Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Year Zero

So, the UK economy has hit zero growth. All anti-capitalists of all hues should be dancing in the ailes over this. Zero growth SHOULD mean sustainability. Zero growth SHOULD mean a stable and self-sufficient population. It used to be said that the Green Party supported zero growth. I didn't see it mentioned specifically in the Economy section of their Manifesto for a Sustainable Society , but reading through their policy, one can see it is is compatible with zero growth. However, within the framework of capitalism, zero growth is bad news for the peasants. Zero growth is only positive if from a decentralised and bottom up economy. Is 2008 the beginning of such a vision? Are we looking at a new year Zero?

Last week I lamented the fact that Richard Hunt, the radical economic theorist, didn't seem to have his ideas (valuable to people looking for alternatives to globalism) up online. No sooner had I posted than I stumbled across this interview conducted by leading National Anarchist Troy Southgate and published on the now defunct Terra Firma N-A site. Other articles from Mr Hunt can be found via his Wikipedia entry

Nepal now has a Maoist Prime Minister. The Nepalese Maoists don't seem too bothered with PR going on the historic events associated with the Maoist creed, but it will be interesting to see how the new regime interacts (or not)with the new world order/neo-liberals and neo-cons. Hamas, it seems, have managed to stay fiercely independent of Uncle Sam despite them becoming world players. Will the Maoists remain defiant in the face of world economic hegemony? They say they want good relations with their neighbours. Will India, close by, with its large capitalist economy prove too tempting for the Maoists to resist?

It would seem the world's press are having a job getting into South Ossetia.
Reports are sketchy and rumours of South Ossetian death squads murdering Georgians are rife.

If there is blood letting, then I despair. Can we really ever hope to have ethnic homelands without the Grim Reaper? It is a question that needs answering. Is self-determination worth it if misery ensues?

Leona Lewis is a beautiful girl, but Greensleeves and Jerusalem are ENGLISH tunes. They don't belong to the British (whoever they are!)