Monday, 26 May 2008

Wanted: A Grand Alliance Against Globalism

I hear that the Green Party is involved in a 'Convention of the Left' to be held in Manchester in September. How this sits among the not insignificant non-Marxist Greens might be interesting to hear. The event also has the imput of the CPGB (of Weekly Worker fame) The CPB (of Morning Star fame) and various other flotsam and jetsam of the left. Now, I'm all for talking to people (although I'd prefer to see action) and pigs might fly - we might actually see something positive come out of it. But looking at things in terms of Left and Right are redundant. I'm sure that, at heart, these groups genuinely oppose the march of globalism, but in challenging it from their own rigid worldviews, they fall at the first hurdle. Opposition to the overwhelming power of the global system can only actually mean something in practical terms if some ideological ceasefire is reached - a 'Grand Alliance' of anti-global forces from right across the political spectrum. If the Green Party can work with the Leninists of the CPGB/CPB et al, between whom there is a substantial ideological gulf, they can work with nationalist currents who, incidentally, have always had a green veneer to them. Greens, Reds, Paleoconservatives, revolutionary nationalists, anarchists - they all talk about anti-globalism. They know its the world's biggest enemy. They should find common cause, leave each others throats alone and stop the phoney war.