Thursday, 18 September 2008

Scottish Greens to debate Fuhrerprinzip?

Robin Harper, co-convener of the Scottish Greens has stood down from the post and has called for the party to adopt a similar leadership structure to their colleagues south of the border. They have about a year to debate the issues before next year's conference where they can put it to the vote. By next summer, the benefits (or not) of the new Lucas/Ramsay leadership team should be apparent and Scottish greens can see if its for them or not, by then. Having a face with whom the public can identify with positive green ideals may even go someway to clawing back the five MSPs the Scottish Greens lost in 2007.

Talking of the Greens,they are defending a seat in Formley & Wortley ward in Leeds, with polling taking place as I write this. They are defending a huge majority of around 1500. But what caught my eye about this contest was the Alliance for green Socialism are also standing, like they did in the same ward last year. They got a derisory vote last time which they will no doubt get today. But their existence still proves the sectarianism on the left. The AGS has it origins in Labour Party 'usual suspects' and CPB hangers on. But as far as i know their is no dialogue between them and the much larger GPEW. Looking at the positions of both the AGS and GPEW Green Left faction, I can see no obvious hurdles to dialogue. At the very least the AGS could agree not to stand against Green Left candidates, and for the Green Left's part - if they can work with small Trotskyite organisations like Socialist Resistance, they can work with AGS. Surely it's not being entirely Utopian to call for all Greens, when it comes to the electoral front, to strike as a fist?

Over on the english nationalist front Berrocscir's Banner is hoping for a good showing from the Free England Party's Richard Aitkins who is standing in the Hertfordshire Pin Green ward next Thursday, whilst hoping for a similar outcome for the English Democrat's Mike Blundell who is standing in a Bristol ward on October 9th.

Kiwis go to polls
New Zealand's General Election goes ahead in November and there are a handful of broadly anti-globalist formations throwing their hats into the ring.

Firstly, although monarchism is more popular here than with the Aussies, NZ's Republicans are hopefully going to show that the Kiwi nation can easily hold her own without the patronage of some elderly aristocrat 12,000 miles away. Although their returns last time around were meagre, a bigger republican vote in November, whilst highlighting the legacy of colonialism (proto-globalism) will indicate the people's appetite for self-sufficiently, independence and identity, something this blog always encourages.

The main left-wing grouping standing seem to be the recently formed Residents Action Movement Although kow-towing to the multi-cultural agenda and bending over backwards to Islam, the RAM can be applauded for their localist and decenralist policies and for their strong anti-corporate/anti-capitalist stance.

Also worthy of note are the Democrats for Social Credit who are standing in several seats. Any party keeping the flame of Social Credit burning is OK by this blog.

NZ's parliament also has seats set aside for the Maoris. Something entirely justifiable to safeguard this ancient, noble and distinct culture.

Turn, Turn, Turn - A Wheel of the Year special
It's been nearly a year since Berrocscir's Banner began the occasional Wheel of the Year column. Your's truly is no hardcore Wiccan or in-yer-face pagan, but just a soul who wants to pay homage to the eternal cycle of life and death and how it is manifested here on our beautiful planet. So the Wheel entries on here are a simple way for your author to keep in step with the rhythms of the year, and, for me, a way of keeping in with the lifeforce and our ancestors who built our nations and cultures thus making us who we are.

Last Monday night (15th) I gazed up at the full Harvest Moon (complete with a fine halo through the thin cloud cover)and contemplated this time of year: A time of harvest, reaping what we sow, sharing the spoils at this time of fruits. I remembered that Autumn is a time of maturity (which comes before decline). For a couple of minutes at these markers throughout the year, I can remind myself that I'm part of the infinite, Divine universe. I came from it and shall go back to it. Although, even as long as I breathe, I am ever connected to it. I am it. In all its uncharted majesty and awe.

As a child I used to love school Harvest Festivals, my eyes growing before nature's glorious bounty before me in the Assembly Hall. After assembly we'll take our horn of plenty round to the old people's bungalow's nearby and distribute our prize to them whilst singing We Plough the Fields and Scatter...

This fond memory is part of a larger folk-memory, vital to all peoples if they are to maintain their uniqueness, their identity, themselves.

Recently I've gazed at windfalls on the path on the way to work. A glance at the apple - a symbol of Autumn in England - on a drab, grey morning, is an incantation, a little prayer. Not to anyone in particular, but just to existence itself. A weekend bus journey passing ripe cornfields...having a full moon illuminate my journey back home after missing my stop - these are my altars.

I started Wheel of the Year last October 7th with Michaelmas, and, well the wheel turns indeed, here we are coming up to Michaelmas again.

In the Social calendar,the stuff Mother Nature has taken a back seat with, the English year has just taken in the wonderful Last Night of the Proms, so that means Guy Fawkes Night is on the horizon (its Bonfires borrowed from a much earlier time than the seventeenth century) and Remembrance Sunday...until then, Blessed Be!