Friday, 29 February 2008

It's been going on for 300 years....

I read the following in today's Daily Telegraph :

Childhood 'is being ruined by PC culture'
Parents feel children's lives are being 'systematicaly undermined' by politically correct attitudes and the health and safety culture, according to a Government-backed report.
They say their sense of identity is being lost because it is no longer acceptable 'to be proud of English culture and Englishness' , the study said.
Some parents said their children had been sent home from school for wearing clothes bearing the St George Cross. Others said there had been a decline in community spirit as local authorities refused to stage events such as May Day celebrations.
....The findings came in a series of in-depth interviews with parents in 14 parts of England commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.
The study, by marketing firm Counterpoint, was carried out following claims in a UNICEF report last year that British children were among the unhappiest in the West.

What struck me about this report is that it used the term 'English'. My God, the mainstream media actually acknowledges our existence! Usually the term is 'British'. It didn't take until the advent of political correctness for the English to be denied their identity - it started in 1707, when England was, without popular mandate, swallowed up into something called Great Britain. Suddenly we were all 'British', regardless of the fact that many of us were not of Romano-British or Brythonic descent. The English had been discouraged to assert themselves as just that long before the liberal-left came along - about 300 years, in fact.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Civic Nationalism is an oxymoron

The launch of the new Free England Party has prompted me to talk about civic nationalism.
On their website the FEP refer several times to a 'modern England' i.e. a civic nationalist one. Civic nationalism is essentially the idea that all citizens of a sovereign state can show allegiance to it regardless of their ethnicity or nationality. In this globalised world where mass immigration is inevitable, civic nationalism is a good pole of attraction for those wishing for English independence. It is inclusive - a reasoned battering ram against left-liberal multiculturalism. But I can't help thinking it has a downside. To be harsh, civic nationalism is an oxymoron. Nationalism in the twentieth century was watered down and bastardised. Its definition became defined by the state. Authentic nationalism is defined by natural human tribalism - an adherence to one's own nation defined as a group of people with common descent, language, history, culture and religion. The state shouldn't get a look in. Civic nationalism is misnamed - a better name is what some call constitutional patriotism. If groups like the FEP and English Democrats took this name, I'd have no problem with it, my head could live with it, if not my heart. My heart says I'm (among other things) an ethno-nationalist - I belong to a tribe. The tribe is natural and organic. The state is artificial.

I reject the Marxist notion that nationalism automatically sides with the bourgeoisie, turns the working classes against each other - who says? What book is that from? It needn't do. Nationalism can be a weapon against global capitalism. Nations as equals fighting against it, not tearing each other apart. Social class is important in understanding the modern world, but it is not the be-all-and end-all of how human beings can be defined. Marxists often talk of a bin man in England having more in common with a janitor in South Africa than with the MD of his company. This is true -but only on an socio-economic level. Another equally valid definition is nation. Marxism tries to belittle and destroy nationhood - in this way it collaborates with the globalsers - it is their ally.

All this aside, I can see no clear road ahead for ethno-nationalism without it causing huge social unrest in the so called advanced countries. the clock cannot be turned back. This is a dilemma I can't pretend to know the answers to except that the globalisers have won

Monday, 11 February 2008

Free England Party launched

A new group on the English nationalist scene has gone public. Former English Democrats and others have formed the Free England Party and are aiming to contest the local elections in May with a platform pushing for full independence from the UK. Where they will be in 12 months time I won't pretend to know, but they seem level-headed enough and are aware of the huge obsticles that new small parties face.

Like the English Democrats, the FEP are solidly civic nationalist, something that won't bother the England First Party - the only other 'English' party of any significance that follow the anti-UK line - they still have the ethno nationalist niche all to themselves.