Monday, 23 June 2008

Mad dogs and Englishmen...

I see that one of the waifs & strays of English nationalism, Parish Cllr Paul Gilbert, of the phantom England's Parliamentary Party is standing in a local by-election for Stafford Common ward on July 10th. I suppose it's part of being English that we get mavericks like this going it alone, and I wish him well, but if patriot political activists were really serious about their identity they'd throw their lot in with either the EDP or FEP. Still, having the word 'England' on the ballot parer is something I suppose.

The Greens are going up against David Davies in what must be the most bizarre contest in years, as a sort of left-liberal alternative. A big gamble - head office must be hoping for second place, but it could all backfire if the electorate become enamoured of a beauty queen or a loony.