Saturday, 27 December 2008

Will Tribalism be the big thing in 2009?

Lets face it, Yule is always a time when we look to the New Year with just a bit of hope in our hearts that a new day will dawn. For a while now, I've nailed my flag to the mast of National Anarchism...while remaining pragmatic. We must realise Broad Frontism is absolutely essential in the fight against globalisation, the state of siege that is multiculuralism, and the nightmare of bland Atlanticist monoculturalism. I'm hoping that National Anarchism can begin going under a different handle, a less formal, technical one. For some time I've preferred Tribalism. It is a word that is instantly recognisable and will appeal to the blood, so to speak. Most people are driven by their gut feelings and Tribalism is full of them.

Some US National Anarchists have produced this What is Tribalism? flier which uses my preferred buzzword. Let's hope it sets the standard and National Anarchists from all over adopt this positive tag in the years to come.


Well, this blog's survived '08. I have plans for expansion in '09 with more theory, photos, links and reports. I'm hoping to kick off the New Year with a look at the split between English Ethno-nationalism and it's Civic counterpart. Something to look forward to?