorate - Tsar Putin has yet to subdue Mother Russia. Anti-globalists in the west should support all dissident currents in the Motherland.

Here we are in the middle of Lent. How are you doing? I've forsaken biscuits and so far its been going well. Not long now til the great christian festival of Easter and the older Germanic festival of Eostre which coincides with the Spring Equinox and heralds Mother Nature's Spring Offensive.

Bit of punditry
Its March already and about time for some predictions:
Well, I'm not water tight when it comes to this sort of thing, but here we go.
BNP to gain at least one seat on the Greater London Assembly in May. Greens to hold on to their two. Er, that's it.