Friday, 4 July 2008

Third Way backed Independent wins in Havering

A few posts ago I hinted that the BNP had a chance of taking the South Hornchurch ward in the London Borough of Havering. Well, they came second. The real news is that an Independent candidate, Michael Burton, was the victor. The significance to this is that the National Liberal Party - Third Way, a grouping with its roots in Third Positionism, had publicly endorsed Burton as their preferred choice. I'm assuming NLP cadre were out actively campaigning, but I hope they themselves will confirm this on their site soon. Harrington, Williamson and co must be cockahoop. I had wondered why the NLP didn't stand, now I see why.

Incidentally,this was another night to forget for the English Democrats, who scraped 28 votes. The EDs really need to look at strategy.