Monday, 18 August 2008

A Green genius

Some people never get enough credit and former editor of Alternative Green, Richard Hunt, is one of them.

I only ever saw a few editions of Alternative Green back in the early 90s. But leafing through them had a profound influence on me, who, at the time, was every inch a leftist, and played a part in developing the politics espoused on here.

Hunt had launched AG in 1991 after being kicked off the editorial board of Green Anarchist. Back then GA was pretty much leftist, aligning itself with the more workerist anarchist groups. It was only later that GA set out a primitivist line.

Hunt was dismissed because of an editorial he wrote declaring his support for British troops in the build up to the first Gulf War. The reason Hunt gave was one of kinship and 'My country, right or wrong' Now, I won't go as far as to support troops engaged in such an imperialist endeavour, but Hunt's arguments struck a chord with me.

There was a real to do within anarchist circles with Hunt being a accused of racism. His response was to launch AG and push for the same autonomous village society that GA had, but with ones based on ending the left/right divide. AG was particularly hot when discussing the failures of both Left & Right and opening up a debate on nationalism in relation to the Green movement.

Hunt's essay 'The Natural Society', first published in 1976, would be particularly useful to today's anti-globalist activists, but it doesn't seem available online. Further, Hunt's theory of 'revolution on the periphery' will make good reading for today's National Anarchists. The basics of this theory being that the destruction of modern society will not start in the West as it is too bloated and decadent, and we must therefore look to revolution in the Third World, so as to start the system fraying at the edges...Hunt used the Roman Empire as a model.

Hunt's work really should be widely available. It's a shame that Alternative Green, which is still being published as far as I know, hasn't got a website. To fill the void then, if any National Anarchist group or similar has access to Hunt's articles or anything else that appeared in AG by other writers, then getting them online would be a great idea.

It's the economy, Stupid
The ongoing crisis in Georgia shows us that the New World order isn't 100% complete. The old 20th century battle lines have never totally disappeared, and their reemergence in the Georgian scenario, begs the question of if we are witnessing a return to Cold War stability. The answer of course, is no. Despite losing its empire, Russia is still able to flex its political muscle, due in part to its legacy of the Soviet era - a strong nationalistic streak running through Russian society, coupled with military supremacy, and the desire to look strong in the face of the old enemy, NATO.

But it is in the the economic sphere where Russia, like everywhere else, is under the jackboot of globalism and the neocon agenda. How many American firms now have a stake in Mother Russia? Will the Kremlin be booting these capitalist dogs off of its soil over America's latest finger wagging over Georgia? No. The world's elites are not going to kick Russia off the G8, either. That's too much market at risk.

Globalist projects like the UN, NATO, EU, NAFTA and WTO all involve the political and the economic. The globalisers have the latter pretty much sewn up, but you can bet your bottom dollar they're working on the former, and it seems to be coming on nicely.