Monday, 29 September 2008

The Sound of Music

Well, your average South German nationalist could be forgiven for doing Julie Andrews impressions today...Another continental election, I can't keep up.

The Austrian legislative elections yesterday were good news for the nationalist FPO and it's breakaway, the BZO, together getting nearly 30% of the vote. Austrian (ie South German) voters still gave the nod to the neo-liberal parties of the centre-left & centre-right, however. They came out on top, but they will have do some backroom arm-twisting to form a government. But nearly a third of the electorate showed their disapproval of the EU and the islamification of their country.

In addition the Austrian Greens (dispite their usual lovey-dovey multiculturalism) held their own, and at least they're euroskeptic. I just hope the silly so-and-sos don't come to the centre-left/centre-right's aid and prop-up their pro-globalist administration. As things stand the results look like this:

Social Democrats (centre-left) - 29.7% (58 seats)
People's Party - 25.6% (centre-right) (50 seats)
Freedom Party - 18% (35 seats)
Alliance for Austria's Future - 11% (21 seats)
Greens - 9.8% (19 seats)
Other parties - 5.8%
Source: Austrian Interior Ministry

I've always had to admire a politician who doesn't care what he says and the FPO's Heinz-Christian Strache is no exception! Get a load o' this from today's Times:

Speaking at his final election rally in Vienna’s working-class district of Favoriten on Friday, he said that people were scared to see women in burkas running around "like female Ninjas"

An FPO colleague of Strache is quoted in the Guardian thus:

while another of his party leaders reminisced about the days when the kiosks on Vienna's squares sold sausage and wiener schnitzel, rather than "the kebab joints selling falafel and couscous, or whatever you call that stuff"

I know, I know...I'm gonna have to go on a diversity and inclusivity course (all at the taxpayers expense, probably) but I did laugh...

The civic-nationalist Free England Party gained a disappointing 81 votes (6%) in Stevenage's Pin Green council by-election last Thursday, down somewhat from previous outings. Oh well, the path to salvation was never a smooth one. The Banner's message of solidarity to FEP candidate Richard Aitkins is a quote from that great filum Michael Collins:

Eamonn De Valera (Alan Rickman, soothingly): Wait, Michael, wait...
Mick Collins (Liam Neeson, impatiently): Till when?!
Eamonn (knowingly):...The next time...