Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Queen Caroline

Well, this rubbishy little blog won't win any awards for punditry. Out of the names touted here last week regarding the Green Party's Leadership election coming up in September, only Caroline Lucas has thrown her hat in the ring. Quite frankly, as the UK's most recognisable Green (after David Icke) things would have been slightly awry if she hadn't. She's going up against perennial candidate and ex - 'The Bill' actor Ashley Gunstock, who, bless 'im, never does spectacularly, so it looks like Lucus is home and dry.

There was only one taker for Deputy Leader - young Adrian Ramsay, leader of the 13-strong Green opposition on Norwich City Council. He certainly looks the part, our Adrian. He rivals David Miliband in the 'Young politician on the make' stakes. The irony is that he will only be able to take on the new role if Lucas wins, due to the Greens illogical gender balance rules.

MINORITY REPORT - Titbits from the Outer-limits
I've long admired the Communist Party of Great Britain (Provisional Central Committee) Their paper, the Weekly Worker, is just about the only place where you can read up on the true, miserable state of the UK Left. I like their stance on Northern Ireland: United Ireland, but with semi-autonomous homelands for the 'British-Irish' Protestants centred on Antrim. But the comrades are still rabbiting on about how the British state must be maintained so that workers have the maximum unity to take on the British ruling class and should organise into one single Communist Party of the UK. Now, this is all fine and dandy if taken from some Marxian, scientific logic. But reality check: The British ruling class have been superseded by the globalised system. It is this one-world system that is the true enemy of the world's toilers. Better for anti-globalisation activists to call for the break-up of an artificial, multinational state like the UK. An independent Scotland, Wales and England are far better as a first practical step to challenging the status quo. Secession is the key to breaking down the almighty proto-world system. There are 189 states on the planet, but there are hundreds of ethnic groups and nationalities. If these started flexing their collective muscle, then the globalisers should start worrying.