Saturday, 26 July 2008

Where next for National Anarchism?

First, lets get things into perspective: National Anarchism is not a mass movement, nor is it likely to be for the foreseeable future. A few years ago there were literally a handful of voices in the wilderness, who today have been joined by a handful more. A quick Google search reveals a noticeable growth in National-Anarchist ideas, but, outside the fringes, it remains an unknown current.

National Anarchism, with its promotion of identity politics, pluralism and decentralism, is potentially able to command public sympathy: scratch Joe Public and you will find ideas compatible with it - Most people possess a natural inclination to 'the tribe'. They want to live and let live and they want more control over their lives...But we live in a post-ideological era where isms are wasms. Here lies the rub - National Anarchism, like any movement starting from scratch, needs pioneers. Hardcore political activists with the skills, resources and determination to move things forward. While it would be a mistake to discard the hoi polloi completely, today's National Anarchists would be wise to target the free-thinking minorities from within already established political camps. National Anarchism can appeal to the less dogmatic from the ranks of the Greens, Reds and anarchos from the left and the Third Positionists, New Right, Paleoconservatives and nationalists from the right. For the immediate future, this is where National Anarchists need to concentrate their work - to engage with the already politicised. This author's political teeth were cut on the anarchist/libertarian communist scene, yet I now accept the once alien concepts of nationality and tradition, ethnicity and culture, into my worldview. National Anarchist ideas can appeal to the distributists, social crediters, the Guild Socialists and co-operatists. It can attract the ruralists, the squatters and back-to-the-landers. The regionalists and the separatists. Now, some are already out there doing all this communicating to other activists with fairly limited success. But if nine blinkered fools call you rude names, the tenth might be won over or at least come to properly understand N-A principles.

A real debate needs to start within National Anarchist circles about how we bring about a new politics for the twenty first century. The globalised world is all powerful so its opponents need to co-operate as a first step to even begin to think about challenging it. National-Anarchism is just the kind of puralistic, universal tendency that can accommodate all anti-globalist camps...

...There's just one problem with the branding: The name National Anarchism is fine for the politicised rump, but it positively reeks of the twentieth century. It's too much like the National Socialist bogeyman. A new description is needed for public consumption - any ideas?

In the meantime, anti-globalists who are serious about their politics (and not just play acting) should be looking to aim all their fire-power (meagre though this might be) fairly and squarely at the globalised system and not each other - that's just soooo last century! To all dogmatists out there I say 'just let go'.

Well, if the Scottish Green Party candidate had beaten the two Marxist candidates, here in Red Clydeside aka Glasgow East - now THAT would've been the political earthquake. As it was, The SGP's Eileen Duke failed to overtake either the Scottish Socialist Party or Solidarity rep. Looking at the result - SSP 555/Sol 512/Green 232 - shows the decline of the the once formidable Scottish left, bucking the UK left's fortunes and reaching a high water mark of seven MSPs in 2003. To be fair the left vote in Glasgow East in last Thursday's by-election, actually held up from 2005 when the sole SSP candidate took over 1000 votes. But at by-elections everybody goes a bit nuts and votes for an outsider. Going on this result, I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.

Time for a bit of DIY
Far from it be that I stick up for government, but an article I read in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday had me fuming. There are calls for the government to fund cultural activities for schoolkids. Well, if we had nurtured our culture, looked after it instead of being seduced by americana since the fifties, our culture wouldn't need resuscitating by public money. I'm all for anything that helps a cultural rebirth in England. But it's our own fault, not the state's, that we find ourselves in this cutural desert.

Run for your lives! It's the Union for the Mediterranean!!
I literally grimaced when I heard news of this. step closer to the New World Order...
The Grand Alliance will increase immigration and dilute cultures. But hey, millions more people will be able to express their liberty by buying more stuff, consuming more crap. Hail the free market...fair play to Gaddafi for snubbing it!

The Wheel turns indeed! I can't believe we have reached Lammas already! Lammas is usually observed around August the first and dates from the time of our Anglo-Saxon forefather's harvest time. A vital time of the year for them and still for us today!