Saturday, 6 September 2008

Secession, secession, sucession

Republican US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been courting controversy this week presiding over who must be the most embarrassed young couple on the planet. For Berrocscir's Banner, however, the real scandal was the revelation that Palin's husband, Todd, was a paid up member of the 13,000 strong Alaskan Independence Party as recently as 2002! Oh, the shame of it!!

This is all to the good, a free bit of publicity for the Alaskan secessionists, and indeed, the secessionist movement worldwide. Secessionists in the US seem to be on something of a periodic upturn, so this widespread media coverage is to be welcomed.

Talking of the US Presidential election, a footnote to this year's campaign is the welcome, no honestly, the welcome news that the Workers World Party , one of several Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist groupscules in the States, is officially backing Cynthia McKinney, the Presidential hopeful for the Green Party .

Apart from the Wobblies I know very little about the Left in the US, and don't know if the WWP consists of half a dozen academics plus a token Blue Collar OR the massed ranks for the proletariat (...although I know what I'd put a tenner on)But this step the WWP has taken is encouraging. It shows the Left coming out of their ideological hidey-holes. The WWP has obviously studied green politics and had a little internal debate over it. The time was when small trot groups wished disease on other tendencies, so this small example is a step up from glorious isolation and impotent ideological purity.

At the present time, the best hope for alliances between disparate anti-globalist forces seems to be of the Red/Green hue. There is a strong socialist current within the Green movement which is a positive thing. Working together, talking together is the only way anti-globalists can make concrete gains.

It's not often you see the left get one over on the BNP these days, but that's exactly what happened on Thursday in the Barrow Borough Council Newbarns ward by-election. In a Tory hold the Barrow-based Socialist Peoples Party beat the BNP 155 votes to 104 and just 12 votes behind the runner-up Labour candidate. It might be a local issue the picked up on, respected local activists taking on local case work and the bread and butter stuff, but the SPP, in pipping 'the fash', actually only succeeded in splitting the anti-globalist, socialist vote. The BNP are just as socialistic as the SSP, albeit of a different hue. We could argue over the finer points, but divided the globalists will always win out.

Caroline Lucas is the first ever elected leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, taking a cool 90% of the vote. Good on loser Ashley Gunstock for preventing a straightforward coronation. Plucky little Adrian Ramsay was elected Caroline's deputy. The job now is to make this leadership team get well and truly on the media's radar and most importantly, to go out and WIN SEATS.