Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pioneering National Anarchist essays

I was frustrated recently to discover that I'd lost copies of articles I'd saved from the now off-line National-Anarchist Campaign website, last seen in 2006. Several essays on there from David Michael had a big influence on this author and the political outlook and worldview of this here blog. So you can imagine my joy when I retrieved them from the brilliant Internet Archive, which saves sites for posterity.

Dr Michael penned several essays on National Anarchist strategy, theory and practice, which all free-thinking anti-globalists and anti-capitalists can learn from. Here are the links:

'Unity in Diversity' - A look at alliance building between different anti-globalist camps and dealing with sectarianism

'On Strategy' - which details how National Anarchists should work

'On the importance of saying 'they've won' - A good article on what we can and can't achieve

'A new land, a new life, a new hope' - a look at intentional communities, past and present, and the lessons for anti-globalists

An article responding to criticisms of National Anarchism

Other stuff is accessible here

Dr Michael did get into squabbles with other National Anarchists, which is inevitable, but ultimately uninteresting. Certainly many National Anarchists disagree among each other on many things, and although these articles match my definitions of National Anarchism, I have no problem with other National Anarchist factions. To me National Anarchism goes beyond ethno-communities without hierarchy or the state. To me its more live & let live. I might disapprove of the way other people live, but its pointless condemning them - let them form into their own communities. I'll live in mine and we'll keep out of each other's way. Simple!

A lot of National Anarchists may oppose hierarchy, that's fine, a lot of hierarchy is oppressive. But some communities might like it, find that it works for them and argue that it benefits their community...and that's fine too. My National Anarchism comes from my natural tribalism and ethno-instinct, not so much from anarchism as an ideology, even though I cut my teeth in that tradition.