Friday, 27 June 2008

English Democrats bomb in Henley

The big news from yesterday's Henley by-election is that the Greens and the BNP beat Labour. I'll shed no tears for Brown's man, but what struck me was the abysmal 157 votes that the English Democrats' Derek Allpass picked up. A lot of the gossip emanating from English nationalists is that people are not bothered by the union, the national question, independence, or English parliament, but by all the bread & butter stuff that concerns us all. This is very true. So English nationalists need to start thinking about how to address doorstep, parish pump politics without discarding their patriotic goals. Those not interested in the long haul or think there is some quick fix just around the corner, might as well pack it in now.

Talking of by-elections, we are to be treated to no less than 26 candidates in the 10th July Haltemprice and Howden poll, David Davis's seat. Among them are such delights as David Icke, the New Party (on a rare electoral outing)and Tess Culnane of the NF who must be hoping for second place in light of their high poll in the London GLA elections last month, with no BNP (they back Davis on 42 days)they must fancy their chances. The English Democrats must be hoping to improve on their Henley figure.