Saturday, 14 June 2008

Eirinn's folk say "No T'anks"

A small victory for anti-globalists courtesy of the Irish - Despite the alleged benefits that the 'Celtic Tiger' economy bought to them, they threw a spanner in the works of the global bulldozer yesterday by rejecting the Lisbon treaty. OK, OK, so the globalisers aren't going to worry about little glitches like popular mandates, and they'll get their way somehow in the coming years. But even so, this result will be a significant hindrance to the EU, the multinationals and the neo-liberals and what they had planned for us. Credit must go to Sinn Fein for playing a full role in the 'No' campaign. Its good to see nationalists like themselves not pandering to world power blocs, unlike certain left-nationalists in Scotland (Alba), Wales (Cymru) and Cornwall (Kernow)

So well done Ireland. I'm a Real Ale man myself - but go on then, I'll have a Guinness.


It is slightly disappointing to see the Libertarian Party not standing in the Henley by-election later this month. They had originally announced Henley would indeed provide the setting for their first sortie into the electoral arena, only to pull out when they realised the job would be too much like hard-work. Come on all you minnows - get your houses in order - don't shout about anything until those nomination papers are in. You might find that a little bit of planning will actually make you look like contenders.
Among those parties who made it on the ballot paper are UKIP and the English Democrats. I take no pleasure in saying this, but the former will trounce the latter, I'd wager.

Havering borough by-election - South Hornchurch ward
In a seat that the BNP must be seriously rubbing their hands over, it is also disappointing to see the National Liberal Party - Third Way stand aside and back a local campaigner in an area the NLP will see as their backyard. In their defence the NLP will say that their decision is down to circumstance and a healthy dose of non-sectarianism. Away from the Punch & Judy stuff if you will. But with them receiving respectable showings in Havering, the NLP should be looking to enter the fray at every opportunity. You have to speculate to accumulate.